Close deals faster by bringing your
buyer and seller together into a
collaborative digital experience.

One Sales
in One Location

The DealRoom sales proposal software technology enables sales teams to quickly compile and generate customized business proposals into one convenient and easy-to-send digital room, while delivering an intuitive experience, personalized content and all the information customers need in every stage of the buying journey.

Smarting Selling
  • Improve productivity with automated sales enablement tools that streamline workflows and business processes
  • Free your team from manual entry, searching for resources, and other time-consuming tasks
  • Increase active selling time with an all-in-one sales proposal generator
  • Get deep insights on customer engagement and level of interest
  • Provide customized relevant content at every step of the buyer journey
  • Make changes on-the-fly within the same file
  • Control how your brand is presented within the prospect’s organization
  • Ensure consistency at every stage with a unified sales proposal software 
  • Minimize errors

An Intuitive
Buyer Experience

  • Save prospects time by providing all pertinent information in one place
  • Make it easy for buyers to share your proposal with all internal stakeholders
  • Respond to information and content requests within minutes
  • Personalize content based on buyer’s qualification
  • Deliver continuity at every sales stage
  • Capture all buyer information and enrich your CRM
  • Electronic signature completes the deal

Hyper-Efficient Sales

  • Gain insights from every DealRoom sent
  • Find out what sales content works best and holds the buyer’s attention
  • Discover friction points that are preventing progression
  • Pinpoint exactly what changes are needed in your templates
  • Learn from the collective data-set
A Better Buyer Experience
30+ email &attachments
1 DealRoom

Buyers have changed. It's time to evolve. Optimize
your sales cycle with DealRoom.

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Walks sales people step-by-step with guided selling flows.

Content Sharing

Share personalized digital deal content with each buyer.


Easily customize and generate all deal related documents.

Configure Price
Quotes (CPQ)

Build error free configuration and quotes in minutes.


Tigger automated approval requests to ensure smooth workflow.


Generate and red-line any type of company agreements.

& Analytics

Get real-time analytics on your deal progress.


Seal deals online and auto sync signed documents to your CRM.

Close and Expand Business Today

Reduce sales cycles.
End revenue leakage.
Deliver superior experiences.