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SKO 2021: Reduce Sales New-hires RAMP Up by 85% with DealHub

Sales kickoff 2021 is about setting your sales reps up to maximize their revenue achievement. Unfortunately, leadership often overlooks the importance of ramping up new sales hires as quickly as possible, because manual sales processes make it almost impossible to streamline the onboarding process. It’s simply accepted that it will take months, if not a year or more, for reps to deliver their full value.

Sales Kickoff 2021 - Reduce sales new-hires ramp by 85%

This fatalism is costly. Departments incur the costs of training reps for months on end. At the same time, reps aren’t providing the value to their organization. In other words, every day spent training a new rep is a lose-lose for the organization.

Today’s high-performing sales leaders recognize the lost revenue opportunity of long training periods and prioritize bringing in next-generation sales technology that can get their reps to speed as quickly as possible.

DealHub is that next-generation technology! It reduces sales new-hires ramp up by 85%.

Below, we explain how.

Advanced Guided Selling Playbooks

Teaching sales reps how to create a quote can take months with manual processes because of the amount of information they need to understand to do so.

Understanding pricing and product lists is complicated. Moreover, reps must understand the different strategies and opportunities presented by each time of customer profile. It takes a large volume of repetitions before a new rep feels comfortable.

DealHub’s advanced guided selling playbooks simply ask reps a series of questions about their deal. Their answers are run through a rule engine that is defined by leadership to reflect current strategies. The result is a new rep can generate a 100% accurate quote even without a perfect understanding of how pricing, product, and customer profiles interact.

Subscription Management

Subscriptions represent one of the best revenue opportunities for companies. However, new reps struggle to understand all of the product bundling intricacies that leadership uses to maximize their revenue opportunity.

With manual processes, organizations must spend months teaching new reps how to spot opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, and bundles. It can take even longer for them to understand what combinations are most likely to work for specific types of leads, and how to maximize the price they can charge them.

In contrast, DealHub CPQ comes with next-generation subscription management capabilities. DealHub CPQ automatically creates quotes that automatically integrates management’s strategy for upsells, cross-sells, and bundles. That way, instead of spending their time learning how to assemble a quote, reps can be brought up to speed on HOW to sell, and then get to work offering prospects the subscription packages known to have maximum revenue impact.

Ryan McDermott

“Our sales team has given nothing but positive feedback about the tool and onboarding of new reps has become easier because the quoting tool is much more self explanatory than our previous CPQ solution.”

Ryan McDermott, AppGate

Automated Stakeholder Notifications

At enterprise organizations, new reps also face huge hurdles understanding internal communication workflows for quoting. Subscriptions often include tailored pricing and product combinations, as well as bespoke discounting offers based on the specific needs of their lead, that require manual approval.

These manual approval processes create a labyrinthine network of communications for reps to negotiate. I can take weeks, if not months, for them to become fully ingrained in the web of internal communication necessary to do their job.

DealHub CPQ removes these roadblocks, so reps don’t need to waste time learning how to navigate them. Leadership can set automatic discounting rules that protect margins without requiring long email chinese every time a rep requests a routine discount. In addition, stakeholders receive automatic notifications whenever their input is required, eliminating the need for reps to manage multiple threads of communication every time they want to offer a non-standard quote.

Get New Reps Selling Faster than Ever Before with DealHub

Sales kickoff 2021 is the time to maximize the revenue opportunity for the new year. That means spending as little time as possible getting new reps up to speed, so they can spend their time doing what they love to do–close more deals.

DealHub’s guided selling playbooks, subscription management, and stakeholder notification capabilities empower reps to onboard as quickly as possible. Our next-generation technology is so powerful that we’ve seen new reps outperform seasoned veterans by their second month.

By automating the tedious work of shifting through price/product lists, understanding how all the products fit together, and where to go when a discount is needed, DealHub successfully eliminates all of the roadblocks that cause long ramp up times.

To see how DealHub can help you use SKO 2021 to set the tone for a year of unprecedented revenue growth, schedule a demo.



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