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How Contentsquare increased Price Quote efficiency with DealHub

With the implementation of DealHub’s Agile CPQ and its frictionless sales process, Contentsquare has significantly improved its quote-to-revenue flow by streamlining the sales process, automating manual processes, and boosting efficiencies.


As a consequence of its rapid expansion and having outgrown its processes, Contentsquare’s decision to implement a CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) was heavily influenced by two main factors. Firstly, scalability was a primary concern for the company as it grew and sought to update its processes. Secondly, the team was looking to streamline complex tasks such as volumetric pricing without volumetric systems to optimize efficiency. As Contentsquare continued to expand and attract investment, the benefits of investing in an Agile CPQ became increasingly apparent, prompting the company to take action.



As Contentsquare expanded, its existing processes for managing complex pricing structures, quote generation, and deal efficiency were becoming increasingly unsustainable. In order to manage and maintain consistency in sales processes, Contentsquare was looking to implement an agile solution that could streamline sales operations, prevent delays and errors in the sales process, align teams, and most significantly, keep up with the company’s growth.

Pricing complexity and complicated product configurations

Contentsquare faced challenges in handling pricing complexity and complicated product configurations. An existing system of Excel to build quotes was causing delays in the sales process, requiring the involvement of either deal desk or the business partner team in the quote creation.

Manual processes

Contentsquare was heavily dependent on manual processes to manage its sales operations. From having to create quotes in Excel to manually managing deals, this approach was time-consuming and burdensome. Tracking the progress of deals, approvals, and other necessary information was also manual, causing a complex workflow between sales representatives, managers, and other stakeholders, including finance and legal teams. The lack of shared visibility made it challenging to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Removing silos

As the company grew, it became increasingly important for Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Finance teams to work closely together to ensure the smooth functioning of quote-to-revenue processes. From streamlining the communication system between stakeholders to removing manual handoffs between teams, the company needed a solution that would facilitate seamless collaboration with real-time access to deal insights and revenue data.

Adoption – Ease of use, speed of implementation

When asking an Enterprise organization to upend its traditional model of how it sells and does business, it’s crucial to offer a solution that actually works. For Contentsquare, adopting a new solution had to be easy to use and fast to implement, while being able to support quote complexity and avoid delays in their sales process. Additionally, the new solution needed to be able to coexist with its existing system, so as not to disrupt pending deals and quotes. While the first sprint focused on new business, the challenge was to make sure the two systems could work together seamlessly.


A customizable solution

Implementing DealHub has helped Contentsquare create efficiencies as it scales its business and sales operations. DealHub’s Agile CPQ delivers a customized and flexible solution to support its complex pricing structures and accelerate the quote-to-revenue flow while reducing manual processes as it continues to expand.

Streamlining quote-to-revenue

Harnessing the power of DealHub’s Agile CPQ and its native integration with Salesforce, Contentsquare considerably improved its quote-to-revenue flow. By streamlining the sales process and making it more intuitive, salespeople can now easily configure and price products, and generate quotes promptly and autonomously. Additionally, guided selling has replaced Excel spreadsheets, making the end-to-end process speedier, more efficient, and more streamlined.

Automation to boost efficiencies

Delivering a frictionless sales process by leveraging DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution, Contentsquare has eliminated time-consuming manual processes, streamlining its operations and boosting efficiency. With DealHub, salespeople can focus on selling instead of admin work, with automated approval requests for authorized stakeholders, significantly accelerating its deal velocity. DealHub’s solution also seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM, ensuring more accurate and transparent sales and customer data.

Bridging the gap between RevOps & Finance

DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution addressed Contentsquare’s challenge of improving collaboration between RevOps and Finance teams by providing a centralized platform for deal management, pricing, and approvals. This enabled seamless communication and automated handoffs, reducing errors and delays in the quote-to-revenue process. The Finance team could track pipeline deals for more accurate revenue forecasts. DealHub helped optimize Contentsquare’s quote-to-revenue process, ensuring smooth operations as it scales.

Fast implementation and assured adoption

To ensure the adoption of DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution, several key steps were taken. Firstly, adoption dashboards were created to monitor usage and identify any areas of low adoption. Secondly, Contentsquare worked to shift the mindset of employees from their previous workflows to the new ones enabled by DealHub. This involved providing training and support to help users understand the benefits of the new system and how to use it effectively. Thirdly, they shared success stories internally to demonstrate the value of the new solution and build enthusiasm among employees. Finally, they created a network of “mini champions” who were enthusiastic early adopters of the system and could help others learn how to use it effectively.


With the implementation of DealHub’s Agile CPQ and its frictionless sales process, Contentsquare has significantly improved its quote-to-revenue flow by streamlining the sales process, automating manual processes, and boosting efficiencies. This has allowed Contentsquare to manage its revenue lifecycle with ease, create quotes effortlessly, make complex configurations intuitive, and guarantee data integrity across all business systems.

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“DealHub has extensive possibilities and configuration without sacrificing simplicity for the end user.”


Justin Fogel-Concepcion, Global Director of Revenue Operations & Programs