Our Vision

To deliver a complete end-to-end Revenue Amplification Platform – managing
every sales engagement touchpoint. Resulting in an intuitive buyer
experience that differentiates and improves every sales team.

Our Leading Team 

Eyal Elbahary
Eyal Orgil
Oshrit Dinur
Alon Lubin
Gideon Thomas
VP Marketing
Gili Shilony
Ran Goldstein
VP Customer Success
Doron Contente
VP Product & QA
Alon Michaeli
Product Director
Roy Werber
Our Business Value

From the moment we understood how technology can change the game for revenue teams. It’s what led us to believe in the power of software to improve sales efficiency and productivity when channeled through innovation. We have changed the way sales teams sell, and the experience buyers gain from this.

Our Business Expertise

Dealhub.io was founded by Experienced Sales Leaders who recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers, and sellers.

Our Business Method

We work with the world’s most effective sales teams, continually learning from their evolving sales process and results – allowing us to optimize our customer’s sales process and performance. We support this with the commitment to product innovation that keeps our customers at the forefront.

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