DealHub’s subscription management solution unifies your product-to-cash process to unlock recurring revenue and drive faster growth.

Manage and fulfill subscriptions

DealHub seamlessly connects the quoting and activation of subscription services, enabling you to automate subscriptions, renewals, recurring payments, upselling and cross-selling, co-terming, quoting and revenue recognition.

Automate contracts
and renewals

With DealHub, your sales teams can manage renewals easily. Subscription Management streamlines your revenue recognition processes by eliminating manual tasks and automatically collecting all the existing contract information.

  • Track and manage current customer subscriptions 
  • Track the additional products and amendments sold
  • View the customer journey
  • Renew and co-term contracts within a single CRM opportunity
  • Prorate subscriptions 
  • Actively upsell and cross-sell new products 
  • Automate terms according to products sold and existing terms 
  • Provide your teams with all the information they need to renew

Optimize the order-fulfillment process

Streamline the quote-to-cash workflow through a connected order-fulfillment process

  • Process deals more quickly
  • Routing closed sales into contracts and orders
  • Automated deal recognition with order break-down
  • Enabled bidirectional ERP synchronization
  • Allow easy management of contracts and assets
  • Improve efficiency and productivity for operations teams
  • We generate orders, that result in enhanced visibility and control

Manage subscription billing

Accelerate time to revenue by connecting subscriptions, invoicing and collections.

  • Enable a streamlined process with your billing platform
  • Delivering accurate consumption-based billing
  • Enable billing automation and accelerate cash collection
  • Process payments with a closed loop billing process
  • Automate commissions calculations across teams
  • Recognize subscription revenue easily

Implement subscription management easily

Rapid implementation means your sales team will be processing subscriptions and growing revenue quickly.

  • Receive best practice guidance from our experts in Configure Price Quote and Subscription Management
  • Configurable rule-based logic can be set up very quickly, and dynamically adjusted whenever needed.
  • Easy connection with your products and services price book
  • Full bidirectional synchronization of subscription management within your CRM
  • Cross-sell recommendation engine while delivering upsells together with renewals