Close deals faster by bringing your
buyer and seller together into a
collaborative digital experience.

One Sales
in One Location

The DealRoom sales proposal software technology enables sales teams to quickly compile and generate customized business proposals into one convenient and easy-to-send digital room, while delivering an intuitive experience, personalized content and all the information customers need in every stage of the buying journey.

Smart Selling

  • Improve productivity with automated sales enablement tools that streamline workflows and business processes
  • Free your team from manual entry, searching for resources, and other time- consuming tasks
  • Increase active selling time with an all-in-one sales proposal generator
  • Get deep insights on customer engagement and level of interest
  • Provide customized relevant content at every step of the buyer journey
  • Make changes on-the-fly within the same file
  • Control how your brand is presented within the prospect’s organization
  • Ensure consistency at every stage with a unified sales proposal software
  • Minimize errors

An Intuitive
Buyer Experience

  • Save prospects time by providing all pertinent information in one place
  • Make it easy for buyers to share your proposal with all internal stakeholders
  • Respond to information and content requests within minutes
  • Personalize content based on buyer’s qualification
  • Deliver continuity at every sales stage
  • Capture all buyer information and enrich your CRM
  • Electronic signature completes the deal

Sales Optimization

  • Gain insights from every DealRoom sent
  • Find out what sales content holds the buyer’s attention
  • Discover friction points that are preventing progression
  • Pinpoint exactly what changes are needed in your templates
  • Learn from the collective data-set

A Better Buyer Experience

Old way

30+ emails and attachments

New way

1 Dealroom