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Asure Reduces Sales Rep Training by 85%

Asure sells more than 500 products to a diverse range of customers. Naturally, having such a large product catalog posed a number of challenges for their sales team.

Asure case study

The Challenge

Asure sells more than 500 products to a diverse range of customers. Naturally, having such a large product catalog posed a number of challenges for their sales team.

For one, sales leaders had to educate new Account Executives (AEs) about the product catalog. In addition to requiring vast amounts of time and energy, this limited how soon reps would be able to sell.

To fully understand the company’s offerings and how to sell them, AEs would spend nearly one year learning about the product catalog, both on the job and during dedicated training sessions. And as a result of not knowing the best product combinations to offer during that first year, AEs would sell packages that were not revenue-optimal. 

Even then, once an AE finally became familiar with the product catalog, they would still be likely to offer different product combinations than a fellow AE. This lack of consistency made it difficult for sales leaders to forecast and analyze their sales pipeline.

The Solution 

As Asure continued to grow their sales team, they understood that their existing CPQ wasn’t meeting their needs. They needed to shift to a new CPQ that would not only streamline the sales process and improve the accuracy and consistency of quotes, but also drive efficient onboarding of new AEs.

Asure chose DealHub to transform the way they onboarded AEs eliminating tedious day-to-day work. They wanted to ensure that every time an AE creates a sales quote, they generate the correct product combination by answering just a handful of relevant questions.

To serve that need, DealHub’s dynamic sales playbook queues up a series of questions that branch out into different paths based on what the AE enters, and generates just one product combination based on all of those inputs. This supports the goal of enabling AEs to onboard much more quickly, and freeing them up to focus on nurturing customer relationships – rather than spending large amounts of time manually selecting products and pricing.


By using  DealHub’s CPQ and dynamic sales playbook, Asure has realized an 85% reduction in sales rep training and a 20% increase in sales rep productivity.

Price quotes and product bundles are now 100% accurate and standardized across the organization, ensuring consistency between AEs and maximizing the revenue generated from each deal. Through these efforts, Asure has been able to achieve a significant revenue impact – realizing several million dollars’ worth of benefits, according to research by Nucleus.

In replacing their CPQ, Asure also wanted to ensure a smooth migration process. DealHub’s implementation and customer success team delivered successfully, enabling Asure to implement and fully adopt DealHub within only 6 weeks. After go-live, the entire sales team adopted the CPQ and now continues to use it for every sale. 

Asure was delighted that they could replace their old tech stack – which required multiple third-party products like, CPQ, eSign, Contract Management and Sales Proposals – into one connected revenue platform. Through this digital pricing transformation, they rapidly transformed their sales process into one fluid motion.

Solutions Used

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By the Numbers

85 %
reduction in sales rep training
100 %
accuracy of price quotes
100 %
of sales team onboarded
20 %
increase in sales rep productivity
6 Weeks
to fully onboard and implement

“I’d say I’m one of DealHub’s biggest fans. DealHub provides a wonderful tool, that is both simple in use and easy in administration. It’s a robust tool supported by a wonderful team, that is consistently working to grow and improve its functionality and solution model. DealHub has conquered the CPQ world.”

Sarah Fuqua​, Business Analyst​, Asure