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The top CPQ features that Sales Operations leaders must prioritize

As a Sales Operations leader, one of your main responsibilities is ensuring your sales department runs like a well-oiled machine. As such, your sales tech must do what’s intended:

The top CPQ features that Sales Operations leaders must prioritize
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Enable your sales team to work at peak efficiency
  • Add value by making your sales process more effective
  • Deliver the data needed to make forecasts and improvements

Our customers tell us that the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software features that matter most to them are the ones that make their job and the work of their salespeople easier. A CPQ must go beyond simply providing a tool to configure pricing and produce accurate quotes. There are other value-added features that the best CPQ software offers that directly impact ROI.

These value-added features are so critical to the success of CPQ software that they are used as rating criteria by G2 Crowd, a leader in helping buyers make better software purchasing decisions through user reviews and ratings. G2 has ranked DealHub as the #1 CPQ for four years in a row based on the platform’s various value-added features and capabilities. You’ll agree that this is quite the achievement.

The 13 CPQ features that matter most to sales operations leaders

Ease of setup

The last thing a sales operations manager needs is disruption in their team and workflow while the new software is being set up and implemented. Sales leaders need a CPQ that is quick and easy to set up and configure and bonus points if it doesn’t require a developer to write custom code. Seamless integration with other digital solutions, such as ERP and CRM software (and other data sources) is a must. This prevents data silos from forming and reduces duplication of admin tasks.

Ease of use

If teams reject engaging with platforms and tools, companies may end up with salespeople who manually perform tasks that could be accomplished by the CPQ, thus defeating the purpose of the investment. A CPQ that is intuitive and includes features that make selling and quoting easier, such as sales playbooks and pre-configured rules for pricing and discounting, will increase user adoption. CPQ products that have drag and drop functionality and a flexible design enable teams to make on-the-fly changes that can enhance useability and adoption. Sales operations leaders also need a CPQ that offers fast onboarding to bring new salespeople up to speed in a timely manner. This makes CPQ adoption and the scaling of sales teams a seamless experience.

Ease of administration

A significant benefit of using the right CPQ is that it reduces administrative tasks a breeze. Sales operations leaders require a tool that is easy to administer and maintain. Managing the CPQ platform should be simple. Updating pricing, configuring new discounting rules, and adding new products can be accomplished seamlessly, saving the organization time and money.

Meets requirements

Each sales organization has specific requirements. Many CPQ solutions offer features such as document generation, version control, workflow, and approval management that will streamline the sales process. Other features that are useful to have in a CPQ solution include guided selling capabilities, analytics and reporting, multi-language and multi-currency support, and data integration. Keep in mind that a CPQ that syncs with the company’s CRM and ERP systems yields the most benefit.

Quality of support

A sales technology purchase should never be a one-and-done transaction. Ongoing support throughout setup, implementation, and continued use is a sales leader’s most valuable CPQ feature. Therefore, look for a CPQ vendor that is easy to work with and prioritizes customer support.

A robust rules engine

Sales teams should never need to wrestle with complex pricing and configuration logic. Seek solutions with rules engines that allow you to easily create and manage even the most intricate pricing and quotes. A robust rules engine will enable companies to be more creative and flexible with promotions, bundles, and discounts. This provides opportunities to customize quotes to meet any client’s exact requirements while removing confusion. 

An agile and flexible low-code solution

Rigid systems slow down the CPQ process. Sales operations leaders need an agile, low-code solution that allows teams to quickly adapt to changing market demands without going through programmers or IT departments. Teams using low-code solutions are empowered to tailor CPQ to their unique workflow without resorting to begging third-party developers for assistance! 

Guided selling

Guided selling removes the need for time-consuming training sessions. With it, sales representatives get up and running fast while having access to real-time support and being able to source product recommendations and upsell opportunities on the fly. With guided selling, sales representatives can efficiently troubleshoot client concerns and quickly close deals by offering expert insights to their client base.

Seamless integration with ERP, CRM, and Billing

Centralization is integral to streamlining processes. When CPQ is integrated with ERP, CRM, and billing tools, everything works together cohesively, and enable companies to avoid missed opportunities. An integrated CPQ solution aligns sales, marketing, and finance teams by reducing errors, capturing cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and speeding up the quote-to-cash process.

Contract renewal and subscription management

Sales operations leaders simplify the contract renewal and subscription management process by investing in technology that provides features such as automated reminders, flexible subscription options, and hassle-free renewals.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Sales teams thrive on metrics. KPIs quickly reveal what’s working (or not) so that performance can be tracked and approaches can be tweaked to further optimize workflows and close more deals. With advanced analytics, sales teams can more readily spot bottlenecks and source other revenue opportunities.

E-signature integration

Sales teams can save time and paper while closing deals faster when their CPQ solution offers e-signature integration. E-signatures take the hassle out of that final hurdle that converts prospects to paying clients and can simplify renewals and repurchasing. E-signatures also enable all stakeholders to sign deals from anywhere at any time, making delays in finalizing contracts a thing of the past.

Control and compliance

Digitally savvy clients want to ensure sensitive information remains safe, and companies must adhere to strict compliance guidelines. That’s why sales operations leaders want a solution prioritizing security and compliance to avoid data leaks or fines. For example, with CPQ, companies can ensure:

  • Standardization in pricing and quoting
  • Enforcement of business rules
  • Data validation and error reduction
  • Digital audit trails for accounting oversight
  • Version control
  • Seamless integration with contract management

By streamlining and automating the quoting process (while adhering to regulatory guidelines) CPQ can significantly enhance control and compliance so sales teams can focus on closing deals with confidence.

Our Customers Appreciate DealHub CPQ Features

We invite you to take a look at how DealHub stacks up against other CPQ vendors rated by users on G2 Crowd. You’ll see how DealHub has once again been named a High Performer, and how our solution ranked #1 in the CPQ Software Category in the following categories: 

  • Satisfaction
    • Ease of use
    • Meets requirements
    • Ease of doing business with
  • Setup and support
    • Ease of setup
    • Quality of support
    • Ease of Admin 

Extending the value of CPQ via integrations

When you can manage your entire deal flow within your CRM, there’s no risk of losing crucial information. Your CPQ should be an extension of your sales operations workflow and native within your CRM. That’s why DealHub CPQ integrates seamlessly with:

All fields feature bi-directional synchronization, so your information is updated in real-time.

Our customers love DealHub CPQ because it’s fast to implement and easy to use! Simply plug in your product data, configure your business rules, and start quoting. No coding is necessary, removing the need for developer intervention, which means teams can get up and running in minimal time. 

Customers also appreciate our price point. DealHub understands the market and believes in staying competitive in the CPQ landscape. Our goal is to deliver quality CPQ features that integrate with existing infrastructure to ensure a seamless user experience that drives revenue and delivers results. 

Using CPQ to evolve your sales operations

The great engineer and management consultant W. Edwards Deming said, “Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.” Utilizing a best-in-class CPQ integrated with a CRM allows sales operations to change their processes and achieve better results for their organization, team, and customers.

By leveraging CPQ, sales teams are better able to realize efficiencies in the following areas:

  • Minimizing the number of people, functions, etc., required to develop and deliver quotes to buyers
  • Managing dynamic pricing to seamlessly adjust to current market conditions
  • Generating complex quotes promptly
  • Effective leveraging of marketing tools to develop, send, and track responses to messaging 
  • Better communication across marketing, sales, and finance teams 

When choosing a CPQ for your organization, look for CPQ vendors that perform well in these areas. Those that offer value-added features and rate highly on G2 are most appreciated by successful sales leaders.

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