CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Generate professional price quotes and proposals in minutes with the #1-rated CPQ.

Fast and accurate quoting
even for complex deals

DealHub’s collaborative sales-engagement platform makes quoting easier and faster, with real-time insights into your prospects’ engagement and level of interest.

Unlike other CPQ solutions, DealHub is fast to implement and easy to use – simply plug in your product data, configure your business rules, and start quoting.

Simplify your quoting process

  • Configure custom quotes based on your customers’ needs
  • Generate error-free quotes in any branded format (e.g. DealRoom, PDF, Word, Excel)
  • Change quantities and apply discounts without complicated calculations
  • Streamline the approval process with automated workflows
  • Automatically sync data with your CRM

Ensure smooth adoption
with guided selling

  • A unique question-based flow leads salespeople through the configuration process to ensure optimal product fit
  • Multiple sales playbooks and scenarios to suit any stage in the sales cycle
  • Automatically trigger upgrade, upsell and cross-sell suggestions to increase deal size
  • Accelerate ramp-up time for new sales reps

Gain more control over
your sales operations

  • Ensure consistent pricing and discounting across the organization
  • Streamline sales processes to maximize efficiency
  • Trigger automated approval requests to authorized managers
  • Seamlessly update new products, configurations and prices in the back end
  • Enrich your CRM with more accurate and complete sales and customer data

Built for business
and used by business people

  • Can be fully implemented and maintained by sales and operations teams
  • No additional coding or dependence on internal IT resources
  • Supports any level of quote complexity
  • Flexible support for evolving products, configurations and pricing
  • Native integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Freshworks, Hubspot and Sugar CRMs

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is based on your number of user seats and the scope of implementation.

There are no additional hidden costs. This is in contrast to competing CPQs, which require ongoing maintenance in the form of additional coding – for example, to update pricing logic.

Since DealHub is a configured solution with dynamic logic built in to align with your unique selling process, non-technical people can make changes on an ongoing basis.

DealHub delivers full CPQ implementation in a few weeks, on average. DealHub assists with mapping out your sales pricing process as and when needed.

No custom coding is required. CPQ implementation is performed by DealHub’s expert team in alignment with your company’s needs and expectations. Ongoing CPQ maintenance is made easier by dynamic rule logic that can be edited quickly and easily.

Once implementation is complete, users can create and send a quote in 5-8 minutes, on average. This is made possible by DealHub’s Guided Selling process, which enables a faster time-to-quote than other CPQs on the market.

No CPQ custom development is needed.

We have full integration with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Freshworks CRM

Once you open a sales opportunity, you can start creating a quote using our guided selling playbook.

DealHub delivers full CPQ implementation, including training and knowledge transfer to make your team self-sufficient.

DealHub provides 24/7 customer support. Our support team can be reached at or by submitting a ticket at

Customers are able to access DealHub’s CPQ knowledge base via customer login at