DealHub +
HubSpot CRM

The most powerful and easy-to-use CPQ, natively integrated with HubSpot

Make it easier to close deals with guided selling

Sales teams can now move from quote to close much faster. Using DealHub, they can generate complex quotes within HubSpot CRM, accelerate contract negotiations, and sign off bigger deals.

DealHub’s dynamic sales playbook helps reps navigate sales with ease. All they need to do is answer a few pre-configured questions, and based on those inputs, DealHub will generate a complete and accurate price quote.

Generate professional quotes in seconds

Speed and professionalism are crucial to winning deals. With DealHub, sales and customer success teams can generate personalized quotes and proposals in seconds. This is even the case for complex deals with bundled solutions, multi-year ramp deals, usage pricing, co-terming, cross-selling, and automated renewals.

Deal data syncs automatically between DealHub and HubSpot in real time, ensuring your entire organization is working from a single source of truth.

Automate sales processes to close deals faster

Deliver one fluid sales motion by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks from your sales process. Automated approval workflows enable you to accelerate approvals by using conditional logic to route deals and discounts to relevant approvers. Discounts that fall below a predetermined threshold are automatically approved.

Once deals reach the negotiation stage, buyers and sellers can easily collaborate within a single digital location – a DealRoom. At every step along the way, sales reps receive real-time notifications so they can move deals along strategically and efficiently.

Bring all sales tools into one place

DealHub natively integrates with HubSpot so you can experience the most complete and connected revenue workflow for your organization. Moving from quote to close is easy with a unified CPQ, CLM (contract management) and Subscription Management stack. The DealRoom brings together all deal information and documents (price quote, terms, specs, sales content, etc) as well as capabilities like integrated eSign, to close the deal.

Empower your sales team with software that removes friction from their sales process, and enables them to achieve better results with less work.

Implement and maintain your CPQ with ease

DealHub’s no-code CPQ does not require your operations teams to make backend configuration changes. Anyone with permissions can make modifications to your DealHub product library – removing bottlenecks and making maintenance much easier than with traditional CPQs. 

Thanks to our expert in-house implementation team, operation teams can go live in weeks instead of months, with the confidence that they’re supported by CPQ best practices.


DealHub brings new capabilities
to your CRM:

Configure Price
Quote (CPQ)

Build error-free configurations
and quotes in minutes.

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Generate and red-line
any type of company agreements.

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Subscription Management

Automatic renewal,
expansion, and upsell

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A single digital location for
buyer/seller collaboration.

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Dynamically generate and
deliver all documents reliably.

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Seal deals online with
legally binding eSign.

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