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[Technology] + [Humanity] = 100% Accurate Quotes in 7 Minutes

Sales stacks are a key component of sales enablement strategies. It makes sense that leaders turn to technology to deliver speed and accuracy. But, creating customer journeys that differentiate your brand and stand out from the noise requires more than tech–it requires meaningful connections. Today’s visionaries are working at the place where people and technology meet to create the human experiences that will win tomorrow’s opportunities.

[Technology] + [Humanity] = 100% Accurate Quotes in 7 Minutes

Guided selling is that future!

Guided selling explained

Up until today, moving an opportunity from quote to close entangled sales reps in a web of administrative tasks. Pricing models needed to be approved, discounts needed to be signed off on, and supporting departments (legal) needed to be consulted. And that’s without even mentioning the ten versions of a deal, spread across five employee computers, that needed to be reconciled before signing.

The end result was a large amount of wasted resources and delays in responding to opportunities.

Guided selling uses technology to build internal workflows that automate away administrative tasks while still eliminating all the pain of inaccurate pricing, unauthorized discounting, cross-departmental approvals, and multiple versions of a contract. Sales reps are transformed from the end of a linear process into the central node of a collaborative human effort.

How guided selling produces accurate quotes

Let’s lift the hood on guided selling to see how it produces accurate quotes.

Guided selling in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software uses a set of predefined rules, logic, and recommendations to guide sales teams through the configuration and pricing of complex products or services. Here’s how this essential CPQ feature contributes to the production of accurate quotes and why it’s crucial for sales teams:

Product configuration

Customization: Guided selling helps salespeople customize configurable products or services based on customer needs and preferences. It ensures that the configured solutions are feasible and meet both the customer’s requirements and the company’s capabilities.

Elimination of errors: By following predefined rules, guided selling reduces the likelihood of errors in product configuration. This results in accurate quotes that reflect the chosen features and options.

Pricing accuracy

Dynamic pricing: Guided selling tools often integrate dynamic pricing models. This means that the software considers various factors such as pricing rules, customer history, volume discounts, or promotions to generate accurate and competitive prices for each quote.

Consistency: By automating the pricing process, guided selling ensures consistency across quotes. This consistency helps build trust with customers and avoids confusion.

Cross-selling and upselling

Recommendations: Guided selling prompts sales representatives with intelligent recommendations for additional products or services that complement the customer’s choices. This can lead to increased sales by encouraging upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Revenue optimization: By suggesting relevant add-ons, upgrades, or optional features, guided selling not only enhances the customer experience but also maximizes revenue potential for the sales team.

Sales efficiency

Speed and automation: Guided selling accelerates the quote generation process by automating repetitive tasks. Salespeople can quickly navigate through product configurations and pricing options, saving time and enabling them to focus on building relationships with customers.

Reduced training time: Guided selling simplifies the quoting process, making it easier for new sales representatives to quickly understand and use the CPQ software effectively.

Enhanced customer experience

Personalization: By tailoring quotes to individual customer needs, guided selling contributes to a more personalized and engaging customer experience. It also ensures the quote accurately reflects the customer’s needs. This can strengthen customer relationships and increase the likelihood of successful deals.

At DealHub, we’ve built the next generation of CPQ technology that simplifies the quoting process for 100% accurate quotes.

Enhanced customer experience

DealHub’s guided selling CPQ for accurate quoting

DealHub CPQ’s guided selling works by leading your sales reps through a series of predefined drop-down menu questions about their opportunity. Depending on how they respond, DealHub will automatically find the pricing strategy information that your leadership team has inputted into the system as appropriate for the rep’s responses and then generate the quote accordingly.

DealHub automates all the work of building the quote in the background. The leadership team sets the strategy once and then lets DealHub do the calculations to know what that looks like for each individual opportunity identified by the reps. Instead of wading through email chains and waiting on approvals, all the rep sees is a quote that meets their prospect’s needs and is a 100% accurate reflection of the current pricing strategy.

Generating a quote the old way takes an average of 90 minutes. DealHub’s CPQ does it in seven. That’s a 90% increase in speed and a 100% decrease in busy work.

guided selling - infographic

Ramping up your revenues with DealHub CPQ guided selling

DealHub CPQ lets reps focus on selling and leadership focus on building winning strategies by automating the sales process. It’s the kind of synthesis between humans and technology that will win the future.

Revenue increases are the result. At the end of the day, DealHub CPQ increases your revenues by empowering your teams to sell smarter:

  • Generate accurate pricing. By automatically executing on predefined pricing strategies, you can make sure that quotes accurately reflect the complex interactions between subscriptions, leases, add-ons, bundling, and more.
  • Eliminate administrative work. Instead of working across endless email chains, spending time waiting for approvals, and reconciling contract versions, you can automatically generate the proper quote and maintain a single source of truth for your contract provisions.
  • Let your sales reps sell. Remember the 83 minutes you saved by automating your quotes? That’s time your sales reps can now spend on their core competency–building the relationships that make your brand stand out instead of being a glorified administrator.
  • Quote faster than the competition. Research shows that speed is the most significant determining factor in winning a deal. The rep who gets a quote into the hands of a prospect first wins the deal 50% of the time. With DealHub, your competition has just 7 minutes to act before you grab that advantage for yourself.

A CPQ Sales will actually use, and Dev will never even know exists

Can you visualize the impact of guided selling functionality without user adoption? Probably not. The same goes for your CPQ.

DealHub’s GUI is completely reimagined to work the way salespeople think. They can add customized content when they sense an opportunity to move a deal forward with the right message, avoid the workflow bottlenecks that get in the way of their closing, and present an accurate contract the moment a prospect is ready to sign.

Simplification and ease of use quickly win internal converts, so ROI isn’t undermined by a lack of use. Instead of executive-level technology dictates that reps actively work to avoid, salespeople believe the CPQ system adds value and quickly adopt it.

Onboarding takes weeks, not months (or even years), and always delivers the functionality you expect. Operations can change quickly without every pivot requiring months of coding projects. At a time of so much change, DealHub’s code-free mandate is lithe, allowing you to remain agile in how you change your guiding selling strategies to respond to shifting conditions.

DealHub CPQ has been ranked in the Top-10 Sales Tools of 2024 by G2 and recognized as a leader in the CPQ Momentum Grid. We have innovated the next generation of CPQ to empower teams to connect their tech and their teams to send their revenues to new heights today and in the future.



DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

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