Contract Management

Accelerate negotiations and close deals faster by automating and streamlining the creation, redlining and approval of contracts.

The next generation of contract management

Although crucial, contract management can be extremely challenging. Countless emails, multiple contract versions, a lack of transparency, chasing down signatures, and other bottlenecks often take away focus from other important business activities.

DealHub simplifies the process by enabling all deal stakeholders to collaborate within one digital DealRoom, where they can generate agreements and legal documents, revise contracts, manage redlines, and provide real-time status and visibility to all.

Simplify contract creation

  • Generate NDAs, MSAs, agreements, quotes and other documents in a variety of formats (e.g. Word, PDF and HTML)
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with an intuitive guided creation flow
  • Reuse previously amended agreements via a Dynamic Contract Repository
  • Use pre-approved templates to minimize errors
  • Easily edit and change terms, and automatically pull and merge contact data from your CRM

Standardize collaboration and approvals

  • Share and collaborate on agreements internally with legal or management before they are sent to customers
  • Trigger parallel approvals workflow based on configurable criteria
  • Get real-time email notifications and status updates directly in your CRM

Streamline revisions
with contract redlining

  • Enable customers to provide feedback and amend critical issues
  • Capture data via integrated forms with automated syncing to your CRM
  • Get access to contract records directly from the relevant account on your CRM

Gain insights to keep
contracts moving

  • Track contract views and edits
  • Get real-time notifications about customer engagement
  • Identify other stakeholders a contract has been shared with
  • Enhance the buyer journey with faster response times

E-signature &
contract storage

  • Allow single or multi-party online signatures
  • Signed documents and signer details automatically sync to your CRM
  • Store contracts for easy retrieval

Seamless experience
within your CRM

DealHub’s integration with leading CRMs like Salesforce, Freshworks , Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Hubspot & Sugar, gives you complete access to all contracts and documents directly within your CRM. Our contract management solution enables your sales teams to create, manage, track, sign and store contracts without leaving their working environment.