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Guided Selling

What is Guided Selling?

Guided selling definition is a sales method focused on a seller centric process. What this means is that guided selling is set forth as a software with the aim to guide and assist sellers in their sales cycle workflows and augment visibility in their sales process. Also, guided selling is perfect for applying it across any type of industry evident within B2B and B2C areas. 

Guided selling process is applicable in various models, such as sales, eCommerce, retail, and many other models as well. This process also empowers and increases sales productivity by generating vital profits. Guided selling is more about assisting and easing sellers to become more productive and influential and less about utilizing specific tools and softwares. With this process the salesperson acts as consultant to assist customers and improve sales

Guided Selling in B2B

B2B also known as business-to-business is when one business makes a commercial transaction with another. The B2B enactment faces many problems when it comes to administering sales and processes. However, guided selling can improve the B2B sales and processes that come with it. For example, by using guided selling in B2B a more central and structured sales process is formed which creates more sales and services. 

In addition, by implementing guided selling in B2B three top improvements occur:

  1. Businesses in B2B align buyers and sellers.
  2. Great value is provided in every engagement with buyers and businesses.
  3. Businesses respond fast and easily to their customer needs.

Guided selling furthers the automated process of B2B and eliminates the traditional sales cycles by transforming them into modernized processes. With guided selling you can also enhance the B2B customer cycle, because this sales method uses buyer-driven flows that ensures a structured and smoothly run process. 

This selling method integrates an adaptive approach as well which means that guided selling system provides an interactive guide map to help sales representatives the ability to find customers and assist the sales process a step further. Another way guided selling helps B2B is brings visibility to the whole sales process by automating it. 

The Guided Selling Process

The guided selling process is made out of major steps that helps sales streamline their workflows and process for giving advice, convincing, and selling

The process is as follows:

Understand the customer’s needs and requirements: with guided selling the customer’s needs are understood. For example, the potential customer is asked about his or her needs in relation to purchasing. Then, the product features are explained related to the buying decision. 

With these enactments, the buyers are enabled to express their requirements, clarify existing needs, and uncover new needs. Furthermore, assisting the customer to comprehend his or her needs and then fully grasp the features that are crucial to him or her is fundamental in calculating product recommendations for the customer’s particular requirements.  

Examine customer’s needs: with guided selling it is easy and quick to analyze any type of customer’s need. For instance, consumers and customers usually convey their buying desires, rather than expressing technical specifications. However, with guided selling this gap in consumer and customer needs are translated through buying desires and expressed into the consumer language or transcribed into non-technical product features.

Endorse products: also with guided selling you can recommend products through your services. For example, technical product descriptions deduced from the customer’s needs need to be fitted and matched on the fact sheets of the available products.

In addition, all the relevant product information and features need to be calculated and matched against the specific user needs and requirements. Product attributes that are advantageous need to be treated accordingly. But, if no product carries out all of the requirements, the guided selling method needs to calculate specific alternatives that come close to the actual needs. 

Supply buying arguments and convince the customer: with guided selling there are goals and the ultimate goal of this method is to objectively advise the potential buyer, generate and build trust in the product recommendations, and the products offered. Therefore, resulting in turns with the prospects into buyers. Also, each product advice requires to be explained using a reasoning engine and the pros and cons of each recommendation needs to be displayed accordingly. 

Guided Selling Examples

Guided selling fits various industries and sales processes which helps enhance their structures, sales, and enactments. Indeed, with so many companies adopting guided selling the examples are endless which shows how important guided selling is.

One crucial example of guided selling and its experience brought to an industry is visible with the eCommerce sector. For instance, consumers on various occasions struggle with where to start in their online purchasing journey. 

This is particularly visible when they are looking for large items, such as furniture and electronics. However, when guided selling comes into the picture these struggles diminish to a great extent. With guided selling methods, eCommerce sellers can educate and assist their customers and also lead them through the sales process

Here are three core examples of guided selling in the eCommerce sector and how it has enhanced the sector itself:

  1. Place and demonstrate your product in a virtual environment: if a shopper comes to the online furniture store he or she is doubtlessly overwhelmed with the many furniture selections. Here, the online furniture tool assists the shopper to place various different furniture elements within the visualization of his or her home and clearly see whether they fit his or her home.
  2. Show live recommendations from experts: if a customer or potential customer comes to the beauty store and wants to buy particular beauty products, a guided selling tool can enhance and assist to pick from a wide selection of products and features, such as skincare, makeup, hair color, and so much more. 

    With such a guided selling tool can additionally use the suggestions from the beauty experts to help and guide the shopper in the right manner and collect his or her personal information for future use cases.
  1. Educate and assist the customers: when the purchaser meets with the product in hand for the first time and this particular product has some complex technical features the guided selling method acts as the great framework to educate the customer about the core and relevant terminology. Also, the correct tool in this case guided selling tool can help customers select the products they need.

Benefits of Guided Selling Software

First of all, there are various fundamental benefits to using guided selling from automation to profitability and so many more advantages

Now, let’s get into the advantages of guided selling:

  1. Automates playbooks to support consistent sales performance: the guided selling tool commences with solid bases from methodologies, blueprints, and plays. What this means is that with guided selling, sellers can see the next steps planned for each present deal, the estimated close date based on deal progress and the time put forth so far.
  2. Responds in real time: a successful guided selling system certainly must be adaptive, dynamic, and solid. Also, an effective guided selling system must respond quickly to changing situations in real time cases.

    Real time information can connote sales activity communications. In other circumstances, real time information can mean the difference between wins and losses. However, with guided selling methods these real time cases can be transformed into quick and easy responses and secure deals.
  1. Supply total visibility into the pipeline: with regards to guided selling it must also incorporate and enact complete visibility into the sales pipeline by permitting sales representatives and managers to build on pipeline status, recognize and act on opportunities, and bring about risky deals fast. 
  2. Integrates with your sales stack: it is major to see that guided selling can be integrated and enhanced with integration. For instance, you can integrate and empower your guided selling tool with CRMs or CPQ.

Guided Selling Technology

AI-guided selling constructs a core part in guided selling technology. AI-guided selling is part of a larger enablement action plan that utilizes technology to help and equip sellers with particular information during the sales process that authorizes them to work quickly, effectively, capture buyers, and put forth better plans. 

Also, with AI-guided selling your company can transform simple and raw data into powerful insights, gather machine learning algorithms to help representatives through sales processes, and advocate actions based on data.


  • Sales playbook automation
  • Sales workflow automation
  • Product configuration automation

People Also Ask

How does guided selling increase sales effectiveness?

Guided selling is a sales method that centers on a seller oriented process. What this means is that guided selling is put forth as a software with the aim to guide and help sellers in their sales cycle workflows and augment visibility in their sales process.

In addition, guided selling is great for applying it across any type of industry evident within B2B and B2C areas. It also increases sales effectiveness by automating playbooks to support consistent sales performance, respond in real time, supply total visibility into the pipeline, and integrate with your sales stack.

When should you consider guided selling?

You should consider guided selling if you have the following problems:

1. Less control over your buying process and data
2. Complicated business issues
3. Minimum time to sell
4. Great amount of sales content

What is guided selling in CPQ?

CPQ is a reliable, powerful, and fast way to assist different businesses and sectors to manage the difficult and complicated process of pricing their products and services.

CPQ Software is also a sales tool technology that helps sales organizations configure product offerings, set up pricing rules and discounts, and minimize errors while generating quotes. When guided selling is integrated with CPQ great results occur, such as empowering and merging data and processes.