DealHub +
Salesforce CRM

Empower your CRM with DealHub CPQ and Sales Engagement Platform.

Accelerate the sales process, improve the buyer experience and increase win rates.

Salesforce users can accelerate their deals by managing their entire deal flow within their CRM. DealHub’s powerful CPQ makes quoting easier and faster, with real-time insights into your prospect’s engagements and level of interest.

Increase Operational Efficiency

We purpose-built the DealHub environment to make every Salesforce user’s sales process more effective by leading them through the deal flow from within Salesforce.

  • All Deal data is auto-synced with Salesforce
  • No more time wasted on manual actions.
  • Seamless version control
  • Interactive sales playbooks guide reps through a streamlined workflow to ensure accuracy and efficiency

Get Customer Insights

DealHub’s Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) gives you a clear understanding of every digital engagement throughout the buyer’s journey. Get the insights you need to build consensus and accelerate the deal stages.

The combination of DealHub and Salesforce CRM gives you a 360-degree view of each customer’s needs.

Collaborate on Deals

Line of Business teams need to collaborate around each deal which delays delivery of deal proposals and increases time-consuming administrative tasks.
DealHub has created a sales engagement platform that gives you relevant information at your fingertips, ensuring a fast decision-making workflow that is accurate, quick and efficient:

  • A single shared source of truth for company’s policies (legal, finance, brand protection, etc.)
  • Customizable workflow to automatically delegate approvals to the relevant decision-makers
  • Desktop and mobile alerts on deal progress to all relevant stakeholders

Fast Time to Results

With DealHub there’s no programming which means no costly projects. Simply configure the functionality you need and start working.

Synced with standard objects, there is no technical complexity in the implementation. We extend your natural way of working within Salesforce.

  • Solution operated by Sales or Sales Operations
  • No Coding required, no need for IT support
  • Up and running in a few days
  • Tailored to suit your business needs – from simple to complex

DealHub brings new capabilities
to your CRM:

Configure Price
Quote (CPQ)

Build error-free configurations
and quotes in minutes.

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Generate and red-line
any type of company agreements.

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Subscription Management

Automatic renewal,
expansion, and upsell

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Build error-free configurations
and quotes in minutes.

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Dynamically generate and
deliver all documents reliably.

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Seal deals online with
legally binding eSign.

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