Close more deals faster with real-time buyer intent data.

Capture digital body language

With most B2B sales conducted online, your sales team isn’t able to see the same smiles or whispers found in a boardroom. This makes your customers’ “digital body language” more important than ever. But how can you gain such insights to make smarter sales decisions?

Our DealStream captures previously hidden buyer intent signals after you send a sales proposal – so you can follow up strategically and close deals with confidence.

Identify relevant stakeholders

It’s often impossible to identify every stakeholder in a deal, especially as it grows in size or complexity. This has a dramatic impact on whether your team is able to close a deal, how large it is, and how long it takes to close.

When buyers share your DealRoom proposal within their organization, our DealStream reveals who else is in their buying committee, how engaged they are, and what content they’re engaging with.

Proactively unblock deals

Buyer intent signals enable you to keep sales moving forward and discover what’s holding them back. Is the legal team taking too long to redline a contract? Are certain decision-makers absent from the buying process?

DealStream data helps shorten your sales cycles by revealing what – or who – is blocking deals from moving forward. Discover additional stakeholders who need to be involved, and identify opportunities for leadership to get involved or provide guidance.

Prioritize sales opportunities

Sales intelligence is what separates good reps from great ones. Those who are more strategic in their approach are able to close more deals faster and drive greater revenue.

With DealStream, you can identify which buyers are most engaged and closest to purchasing. This visibility helps sales and revenue leaders understand the status of opportunities, determine how best to follow up with each buyer, and more accurately forecast sales pipeline.

Time your follow-up perfectly

Knowing when to follow up with prospects is something of an art – DealStream helps turn it into a science. Strategic insights into buyer behavior enable you to close deals when momentum is high, and revive opportunities that have slowed down.

Has your buyer not viewed your DealRoom proposal yet? How about their manager? Have they viewed that convincing case study you included? Now you have intelligence that will help you choose the most appropriate time and strategy for following up.

Get real-time notifications

DealStream notifications are delivered within your browser and via email so you always know where your deals stand – and have real-time insights to move deals forward quickly.

Find out when your DealRoom proposal has been opened or shared with another party, when sales content is consumed by a stakeholder, and when activities are taken on the buyer or seller side. By comparing engagement across deals, you’ll gain a better understanding of buying trends and can constantly refine your sales strategy.