Accelerate B2B sales by collaborating with buyers and stakeholders in a single digital location.

Close more deals with all of DealHub’s market-leading tools in one place

With a branded and fully-customizable DealRoom for every unique customer, your sales team will close large and small deals more effectively.

Unlike other deal rooms, our DealRoom provides real-time interactive communications and dynamic content-sharing – with all of our proprietary deal-closing solutions in one location.

Get everyone on the same page

No more searching through email threads, repeating conversations, and wondering whether you’re looking at the most up-to-date contract. Bring sales teams and customers together in real time so you can collaborate, engage key decision-makers, and close deals faster.

Your DealRoom is a centralized sales hub for important details, files and updates – from product and pricing summaries to approvals and contracts – so you can deliver a concise and personalized sales experience.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Sales teams have always done things manually, from gathering relevant contract information, to securing approvals, to generating the correct sales documents.

Now you can eliminate manual processes and keep buyers and sellers informed, aligned and ready to move forward.

Automatic syncing pulls relevant information from your CRM into your DealRoom – ensuring 100% data capture and saving hours of time for your sales team, so they can focus on what they do best: selling.

A branded buyer experience

Create a seamless handoff between marketing and sales by providing the consistent branded experience your customers expect.

Easily set up a DealRoom that’s customized to your buyers’ needs, interests and legal requirements. By populating it with the most relevant sales content and putting all the critical information in one place, you’ll personalize the buying experience and position yourself ahead of the competition.

Drive deals forward with real-time insights

Has your prospect viewed your DealRoom yet? Did they share your proposal with a manager? Have they checked out that case study you sent them?

Your DealRoom provides real-time insights into buyer behavior so you can view individual activity and keep deals on track. Sales managers can coach their teams and get involved when necessary, and you can learn which sales enablement assets perform most effectively.

Integrates with leading CRMs

DealRoom software integrates natively with Salesforce, Freshworks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Hubspot and Sugar CRMs, so you have a constant and effortless synchronization of information between them.

And no special integrations are required – you can power your DealRoom with DealHub’s #1-rated CPQ. Alternatively, you can purchase it as a standalone product purely for the purpose of conducting B2B sales.