CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Generate professional proposals and pricing 
quotes in minutes with the Easiest to Use CPQ.

DealHub’s unique collaborative sales engagement process makes quoting easier and faster, with real-time insights on your prospects engagements and level of interest. Unlike other CPQ solutions, DealHub is fast to implement and easy to use: simply plug in your product data, configure your business rules and start quoting. 


DealHub CPQ ranked at G2 as the #1 Easiest to Use CPQ software.

DealHub CPQ Named Leader in the CPQ Industry.

Simplify your quoting process
  • Quickly generate error free quotes
  • Customize your offering to your customer needs
  • Easily change quantities and apply discounts
  • Create quotes in any format you need – web page, link, pdf, Word, or Excel
  • Use pre-set templates and layouts with your company’s branding
  • Stay aligned with company’s policies and workflows
  • Avoid complicated calculations
  • Automatic data sync with your CRM
Ensure smooth adoption
with guided selling
  • Unique questions-based flow that leads sales people through
    the configuration process to ensure optimal product fit
  • Multiple sales playbooks and scenarios
  • to fit your stage in the sales cycle
  • Triggers of upgrades, up-sell and cross-sell suggestions to
    increase deal size
  • Intuitive flow that enables new sales reps
    and partners to quote like pros 
Gain more control over your
sales operations
  • Ensure consistent pricing and discounting
  • Streamline sales processes to maximize efficiency
  • Trigger automated approval request to
    authorized manager
  • Seamlessly update new products, configurations
    and prices on the back-end
  • Enrich the sales organization’s CRM with more
    accurate and complete sales and customer data

No Coding: Built for business and used by business

  • Implemented and operated by Sales or Sales Operations
  • No coding required, no need for IT support
  • Tailored to suit your business needs – from simple to complex
  • Flexible to support changing business needs – products,
    configurations, pricing
  • Natively operates from Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Shorten your sales cycle with
DealHub CPQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does CPQ Implementation take? 

DealHub CPQ delivers full implementation on average in a few weeks. DealHub assists with mapping out your sales pricing process as and when it is needed.

How Technical do you need to be to administer your CPQ? 

As mentioned, no custom coding is required. The CPQ implementation is completed by our expert team in alignment with customer needs and expectations. The ongoing CPQ maintenance is made easier by the dynamic rule logic that can be edited quickly and easily.

How long is the average time-to-quote per user? 

Once implementation is complete a user can create and send a quote on average in 5-8 minutes. This is made possible with DealHub’ Guided Selling process – achieving a time-to-quote that is faster than the CPQ market average.

Do we need a custom developer to make changes to the CPQ Guided Process? 

No CPQ custom development is needed.

What CRMs does DealHub CPQ integrate with? 

We have a full integration with the following: Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FreshSales CRM

Where in the CRM would I create a Price Quote? 

You would create a price Quote at the sales opportunity stage

What level of support do you offer during implementation? 

DealHub delivers full CPQ implementation, which includes training, and enough knowledge transfer to make you self-sufficient

How do I access offline support? 

DealHub delivers support services from 3am-6pm EST, and critical issues receive 24/7 support.

Do you have a knowledge base and CPQ best-practice guidelines? 

DealHub CPQ has a customer knowledge base that is accessed via customer login.

How is the CPQ pricing determined? 

DealHub CPQ pricing is based on the numbers of user seats, and the scope of the implementation needs.

What additional costs are involved? 

DealHub is a configured solution, meaning that the dynamic logic is built-in to the software and aligns with your unique selling process. No additional custom coding is necessary.

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Walks sales people step-by-step with guided selling flows.

Content Sharing

Share personalized digital deal content with each buyer.


Easily customize and generate all deal related documents.

Configure Price
Quotes (CPQ)

Build error free configuration and quotes in minutes.


Tigger automated approval requests to ensure smooth workflow.


Generate and red-line any type of company agreements.

& Analytics

Get real-time analytics on your deal progress.


Seal deals online and auto sync signed documents to your CRM.

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