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3 Top Reasons Agile CPQ is a New B2B Must

B2B sales processes are notoriously complex. Navigating a deal from quote to cash is as challenging as crossing the finish line in a rally race, and requires just as much endurance. The good news is B2B Sales just got a shot of nitro into its engine. Like nitrous oxide, Agile CPQ boosts performance, driving the sales process forward faster.

As the CMO of DealHub, I’ve seen many companies acquire CPQ solutions to support their sales activity as they scale business. It’s an almost obvious decision, getting the tools to do the job. Personally, I’m far more impressed with organizations which were previously disappointed with their CPQ capabilities and upgraded to Agile CPQ. Considering the time, effort, and costs of seeking, implementing, training, and managing a tech solution, doing it a second time is not for the faint of heart. 

That said, fortune favors the bold. Sales and Revenue leaders who chose Agile CPQ have good reasons and results to show for it. Here are the top three:


An Agile CPQ is a no-code solution, which makes it quick to implement and easy to manage. It keeps up with the pace of business, and drives revenue growth through its always-current pricing, products, and subscription management. Imagine an implementation process that takes weeks rather than months. Nice, right? Now imagine autonomous real-time changes and updates, rather than third-party reliant occasional sprints. Brilliant.

Or as Saro Zargarian, Sr Director at GTM Operations at BlueShift shared, “we found that DealHub gives us that flexibility to be a little bit more independent of our developers, making changes, and knowing how to use it without being coders, developers, engineers.”



Agile CPQ offers automated cross-team workflows to reduce manual processes and drive efficiency. Alex Miller, Former Director of Revenue Operations at Sendoso put it, “[There was] probably a 100% error rate on any given contract that got signed. It was pretty ugly.” 

What’s even uglier is that inefficient processes cause revenue leakage. Andy Shcneider, Director of Sales-America at Grote says, “There might only be a couple hundred dollars here, a couple hundred dollars there, $1,000 dollars here, but our system didn’t allow us to easily configure it. Whereas now, we can just go in and we can add those options.” Easy money!

Bruce Harris, former Director of IT and Enterprise Business Apps at Asure agrees; “If you ask 10 reps to sell the same mix of products, you’re guaranteed they would come up with 10 different mixes of products. So there was no consistency. We’re losing revenue opportunities. There was true revenue leakage.” 


Agile CPQ provides visibility and governance, ensures compliance, and enables better revenue assurance and accurate forecasting. It gives clarity on what quotes are out, what products need to be ordered, or services required. Colin Gload, VP of Sales and Co-founder of Lumina Solar is pleased to see that his company now has insight into “outstanding quotes and this percentage probability of closing in this timeframe.” So, it can give us better forecasting on potentially ordering materials or inventory in the future.”

In addition to better control of the future- and who doesn’t want that?- Agile CPQ provides version control and traceability to contract management and actual sign off. “When the customer wanted to revise the contract, we had to start the whole process back over again,” says Michael Nguyen, Senior Manager of SalesOps at  SourceScrub. ”So, we always had to create the contract from beginning, from scratch to completion again.”  

Any deal’s journey to the dotted line requires transparency, a sense of urgency, and collaboration. Using Agile CPQ adds torque to process efficiency, increases revenue, and ensures control. Getting to the finish line has become a much smoother ride.  With Agile CPQ your checkered flag is always in sight. 

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