A complete Deal Acceleration Platform
to streamline your sales process and boost
your business results.

Predictive Sales Playbooks

An intuitive and configurable wizard that walks
salespeople step-by-step through each customer
engagement and content generation activity.

Content Sharing
& Engagement

Dynamically generated, deal-specific micro-websites enable salespeople to engage and interact with buyer stakeholders throughout the sale process – rich media and content (collateral, videos, decks, documents and proposals), capture feedback, redline and e-sign documents.

Document Generation

DealHub dynamically generates and formats any type of personalized sales content, including marketing collateral, decks, ROIs/business cases, success stories, NDAs, contracts, SOWs, product configurations, quotes and


DealHub’s enterprise-grade CPQ supports all types of
product configurations, pricing models, deal
types and sales channels. DealHub CPQ utilizes
Predictive Playbooks to enable sales people to easily
generate error-free quotes in minutes.

Contract Management

DealHub dynamically generates any type of corporate agreement, NDA, MSA, contract or other legal documents. DealHub features auto-send, direct sync to CRM, approvals, redlining and document sharing. Utilized together with team collaboration, e-signature or CPQ, DealHub address all contract management needs throughout the sales process.

Team Collaboration & Approval Workflows

DealHub enables sales teams and channel
partners to work together to generate content
and quotes. Parallel approval workflows ensure
management oversight is available for any
commercial, technical and/or legal


DealHub supports single and multi-party digital
signatures for documents, agreements or quotes.
All signed documents are automatically synced to
your CRM for easy access and secure storage.

Real-time Alerts and Activity Stream

DealHub provides real-time pop-up alerts and engagements activity tracking. Salespeople can quickly and easily identify buyers that are engaged and which prospects they need to invest their time in.

Sales & Management Dashboards

DealHub dashboards enable sales reps and management to quickly and easily understand deal flows and generate more accurate sales pipelines. Detailed engagement metrics provide the visibility to ensure sales activities stay focused on the right accounts.