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5 Automated Sales Approval Workflows to Optimize Your Sales Process Across Teams

Time is of the essence when it comes to closing deals, and slow approval workflow processes can majorly impact sales rep’s performance. Your sales reps may need to get approval from different departments, e.g., the finance department to approve discounts, or the legal department to approve changes to contracts. Regardless of the type of workflow, automation is designed to reduce the amount of time spent on mundane administrative tasks so that employees can focus on more important tasks.

If your organization is still using outdated software or chasing after employees from other departments to gain the necessary approvals, then you’re putting your organization at a major disadvantage. Digital approval workflows with a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales optimizes and streamlines your sales approval workflow processes so sales reps can efficiently close deals in a timely manner. 

In this article, we jump into why automated approval workflows with Configure Price Quote software (CPQ) are necessary, and five examples of automated workflows that make the sales process more effective. We also provide you with the top three essential approval workflow capabilities.

automate deal approval workflow with CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics infographic

Why automated/digital approval workflows with a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics users are necessary

Automated approval workflows are necessary for a number of reasons. Not only do they streamline the sales process by providing faster response times, but they also help to reduce errors in the system which can lead to higher customer satisfaction rates. Here are five reasons automated approval workflows are essential to the sales process.

  1. Improve cross-team collaboration

Imagine this scenario: a sales rep is trying to close a deal, a large one at that. They not only need to get approval from the finance department to sign off on a discount, but the legal department needs to approve the new contract. Unfortunately, this sales rep may be using inefficient solutions, like email, to get these necessary approvals, and this can really slow down the quote-to-close process. 

With automated approval workflows, like DealHub CPQ offers, it’s not only very clear who is required for specific approvals, but sales reps no longer need to bother that employee for the approvals because the system does it for them. Automated approval workflows improve cross-team collaboration and communication and make it easier for sales reps to focus on selling.

  1. Increase speed and efficiency for sales teams

It’s imperative that deals are closed quickly. Automated approval workflows are an efficient way for sales teams to get the sign-offs needed in a short amount of time. With CPQ software, once approval workflow standards and conditional logic have been set, sales reps can easily, quickly, and efficiently move through the sales process and close more deals. 

  1. Enhance organizational transparency 

McKinsey reports, organizational transparency “accelerates information gathering, helps people coordinate their efforts, and makes those in positions of authority accountable to others.” Automated approval workflows enhance sales rep productivity, efficiency, reduce misunderstandings, and foster trust among different departments. It also creates a work atmosphere that is healthy, pleasant, and gratifying. Not to mention, it lessens the workload on the Operations department. 

  1. Ensure processes stay consistent

Consistency allows organizations to minimize uncertainty and quickly respond to changes in the market. Automated approval workflows ensure a consistent and streamlined sales process that helps to reduce errors and bottlenecks. In addition, automated approval workflows make it easier to onboard and train new sales reps. This results in higher transparency, trust and control.

  1. Provide a better customer experience

With all the sales tech available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create and maintain a customer experience that exceeds the high expectations that exist today. Automated approval workflows also help to foster excellent customer relationships by removing non-value-adding manual tasks, allowing sales reps to spend more time nurturing prospects. 

3 examples of automated sales approval workflows with a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 

  1. Discount approval workflow
    Discount approval workflow is employed by sales departments to automate the process of approving certain discounts. When sales reps offer discounts, getting approval can take a lot of time. With a discount approval workflow, you can ensure that your reps are generating quotes with consistent and accurate pricing that follows your discount guidelines without slowing down the sales process, or causing revenue leakage.
  2. Billing approval workflow
    Billing approval workflow is the process required to validate and pay an invoice. It’s used to ensure that bills are cleared correctly and efficiently by facilitating transparency, maintaining timely payment cycles and avoiding any discrepancies that may arise due to manual errors.
  3. Legal or compliance approval workflow
    Legal or compliance approval workflow often revolves around contract management and it works to streamline and structure your organizations legal processes. It works to simplify and expedite contract requests and approvals.
DealHub CPQ discount approval workflow infographic


Overall, automated approval workflows should be used to optimize your sales and quoting process across teams and support your sales reps to accelerate deals and reduce errors. It helps streamline your teams and processes, minimizes revenue leakage, enforces accountability and timely compliance, and improves internal communication. 

In our next piece, we’ll cover the 9 steps to streamlining your deal workflow to boost your sales. 



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