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Set Up an Enterprise CPQ in Time for Your Sales Kickoff

Sales Kickoff 2023 is fast approaching. As a Sales leader, you know the annual SKO is a grand opportunity to hit the Enter button on your sales strategy, but don’t stop there. Now’s the perfect time to empower your Sales team by introducing a smart solution that’s fast to implement, easy to manage, and a sure fire way to power growth.

Often, going through the motions of the Sales Kickoff (SKO) is almost a case of Copy-Paste from previous years. Sales leaders share new sales strategies, and provide salespeople with some best practices to carry them through, while closing out with a motivational speech about how it’s going to be a great year.

Sales processes have changed dramatically in recent years to accommodate dynamic shifts in buyer-seller interactions. This transformation requires more than strategy. It needs the modern tools to practically execute the strategy.

Sales organizations seeking to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and speed up the deal-making process to reduce time-to-revenue, should consider the right tools for the job. 

This is where an agile Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can make all the difference. 

With its sales-first approach and mere weeks required to implement, DealHub’s CPQ solution is the fastest, easiest, and best way to automate sales processes, and turn SKO 2023 into a launchpad for meaningful revenue impact in the coming year.

Whether or not you’re using a CPQ solution, DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution can be fully implemented and adopted in as little as three weeks. Our dedicated implementation team ensures you’re up and running quickly, with no need for a third-party solution provider. Other enterprise CPQ systems require up to a year to implement, are more costly, and experience a 30%-35% failure rate. 

There’s still time to get a CPQ tool before Sales Kickoff 2023. Really!

Unlike other CPQ solutions, DealHub’s Agile CPQ is next-generation technology that eliminates the silos that fragment team communication,removing the roadblocks that hinder fast and efficient implementation and onboarding.

1. No Code, No Problem

Traditional CPQ technology, especially when integrated  to legacy systems – is hard-coded. This is because many of these CPQ tools began as separate solutions, which were later patchworked together to expand their feature set in order to reach new markets.

This is a problem that outlasts implementation. Even the smallest pricing or product changes require developer resources in order to be updated in the CPQ backend. These changes can take weeks or months to implement, and require expertise that typically doesn’t exist on a Sales team. Additionally, if the costs or complexity are too great, these changes may not be current by the time they’re updated, leading to inaccurate price quotes and lost revenue.

In contrast, DealHub CPQ solution offers no-code implementation and is fully automated. There is absolutely no hard coding required at any stage of the process. DealHub CPQ solution is completely flexible and can work with existing tools, making connectivity achievable without any developer resources.


2. Your House, Your Rules 

In addition to integrating  quickly and easily to your existing platforms, DealHub CPQ solution makes it easy for users to apply existing pricing and product rules seamlessly, while keeping business running as usual. Meanwhile, hard-coded systems require developers to input the rules for your pricing and product lists.

With DealHub CPQ, all you need is your current digital documentation. For example, if you use an Excel spreadsheet, DealHub CPQ can use information directly from it. From there, leadership can set simple rules about how to handle specific pricing and product configurations.

3. Bang For Your Buck

Heavy-coded legacy CPQ solutions require costly resources of time and labor. Their complicated nature means it can take months to be implemented fully.

In fact, the cost and difficulty of implementation causes many companies to abandon CPQ solutions mid-way. Stories about companies spending more than a year trying to implement a CPQ tool, only for it not to work as desired are common Sales lore.

DealHub’s Agile CPQ solution, with its speed of implementation, no-code approach, and the ability to input pricing and product information from a pre-existing spreadsheet, takes these risks out of the equation. Its unique flexibility and integration with existing platforms and current processes make it not only quick and easy to onboard, but also much more affordable.

Instead of counting the months of costly development time, you can count on our implementation team to have you set up in weeks. The process is so streamlined and light, that our customers report  it costs them as little as 1% of what they would expect to pay for implementing, code-heavy legacy CPQ technology.

Rev-up your Revenue

If you’re currently relying on manual sales processes or have a CPQ solution that’s actually generating problems, it’s not too late.  Make a big impact at your next Sales Kickoff  by providing your team with clear goals and the tool needs to achieve them. 

Set your team up for success by setting up the right solution. You can implement the market’s #1 rated CPQ solution in time for your Sales Kickoff.

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