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Grote Increases Sales
Margins by 3% With
DealHub CPQ

To compete in today’s manufacturing environment and meet buyers’ ever-changing needs, companies strive to offer as many customization options as possible.

The Challenge

To compete in today’s manufacturing environment and meet buyers’ ever-changing needs, companies strive to offer as many customization options as possible. Grote has stepped up to this challenge with more than 30 customization options available for select food-processing machines. For example, buyers can choose the size, speed, language, and voltage of their equipment.

But providing all these additional options did not necessarily translate to higher profits, even when it should have. Grote had been leaving money on the table as it relied on legacy in-house CPQ software that required developers to make backend changes to support pricing and product updates. Paying contract developers to make each and every change would have been costly and slowed down the sales process, which meant that smaller price changes – even frequently relevant ones – were often ignored.

When you consider the high price tag for machinery, ignoring pricing updates or giving away low-cost customizations may make sense in the interest of closing a sale. But the lost revenue adds up over time.

The Solution

When Grote launched their company-wide digital transformation, they began by implementing Salesforce CRM. Next, they aimed to modernize their pricing technology and streamline their sales process by deploying CPQ (Configure Price Quote) software. 

Grote chose DealHub CPQ because it integrates natively with Salesforce and requires no coding on their end to make future pricing revisions – something that wasn’t possible with their in-house CPQ.

Sales leaders, as well as anyone with administrative access to DealHub, are able to add up-to-the-minute customization options to their CPQ system, empowering sales reps to sell products with the latest pricing and product options. This means no more missed revenue opportunities.

In addition to helping Grote’s sales reps maximize profits, DealHub makes selling easier. Reps no longer need to manually add product specifications to each proposal, and for manufacturing companies with many complex customization options, this saves a tremendous amount of time. 

The Results

Thanks to DealHub, Grote’s sales leaders can now introduce new product add-ons and customizations on their own, without limited and often unavailable developer resources. Such flexibility allows them to make pricing or configuration changes, even on a weekly basis.

And with greater pricing accuracy comes greater revenue achievement. By being able to keep all of their pricing combinations fully up to date, Grote’s sales team has managed to increase sales margins by 3%.

Grote differentiates itself through a variety of equipment-customization options and its enduring commitment to buyers. With DealHub, they can spend more time on what matters – delivering superior buying experiences while also increasing profits.

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By the Numbers

3 %
increase in sales margins

“DealHub CPQ is very configurable and easy to use. I update the system weekly to adjust pricing and configuration options to our buyers’ changing needs and the economy around us.”

Jack Grote, COO, Grote Company

“With DealHub, we continue to deliver a better buyer experience and increase our sales margins.”

Bob Grote, CEO , Grote Company