Sales Kickoff (SKO)

What is a Sales Kickoff?

A Sales Kickoff (SKO) is typically a one or two-day event held at the beginning of a fiscal year or quarter, where sales team members gather to receive information and training on new products or services, new sales enablement technology, and company initiatives. The purpose of a sales kickoff is to unite the sales team and build morale and motivation within the team. 

A typical sales kickoff will include keynote speeches from executive leadership, breakout sessions led by subject matter experts, and networking opportunities. There will also be time set aside for the sales team to celebrate their accomplishments from the previous year and to set goals for the upcoming period.

The sales kickoff is an important event for any company that relies heavily on its sales force. It is an opportunity to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of the company’s goals. Investing in a sales kickoff can help sales reps be more successful in their roles and better positioned to drive results for their company.


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Sales Kickoff Meeting Goals

Successful sales kickoff meetings are essential for setting the tone and focus for the upcoming sales season. The goals of these meetings should be to:

  • Establish quotas and expectations
  • Review the previous year’s results
  • Train on new products or features
  • Introduce any changes to the sales process or new sales tools
  • Network and build relationships
  • Recognize top performers from the previous year
  • Celebrate successes and learn from failures
Sales Kickoff Meeting Goals

By clearly understanding the goals for a sales kickoff meeting, sales managers can ensure that their team is prepared and motivated for the challenges ahead.

Sales Kickoff Tips

SKOs are crucial events for any sales team. It is an opportunity for sales leaders and company executives to announce new initiatives, review objectives, and motivate the team to close more business.

When planning an SKO, there are a few key things sales managers should keep in mind:

  • Set the tone for the year: This is the opportunity to set the tone for the entire year. Use clear and concise messaging when sharing objectives, goals and KPIs, and what is expected of the sales team in the coming year.
  • Get everyone on the same page: A sales kickoff is an excellent opportunity to ensure everyone on the team understands the organization’s goals and their role in helping to achieve them. 
  • Motivate the sales team: An SKO is a perfect time for sales leaders to motivate their team and get them pumped up for the year ahead. Use this opportunity to share success stories, set goals, and offer incentives.
  • Make it fun: A sales kickoff doesn’t have to be all business; making it fun can help motivate sales reps. Incorporate games, prizes, and other activities into the event to keep things light and energized.

Sales kickoffs are an excellent opportunity to bring the sales team together for learning and fun. With the trend toward remote work, SKOs have gone virtual as well. In addition, more companies are incorporating gamification and technology into their sales kickoffs. Here are a few SKO trends that sales managers can implement in their kickoff meetings:

  1. Virtual Sales Kickoffs
    With more and more businesses going virtual, it’s no surprise that sales kickoffs are following suit. Virtual sales kickoffs have several advantages over traditional in-person kickoffs. For example, virtual events are more cost-effective, allow for greater flexibility regarding who can attend, and are easier to scale.
  2. Gamification
    Gamification is a trend that’s been on the rise in recent years, and it can be extremely effective for sales kickoffs. Gamification involves using game-like elements to engage and motivate employees, such as leaderboards, prizes, and challenges. Incorporating gamification into their sales kickoff can help sales managers ensure that their team is engaged and motivated throughout the event.
  3. Personalization
    Personalization is another trend that’s been gaining traction in recent years. Sales leaders can personalize their sales kickoffs by tailoring the event to their company’s sales goals or using data to create custom agendas and breakout sessions for each attendee. Personalization can help make sales kickoffs more effective and memorable.
  4. Use of Technology
    The use of technology is another trend that’s been on the rise in recent years. With technological advances, there are now more tools than ever to help make sales kickoffs more effective. From online agenda builders to virtual reality simulations, there are many ways companies can incorporate technology into their sales kickoff. Doing so can help ensure that the SKO is cutting-edge and engaging for all attendees.
  5. Team Building
    Finally, team building is another trend for sales kickoffs. In today’s competitive business world, ensuring that their team is cohesive and working well together is more important than ever for companies. Incorporating team-building activities into the SKO event can help foster a better sense of teamwork and collaboration among a sales organization’s employees.
  6. Stock Library
    Another trend that can help make virtual sales kickoffs more effective is the use of a stock library of professional images and videos. These resources can help make presentations and materials more engaging and polished, without the need for extensive production efforts.
SKO Trends

People Also Ask

Why host a sales kickoff event?

Sales kickoffs are essential annual events for any company that relies on sales to drive revenue. They provide an opportunity to bring the sales team together to review objectives, plan strategies, and align on tactics.

Sales kickoffs are a great way to energize a sales team and get them excited and prepared for the year ahead. They can be a great opportunity to introduce new products and initiatives to a company’s sales organization.

Here are the reasons to host a sales kickoff event:

1. Get the sales team motivated for the year ahead
2. Build team morale and cohesion
3. Set the tone for success
4. Unite the entire sales team around a common goal
5. Celebrate the team’s accomplishments
6. Plan for future success

What happens at a sales kick off meeting?

At a sales kick off meeting, the sales team will review their goals and objectives for the upcoming period. This is a time for the entire team to get on the same page and ensure that everyone knows what needs to be accomplished. The meeting may also include training or other relevant announcements. Ultimately, a sales kick off meeting is a chance for the team to come together and get pumped up for success.

What should a sales kick off include?

A successful sales kickoff is an integral part of a business’s annual planning process and should include a review of the previous year’s performance, a look at the upcoming year’s goals, and a discussion of any changes or updates to the sales process.

A sales kickoff agenda should also include product training and role-playing exercises to practice selling skills. Finally, it should be a time for the sales team to bond and build morale.