Transforming the B2B buyer experience, bringing sellers and prospective customers together, with one centralized, secure location for all deal-related assets.

Get Your Share

Buyers and sellers can now share deal-related assets in one central spot. DealBox is a secure hub for all supporting deal content, far beyond legal agreements. 

With DealBox, you can save and share a variety of materials (SOWs, designs, presentations, videos, mockups, and more), in a variety of formats (MP4, PowerPoint, and ZIP Files and others). 

Gain Access and Control

Built to save and share, DealBox enables full control of creating, editing, and presenting materials. Only relevant content is viewable to users, depending on the level of permissions set. 

DealBox’s permission-based access enables the relevant stakeholders on both the buyer and seller sides, to view, comment on, and share non-contractual materials. 

Keep Assets Safe and Secure

DealBox is a secure online space in which buyers and sellers can store confidential data relevant to individual deals. DealBox keeps files safe by providing the highest level of security to ensure all materials are protected. Assets are scanned with the latest technology to keep data safe. 

Stay in Sync

DealBox provides a holistic digital customer experience, meeting both buyers and sellers’ needs. Each and all stakeholders are informed and updated with real-time comments and change notifications. 

Enhance Efficiency 

DealBox enhances transparency and alignment throughout the deal process. In addition to keeping everyone aligned, it increases process efficiency and streamlines deal closing.