Yotpo reduces quote creation time to 8 minutes with DealHub CPQ

Yotpo, a New York based software company, is a leading provider of eCommerce marketing solutions, faced the challenge of scaling its sales operations while maintaining agility and efficiency in a rapidly evolving market. To address this challenge, Yotpo implemented DealHub CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution, aiming to streamline their sales processes, enhance collaboration, and adapt faster to changing market dynamics.

Yotpo case study


SKU selection complexity

Yotpo struggled with the complexity of SKU selection, particularly in navigating a vast catalog of products. Without a streamlined process, sales reps found it challenging to identify and select the appropriate SKUs for each customer’s needs. This complexity led to delays in quote generation and increased the risk of errors.

Low CPQ usage and resistance to change

Yotpo faced resistance from its sales team in adopting CPQ technology. Sales reps were accustomed to traditional methods of generating quotes and were hesitant to embrace new technologies. This resistance resulted in low legacy CPQ usage rates, limiting the potential benefits of automation and efficiency gains.

Configuration and functionality issues

The existing sales tools at Yotpo lacked the necessary configuration options and functionalities to handle the intricacies of their sales processes. As a result, sales reps encountered difficulties in customizing quotes to meet customer requirements, leading to suboptimal outcomes and customer dissatisfaction.

Technical path issues

Yotpo experienced challenges related to the technical integration and compatibility of their existing systems with potential CPQ solutions. The lack of a clear technical path hindered the implementation process and posed barriers to achieving seamless integration with other business applications.

Change management difficulty

Implementing a new CPQ solution required significant changes in workflows and processes across the organization. Yotpo struggled with change management, including communication, training, and overcoming resistance to new ways of working. This difficulty in managing organizational change slowed down the adoption of CPQ and delayed realizing its benefits.

Limited system adoption

Despite investing in CPQ solutions in the past, Yotpo faced challenges in achieving widespread adoption across its sales team. Limited system adoption resulted from various factors, including usability issues, lack of understanding of the benefits, and insufficient support and training resources. As a result, the intended improvements in sales efficiency and effectiveness were not fully realized.


Quoting velocity and customer experience

DealHub revolutionized Yotpo’s quoting process, significantly accelerating the creation of quotes, slashing turnaround time to under 8 minutes. This enhancement not only expedited transactions but also enhanced the overall customer experience. The platform’s seamless integration and intuitive interface facilitated a smoother signing process for customers, leading to increased satisfaction and improved transaction efficiency.

Sales execution and flexibility

Yotpo’s sales team experienced a remarkable improvement in their execution capabilities with DealHub’s dynamic pricing features. The platform empowered them to respond swiftly to market dynamics, ensuring competitive pricing strategies while maintaining profitability. Moreover, DealHub struck a delicate balance between flexibility and control, allowing the sales team to operate efficiently within predefined pricing and discounting rules, thereby ensuring consistency and profitability across deals.

Revenue management transformation

DealHub’s implementation at Yotpo sparked a profound transformation in revenue management processes. By streamlining quoting and proposal processes, the platform significantly reduced manual errors and accelerated deal cycles. Furthermore, DealHub’s data-driven insights provided valuable intelligence, enabling Yotpo to make informed decisions and optimize revenue strategies, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Appreciated features of DealHub

Yotpo embraced DealHub’s user-friendly interface and dynamic pricing capabilities, recognizing them as invaluable assets for enhancing productivity and efficiency within their sales operations. DealHub’s real-time collaboration features and seamless integration with Salesforce CRM further elevated the user experience, fostering smoother workflows and facilitating better decision-making processes.

Cost vs. ROI

Yotpo’s adoption of DealHub yielded significant returns, evidenced by a notable reduction in quote turnaround time and an improvement in deal close rates. The platform’s ability to decrease errors and increase efficiency translated into tangible cost savings for the organization, solidifying the ROI of implementing DealHub.

Accuracy and timeliness in quotes

DealHub’s dynamic pricing engine proved instrumental in ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of quotes at Yotpo. By automating calculations and facilitating real-time collaboration, the platform minimized the risk of errors and delays in the quoting process, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness in deal management.

Impact on sales and operations team

The high user adoption rate of DealHub CPQ underscored its effectiveness in meeting the needs of Yotpo’s sales team. Additionally, the implementation of approval workflows received positive feedback, streamlining processes and fostering improved collaboration between sales and operations teams, ultimately driving better outcomes for the organization.

Integration into tech stack

DealHub seamlessly integrated with Yotpo’s existing Salesforce CRM, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency. By consolidating the tech stack and sunsetting legacy tools like Docusign for DealHub’s eSign, the organization achieved greater synergy and cohesion within its technology infrastructure, resulting in smoother workflows and improved productivity.

Change management and scalability

DealHub’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface facilitated smooth adoption without the need for heavy onboarding for new admins at Yotpo. The platform’s scalability aligned perfectly with the organization’s growth plans, accommodating the needs of both high-touch and low-touch customers and ensuring continued success and scalability.

Enhanced confidence and efficiency

Improved confidence in using CPQ resulted in increased productivity and operational efficiency among Yotpo’s sales team, driving better outcomes for the organization. By empowering users to navigate the platform with ease and providing guided support throughout the quoting process, DealHub facilitated a culture of efficiency and confidence within the organization’s sales operations.


Yotpo transformed their revenue lifecycle management process with DealHub. They have eliminated price quote errors, and accelerated the close times for deals with DealHub. Characterized as a company using Salesforce CRM and scaling quickly, they needed to set a robust foundation for scalability that was not difficult-to-manage and difficult-to-use, they did this with DealHub, and the sales team adopted this new and improved way of working.

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“Implementing DealHub has transformed our revenue management across the entire customer lifecycle by streamlining the quoting and proposal process, reducing manual errors, and accelerating deal cycles. The data from the platform also provides valuable insights, enhancing our ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize revenue strategies.”

Jonathan Cohen, Salesforce & Delivery Team Leader, Yotpo