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CPQ without the usual limitations – Building rapport that closes deals

Originally designed for the manufacturing industry, CPQ systems have been an important part of the sales toolkit since the 1980s, redefining the sales process. Elevating beyond their initial impact, these systems offer unparalleled speed, precision, and customization in quote generation, transforming the sales journey from initial customer interaction to final deal closure.

CPQ without limitations - Building rapport that closes deals.

Gone are the days of tedious, error-prone manual quote processes and limited customization capabilities that once stifled sales teams. CPQ technology ushers in an era marked by efficiency and customer-centric solutions. This shift towards enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction is a notable advancement in sales operations.

They have become so crucial lately that even Forbes highlights the tangible benefits of adopting CPQ-based selling strategies, noting that such investment can result in up to a 10% increase in company revenues. Additionally, CPQ systems are instrumental in boosting customer engagement, potentially doubling retention rates by up to 50%.

Today, we’re turning our attention to an often overlooked value of CPQ – enabling sales teams to build customer rapport to foster stronger relationships and close deals. 

A customer-first sales culture

In sales, prioritizing the customer is essential to building rapport and closing deals. CPQ systems offer the tools necessary for achieving customer-centricity. Here’s how:

Streamlined quoting

CPQ’s prowess lies in its capacity to automate the quote generation process, significantly reducing wait times and boosting responsiveness. For example, a sales representative using CPQ software can quickly create a personalized quote based on a customer’s specific requirements and can often accommodate last-minute changes to the request. This fast response meets customer expectations and exceeds them, cementing the sales representative’s reputation for efficiency and adaptability. CPQ solutions have demonstrated their ability to shorten sales cycles by about 28%, illustrating their efficiency in expediting the sales process​.

The speed at which CPQ systems enable sales teams to respond taps into the psychological aspects of customer relationships. More than mere transactions, these responses signify a deep respect and acknowledgment of the customer’s needs. This rapid engagement can significantly enhance the perceived value of the service, creating a sense of importance and urgency for the customer. In a rapidly moving market where customer attention is at a premium, delivering prompt and precise quotes is essential in establishing trust and loyalty. CPQ solutions, by consistently exceeding customer expectations for efficiency, lay a solid foundation for robust, long-term relationships.

Personalized offers

At its core, CPQ leverages guided selling to utilize customer data, recommending products and pricing that align perfectly with customer needs. This capability transforms sales reps into consultants who can provide tailored solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction. In practice, training sales reps to harness CPQ’s recommendations can deepen their understanding of customer requirements. Additionally, vendors’ knowledge centers can help educate sales teams, speeding up the onboarding process and enhancing their ability to provide personalized services.

The true power of CPQ systems is magnified when they’re integrated with other cutting-edge technologies like big data analytics. This synergy creates a robust technological ecosystem, allowing for more sophisticated analysis and decision-making. For instance, CPQ with integrated analytics enhances predictive analysis, leading to more nuanced customer insights and tailored offers. It also aids in understanding market trends and customer preferences, refining the sales strategy further. This integration transforms CPQ from a standalone tool to a comprehensive solution that understands and anticipates evolving customer needs and market dynamics.

Simplified configurations

Navigating the complexities of product configurations can be daunting for both sales professionals and customers. CPQ simplifies this process, guiding users through configurations and reducing the likelihood of errors. This streamlined approach enhances user experience and bolsters confidence in the purchasing process.

The integration of CPQ at Yotpo, a leader in eCommerce marketing solutions, illustrates this benefit vividly. By implementing DealHub CPQ, Yotpo streamlined its sales process, notably cutting down quote creation time to a remarkable 8 minutes. This efficiency was not just about speed; it greatly enhanced their overall customer experience, marking a substantial shift in their sales operations. With CPQ’s aid, Yotpo tackled the complexities of its vast product catalog, reducing errors and ensuring that each customer’s unique needs were precisely met, reflecting a significant leap in operational agility and customer satisfaction.

Jonathan Cohen, Salesforce & Delivery Team Leader at Yotpo had this to say, “Implementing DealHub has transformed our revenue management across the entire customer lifecycle by streamlining the quoting and proposal process, reducing manual errors, and accelerating deal cycles. The data from the platform also provides valuable insights, enhancing our ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize revenue strategies.”

Fostering trust and driving revenue

Fostering trust and driving revenue

CPQ systems are indispensable in nurturing customer trust and, in turn, driving revenue growth. These systems achieve this through accurate pricing, faster approvals, and personalized customer experience.

Pricing accuracy

CPQ technology eliminates the need for manual calculations, ensuring pricing, discounting, and deal structuring are accurate and consistent. This accuracy is fundamental to building trust with customers, as it demonstrates reliability and professionalism. CPQ systems help sales teams avoid costly errors and misquotes, which can be detrimental in delicate negotiations. Moreover, the commitment to accuracy reflects a company’s dedication to transparency, fostering stronger, trust-based customer relationships.

Faster approvals

CPQ automates workflows and the approval process, significantly speeding up the sales cycle. Rapid approvals also mean faster service delivery, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty as customers appreciate the swift and reliable service.

Increased upselling and cross-selling

CPQ systems excel in identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities, greatly enhancing order values. By analyzing customer preferences and previous purchase history, CPQ can recommend relevant, complementary products or services during the quoting process. This targeted approach not only meets but often anticipates customer needs, leading to larger deal sizes.

A practical example of this is seen in the case study of the HR platform Bob (HiBob), which implemented CPQ alongside DealHub’s Subscription Management tool. This integration significantly boosted their sales efficiency and effectiveness, evidenced by a remarkable 137% Net Dollar Retention rate. The CPQ system streamlined the process, reducing the time taken to generate renewal proposals from 30 minutes to just 2 minutes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue through effective upselling.

DealHub CPQ and DealRoom: building lasting sales relationships

Lasting relationships are built on trust and understanding. DealHub CPQ and DealRoom excel in this area by seamlessly integrating with leading CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics amongst others, ensuring all customer interactions are informed and personalized. This integration capability translates into sales interactions that build rapport. They also allow for quick and responsive quote generation, proactively anticipating customer needs and fostering a sense of reliability and efficiency. Accurate pricing is consistently achieved, and the collaborative nature of the digital sales room DealRoom invites customers into an interactive engagement, deepening their connection to the sales process.

Imagine a scenario where a sales team, using DealRoom, collaborates in real time with a client on a complex solution. The interactive space allows the client to provide immediate feedback, shaping the proposal as it’s being created. This dynamic interaction streamlines the sales process and gives the client a sense of ownership and partnership. Such collaborative moments are crucial in strengthening client relationships and fostering trust. DealRoom’s real-time insights further enable sales teams to tailor their approach based on up-to-the-minute data, ensuring that proposals are accurate and highly relevant to the client’s current needs.

Approval workflows in DealHub CPQ are designed to expedite decision-making without compromising accuracy. By automating and streamlining these workflows, sales teams can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, focusing more on client interaction and relationship building. This efficiency means clients receive faster responses, significantly improving their experience and satisfaction. The speed and accuracy of these processes reflect a deep understanding of the nature of business, aligning with clients’ expectations for prompt and competent service.

As we look to the future, CPQ systems are poised to become even more integral in sales strategies. DealHub CPQ is the leading CPQ solution for enterprises and a catalyst for business growth and adaptability. It supports scalable sales processes, handling increasing transaction volumes without compromising client interaction quality. Businesses seeking to expand their reach and maintain superior customer service standards should consider how DealHub CPQ can help them meet their goals.



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CPQ without limitations - Building rapport that closes deals.

CPQ without the usual limitations – Building rapport that closes deals