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SKO 2022: Enable Your Sales Team With Price Quote and Contract Management

Sales kickoff (SKO) is an exciting time as teams look forward to the promise of a new year. But while the anticipation is a great feeling, sales leaders need to put real tools and strategies in place to enable their sales team to achieve increased success. Business leaders should think of, and position, SKO 2022 as a jump-off point for greater revenue achievement throughout the year.

Enable Your Sales Team With Price Quote and Contract Management

However, the reality is often much different. Research from BrainShark shows that 71% of sales reps believe leadership fails to follow up on SKO training with continual reinforcement. In other words, many organizations present a sales strategy for the year but then fail to achieve the full potential revenue impact of their sales kickoff.

So how can you build off the momentum of SKO 2022?

The positive momentum of the annual sales kickoff meeting, which may be held as a virtual event or an in-person event, often slows down because sales reps don’t get the tools – or improvement of tools – they need to do their job quickly and efficiently. Sales enablement leaders who acknowledge the needs and capabilities of their sales reps have an opportunity to make an impact and impress their reps at this upcoming event, and to set things in motion for a year of high revenue achievement.

Reduce time-to-proposal

Every stakeholder in a deal values speed – from the sales professional to their manager to their buyer. And it’s no surprise. Responding quickly to prospects is one of the most important elements in winning a deal. Research shows that 50% of deals are won by the first company to respond to a prospect.

One way to amp up the potential of your sales kickoff is to empower sales reps to use their training and tools to quickly deliver proposals with the right pricing and product strategy, as well as messaging, for each unique buyer. If it typically takes them hours, if not days or weeks, to create and share proposals with prospects, they can easily lose motivation and momentum.

Minimize the administrative burden

Sales reps generate revenue when they spend their time selling. They can’t exactly do that when they’re busy with administrative tasks like creating accurate price quotes, requesting manual approvals, looking for the latest version of a contract, or manually inputting data into their CRM.

SKO is about generating a sense of purpose and momentum in the new year. Nothing kills that faster than forcing reps to spend hours each day being a glorified administrators. This is so counterproductive, in fact, that reducing their administrative burden can increase sales rep effectiveness by as much as 300%.

Ramp up new hires quickly

New team members are always eager to make an impact. But if it takes them months or even a year to understand your price book, product offerings, and other important details, it detracts from the promise of a big quota-crushing year.

Your ability to get new team members up to speed quickly so they can establish productive sales behaviors and start selling is critical to maintaining that excitement generated at SKO throughout the year. If new hires don’t feel like they have the continuing support of sales leadership so they can improve rapidly, much of the revenue potential of their enthusiasm will go to waste.

Impress and empower your sales reps with DealHub CPQ + DealRoom

DealHub CPQ and DealRoom enable you to achieve maximum revenue impact from your sales process. Introducing these solutions to your team will impress your sales organization by acknowledging your reps’ day-to-day business needs and empowering them to sell quickly and efficiently. They allow advanced sales teams to maintain SKO momentum, boost sales productivity, and achieve higher revenue throughout the year.

Guided selling playbook

DealHub CPQ’s guided-selling sales playbook automatically generates 100% accurate price quotes, no matter how complex the product and pricing combination.

Our dynamic playbook asks sales reps a series of questions about their impending deal, and allows them to instantly generate quotes based on the most up-to-date products and pricing. By taking manual configuration out of the process with a fully customizable playbook, sales leaders can help their reps stay focused on selling from Day One even if they don’t have advanced product and pricing knowledge.

The result? An 85% reduction in sales training and onboarding time. New reps are able to get up to speed so quickly that DealHub customers have seen new hires turn into top-performing reps within months.

Automated approval workflows

DealHub CPQ automates approval workflows during the quote-generation process. This way, sales leadership can set rules around pricing flexibility and discounting, and provide automatic approval for quotes that adhere to them. For quotes that do not, an approval workflow will automatically be triggered.

In addition to protecting sales margins, this empowers sales reps with a degree of autonomy when generating quotes while also placing guardrails around their pricing and discounting behavior. Manual processes are eliminated except when absolutely necessary. This reduction in administrative burden reduces sales reps’ time-to-proposal by 80%, while also delivering scalable and predictable results.

Streamlined Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Our digital DealRoom meets sales reps’ needs at every stage of the contract lifecycle management process.

DealRoom supports contract redlining, automates change-approval requests, performs versioning control, and includes integrated e-signature capabilities. Sales reps can keep their attention focused on selling because DealRoom eliminates many of the manual administrative tasks that slow down contract negotiations and delay the approval of finalized agreements.

Overall, DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is a powerful revenue generator that maintains the momentum and enthusiasm of SKO all throughout the year. It acknowledges the needs of sales reps by ramping them up quickly, reduces time-to-proposal, and minimizes their administrative burden. All of this contributes positively to achieving company goals.

It’s the next-generation sales technology that today’s advanced sales teams are using to achieve maximum revenue impact.

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