Table of Contents was founded by experienced sales leaders who recognized the need for a new generation of sales solutions to address the rapid changes brought on by the evolution of digital buyers, and sellers. Technology can change the game for revenue teams. believes in the power of software to improve sales efficiency and productivity when channeled through innovation and has changed the way sales teams sell, and the experience buyers gain from this. DealHub enables sellers to generate professional proposals and price quotes within the easiest to use configure-price-quote (CPQ).

DealHub’s Revenue Platform empowers leaders to connect their teams and processes, execute deals, and create predictable pipeline more effectively than ever before. Deliver customized sales content, generate on-brand proposals, and automate quote generation and workflows. Everything needed to complete the buying process is included in one virtual DealRoom. DealHub centralizes buyer communications from opportunity to renewal, and connects everything you need to close the deal. Also included are the tools you need to analyze processes and buying behaviors that lead to revenue – everything you need to do empirically analyze processes and behaviors that lead to revenue achievement.