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Implement a Powerful CPQ in Time for SKO 2022

Sales kickoff 2022 is an opportunity for sales and revenue leaders to hit the “Refresh” button. The last year may have presented its own challenges, but 2022 presents a new opportunity to catch up on any revenue shortfall and ensure you hit your sales targets going forward. Our DealHub CPQ + DealRoom solution is the deal-acceleration platform of choice for high-performing sales teams. They use it to accelerate revenue growth and achieve their revenue goals.

Sales and Revenue teams implement a CPQ in time for SKO 2022

Top-performing sales teams will be agile and aggressive this year, and it’s no longer sufficient to stick with the same old manual sales processes. Even if these worked well for you in the past, the future demands that you eliminate inefficiencies, streamline processes, and create seamless buyer experiences. This is why sales reps love our next-generation sales platform.

DealHub makes all of this possible by connecting every stage of the sales process, from quote to close, and empowering your sales organization to sell faster and more easily than ever before – so they can close more deals.

And this is the kicker: DealHub’s enterprise-grade platform can be fully implemented and adopted within a matter of weeks. On the other hand, traditional CPQ systems, which lack many of DealHub’s advanced capabilities, typically require 9 to 12 months to implement. In fact, some of the leading CPQ tools out there suffer from a 35% failure rate in implementation.

Reasons to Implement CPQ Before Your Annual Sales Kickoff

Here’s a roundup of why today’s advanced sales teams are choosing DealHub to accelerate their B2B deals.

Connect your stack with sales tools in a single platform

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is a full quote-to-close solution. All of the disparate tools and processes that typically slow teams down are now unified into a single, seamless experience.

Sales reps use DealHub CPQ to generate 100% accurate sales quotes in just 8 minutes – down from an average of 90 minutes when using manual processes. Meanwhile, DealHub CPQ’s guided-selling playbook enables smart sales quotes. What does this mean? Sales leaders can input their pricing and product strategies directly from Excel or other common digital formats. Then Sales reps simply need to answer a series of questions about their deals, and DealHub CPQ will automatically generate an accurate quote that’s in line with the organization’s best practices around pricing, product selection, margins and discounts.

Our DealRoom takes that quote and adds sales-proposal and contract-management functionality. Contract redlining, approval workflows, and e-signature help you streamline cross-departmental communications so you can go from quote to close with as little friction as possible – whether between your tools, people, or processes.

Eliminate revenue leakage

There are a number of reasons why organizations experience revenue leakage, such as insufficient pricing controls, a lack of discounting governance, and an inability to capitalize on cross-sell and upsell opportunities. DealHub streamlines and automates sales processes so you can eliminate these common sources of revenue leakage.

DealHub empowers companies to maximize their revenue opportunity by removing pricing inaccuracies and workflow problems – both of which are root causes of this leakage. By empowering reps to create accurate quotes in just minutes, and to better manage their deals throughout the proposal-generation and contract-negotiation process, DealHub CPQ + DealRoom reduces time-to-quote, eliminates error-prone and time-consuming administrative work, and removes obstacles that prevent prospects from signing on the dotted line.

Build customized journeys for prospects

DealRoom provides sales reps with engagement-tracking and content-creation capabilities that let them respond personally to prospects in ways that were never before possible, providing an amazing customer experience.

Sales reps can see when prospects interact with content, providing insight into their level of interest and where they stand in the buying process. This also helps establish the efficacy of the messaging. In addition, reps can see when sales collateral has been shared by a prospect with other stakeholders in their organization – so they have full knowledge of who they’re selling to at all times.

This visibility is combined with the delivery of customized content based on buyer criteria pulled from the CRM. This way, sales teams can effortlessly deliver the right messaging, at the right time.

Quick and effortless onboarding for new reps

DealHub’s automation and streamlined workflows make it easy to onboard reps.

By simplifying the quoting process into a series of questions about each deal, DealHub CPQ eliminates all of the complications that come with new hires needing to understand the nuances of pricing and product configurations. This knowledge normally takes months to master. But by bringing automation into the quoting process and providing reps with a guided-selling playbook, DealHub empowers them to focus on selling right from the start. And sales leaders can be confident that new reps are adhering to best practices around pricing and product configurations.

The results speak for themselves. Among DealHub users, we’ve seen new reps outperforming veterans within one month of onboarding. And most organizations using DealHub experience 100% sales team adoption.

DealRoom doesn’t just accelerate ramp-up time for new hires – it boosts sales productivity for your entire organization. And our DealRoom solution makes it easy to collaborate across departments through the deal process.

DealHub CPQ is easy to onboard and helps sales reps provide price quotes quickly

No-code maintenance

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is easy to implement, even for large organizations with complex deal structures. Both solutions can be fully implemented without any coding required on your end. Sales teams can simply import their current product and pricing documents directly into the system. So instead of spending months, or even more than a year, with hard-coding projects that may not entirely work and are very costly, you can implement DealHub in as little as three weeks.

Not only does this make for a more effective setup, but it also makes your organization more agile and flexible in its pricing and product strategy. Instead of having to re-code your backend every time there is a strategy change, you can make pivots without the need for developer resources.

Accelerate your Deals with DealHub

Sales kickoff 2022 is the time for a fresh start. If you’re aiming to get the most out of your sales team all throughout the year, you need DealHub’s next-generation sales technology. Our automated quoting, streamlined sales processes, and fast implementation are helping high-performing sales teams optimize the sales journey and gain an edge over the competition.

DealHub CPQ has been recognized as a Leader by G2 in its Grid® Report for CPQ. We’ve innovated the next generation of CPQ software to empower teams to connect their tech stack, and enable teams to take their revenue to new heights.

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