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7 CPQ strategies to supercharge your sales cycle

Is your sales cycle slowing you down and impacting your bottom line? In sales, the speed and accuracy of your process can make or break your revenue goals. Product complexities and manual processes often extend the duration from initial quote to closing, hampering your sales teams and frustrating potential clients.

7 CPQ strategies to supercharge your sales cycle

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software aims to simplify the quoting process. By automating the configuration and pricing of complex product offerings, CPQ not only cuts down the time it takes to generate proposals but also accelerates your entire sales cycle, enhancing team performance. With this technology, you can step into the future and unlock faster, more efficient sales.

Is your sales cycle stuck in slow motion?

Traditional quoting methods—relying on spreadsheets and manual calculations—can be cumbersome and error-prone. These approaches often lack the agility required to deal with complex product configurations and variable pricing strategies, which are commonplace in industries selling specialized products and services. The result? A sales cycle that moves at a glacial pace.

Each manual entry has the potential for error, and every mistake requires rework. This slows down the process and increases the likelihood of presenting inaccurate quotes to customers. Errors can diminish trust, leading customers to reconsider their buying decision or, worse, turn to competitors who can offer quicker and more reliable responses. Additionally, the time sales teams spend double-checking figures and rectifying issues could instead be used to engage with more prospects or deepen customer relationships.

Ultimately, these inefficiencies frustrate customers and directly impact your bottom line through lost deals and tarnished reputation. This is a critical area where CPQ tools can make a dramatic difference by eliminating much of the manual workload and reducing the scope for errors.

7 CPQ strategies to light a fire under your sales cycle

Agile CPQ solutions tackle these inefficiencies head-on and accelerate sales cycles in the following ways. 

1. Automate the mundane

One of the core strengths of CPQ software is its ability to automate mundane tasks, primarily the configuration of products and pricing. This automation shifts the focus of sales representatives from time-consuming administrative duties to what they do best—strategic selling.

The benefits are considerable. Automation drastically reduces the likelihood of human error, enhancing quotes’ accuracy. Additionally, it accelerates the entire process from configuration to quote, ensuring that proposals reach potential customers faster than ever before. For example, Contentsquare, a notable digital experience analytics company, needed a solution that could scale with its expansion while managing complex pricing structures effectively. DealHub CPQ automated their previously manual and error-prone processes, enabling faster, more accurate quote generation and reducing the time needed for approvals. This led to increased customer satisfaction and a more robust quote-to-revenue flow. The seamless integration with Salesforce further ensured that sales data remained transparent and accurate, enhancing both operational efficiency and data integrity. The result significantly boosted efficiency, demonstrating how effectively CPQ can transform the sales cycle by automating mundane but critical tasks.

2. Guided selling = happy customers

Guided selling is a feature within Agile CPQ software that transforms the sales experience for both representatives and customers. This strategy uses a dynamic, interactive approach to lead sales reps through the sales process, ensuring that they can offer customers the most suitable solutions based on their specific needs.

Agile CPQ enhances guided selling by incorporating interactive elements such as dynamic questionnaires. These tools adapt in real-time, modifying the available product offerings based on customer responses. For instance, if a customer prioritizes certain features over others, the CPQ solution will immediately adjust the configuration options presented to match these preferences. This ensures that customers feel understood and valued, as the recommendations are tailored precisely to their requirements.

Adding a layer of sophistication, machine learning (ML) can further refine the capabilities of guided selling. ML algorithms analyze data from past interactions and sales outcomes to predict what customers might prefer, even before the sales rep makes any suggestions. This predictive approach improves both the sales process and customer experience by proactively addressing customer needs and preferences. Guided selling helps sales go faster and keeps customers happy and loyal.

3. Quote like a pro (every time)

Agile CPQ solutions are not just about speed; they’re about delivering professionalism and precision in every quote. A standout feature of Agile CPQ systems is their use of pre-built and customizable templates that allow sales teams to maintain consistency while also incorporating unique branding and personalization. This combination is key to enhancing customer engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

The customization options within next-gen CPQ templates are extensive. Sales teams can adjust layouts, integrate logos, and use company-specific language, ensuring that every proposal aligns with the brand’s identity. This level of personalization makes customers feel they are receiving a proposal tailored just for them, which can significantly increase their engagement and overall satisfaction with the sales process.

Furthermore, these templates are created to prevent typical errors that may arise during manual quote generation. CPQ systems ensure that every quote is based on a reliable template, resulting in both visually appealing and accurate proposals. This reliability demonstrates a commitment to quality and attention to detail, establishing trust with clients and making the art of closing deals more efficient.

4. Pricing agility at your fingertips

Speed is the name of the game in sales, and Agile CPQ excels in this arena. It offers unparalleled agility that empowers sales teams to create competitive and winning quotes effortlessly. This capability is especially valuable in managing complex pricing rules and offering strategic discounts without jeopardizing profitability.

Agile CPQ solutions allow sales representatives to apply discounts and adjust pricing in real-time based on predefined rules that align with business strategies. This level of control ensures that sales teams can respond proactively during negotiations, providing them with a powerful tool to close deals more effectively. For instance, during promotional periods, CPQ software can automatically incorporate special pricing models and discount levels, which are otherwise too complex to handle manually.

Furthermore, CPQ technology is adept at adapting to rapid market changes. If a competitor adjusts their pricing or a new regulation affects pricing structures, Agile CPQ can immediately update the relevant data across all quotes. This ensures that all proposals remain competitive and compliant, reflecting the latest market conditions. This kind of responsiveness enhances the sales team’s agility and significantly impacts overall sales success, ensuring that opportunities are never missed.

5. Collaboration is key

Collaboration across departments is important for streamlining the sales process, and Agile CPQ helps facilitate this interdepartmental synergy. They focus on transparency and simplifying communication between sales, finance, and other teams.

Real-time updates ensure that all team members have the most up-to-date information, which is essential for quick decision-making and maintaining a smooth flow of accurate data across departments. This connectivity helps reduce bottlenecks in the approval process, as adjustments to quotes or pricing can be reviewed and approved quickly.

6. Data-driven decisions

Agile CPQ offers more than just streamlining quote creation. Its reporting and analytics features provide valuable insights for shaping future business strategies. By utilizing these tools, companies can also analyze sales trends and customer behaviors to optimize quoting strategies.

For instance, Agile CPQ tools enhance the forecasting of inventory and materials for companies that produce physical goods. With real-time data integration, companies can now monitor how many quotes are being sent out, which products are popular, and the timelines for potential deals closing. This visibility allows for precise inventory management, reducing excess stock and ensuring resources are available when needed, thus streamlining the supply chain from sale to installation.

Moreover, CPQ systems help accurately reconcile commissions, ensure that sales teams are rewarded efficiently and equitably, and foster motivation and accountability. This capability was notably beneficial for Lumina Solar, where the introduction of DealHub CPQ reduced the time spent on commission reconciliation by 94%, significantly lightening the workload for their finance team.

CPQ simplifies sales tasks and beyond, and provides strategic advantages through data-driven insights, helping businesses optimize operations and improve efficiency.

7. Kiss quote headaches goodbye

You might have realized this by now. The introduction of Agile CPQ into a business’s sales process is transformative, offering a streamlined approach that contrasts sharply with older, more cumbersome methods. The benefits of adopting this technology are vast—faster sales cycles, higher win rates, and significantly happier customers.

To clearly illustrate the impact of CPQ, consider a side-by-side comparison of the traditional sales quoting process and the streamlined process enabled by CPQ software.

Transitioning to an Agile CPQ solution streamlines the sales process by automating manual steps and reducing configuration errors. Pricing is calculated dynamically and accurately, based on pre-programmed guidelines and discounts, eliminating delays caused by manual calculations and approvals.

Furthermore, the entire proposal looks and feels professional, aligning with the company’s branding and delivering a consistent customer experience. This enhances customer trust in the company’s competence and thoroughness.

Adopting a CPQ solution allows businesses to meet and surpass market expectations, improving operational efficiency and customer relationships. With CPQ, companies can genuinely kiss quote headaches goodbye, welcoming a new era of sales proficiency.

Don’t let slow quoting hold you back!

To begin, evaluate your current sales process to identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies that CPQ could resolve. Next, consider a pilot program with a CPQ provider to see firsthand how it can integrate with your existing CRM and streamline operations. Training your team on how to utilize CPQ effectively will also be instrumental in maximizing its benefits.

For sales and revenue operations professionals, implementing a system like DealHub CPQ can truly revolutionize your sales process. This comprehensive solution enhances the efficiency of generating quotes and ensures they are accurate and customized to customer requirements, utilizing up-to-date pricing and product details. It seamlessly integrates with current CRM systems, creating a unified platform that improves visibility and collaboration across departments.

Equip your sales team with the tools they need to excel, enhance your sales operations, and propel your business forward with newfound confidence and effectiveness. Streamline your quoting process today and watch your sales soar! 



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7 CPQ strategies to supercharge your sales cycle

7 CPQ strategies to supercharge your sales cycle

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