DealHub + Slack

Keep your deals top-of-mind without leaving Slack. DealHub and Slack now integrate to keep you current and connected with a range of DealHub notifications in Slack.

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Always informed
and up-to-date

DealHub keeps stakeholders informed in real-time with notifications in Slack. Users receive updates on proposal status and requests for approval, DealRoom stakeholders get alerted of events and signatures, and Admins get notified of any errors.

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Get access and take action

DealHub brings unprecedented convenience to the deal-making process by allowing users to receive notifications and approve or reject requests directly from Slack. With this new accessibility, users can stay updated on the status of their deals and make decisions quickly and easily.

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You’re in control

Want to see more? Perhaps less? No problem. You have full control. DealHub provides the ability to customize the Slack notification settings so you can decide what you see and when you see it.

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How to set up

Slack integration in DealHub

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Step 1

Click “Add to Slack” or go to DealHub’s System Settings > Integration for Slack, then select “Integration Setup”


Step 2

You’ll be redirected to Slack to select and sign into your workspace


Grant DealHub access by clicking “Allow”


A successful connection is confirmed upon returning to the Slack Integration Settings page

Step 3

Welcome!  🎉

You can now receive approval requests, DealRoom, DealTalk and proposal shared notifications

Approve or reject proposals via Slack

Check proposal status with the
“/dh_proposal” command

Manage and modify notification preferences in the “Notification Preference” section of your User settings

Please note that you must have administrative privileges in DealHub and Slack to connect them.