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Contract Management seamlessly integrates into the Sales workflow, enabling buyers and sellers to negotiate online and close deals faster.

Contract Redlining - Deal Negotiations Made Easy – the #1 CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Sales Proposal platform for B2B sales, announced the launch of DealHub Contract Redlining, redefining the way buyers and sellers interact during contract negotiations, in order to facilitate faster deal cycles. 

Contract Redlining - Deal Negotiations Made Easy

The company’s newly introduced capability seamlessly integrates contract management directly into the sales process. DealHub enables all relevant parties to gather within a collaborative digital DealRoom to review contracts and manage redlines while providing real-time status and visibility to all. Together with DealHub’s dynamic Contract Generation and Contract Repository, which enables re-use of previously amended agreements, DealHub implements a more streamlined and organized approach that minimizes delays throughout the entire contract management process.

“DealHub Contract Redlining is another example of how we continue to add innovation into the CPQ market,” said Eyal Elbahary, CEO of “This new functionality is the first in a series of new capabilities DealHub will be rolling out in the coming months to further increase the effectiveness of sales organizations to enhance the buyer experience and address the entire buyer journey with just a single platform.” 

DealHub Contract Redlining enhances the buyer’s experience by replacing a cumbersome negotiation process with an efficient digital environment. Contract Redlining ensures:

  • Process Efficiency – Reduced lag time waiting for contract revisions and approvals
  • Transparency – One point of digital collaboration, visible to all approved parties 
  • An Intuitive and Easy to Implement Interface – Within a collaborative DealHub environment
  • Customer Experience – Enhanced customer buying journey with faster response time

DealHub was recently recognized as a Sales Technology leader and innovator in the G2 40 Best Sales Tools for Sales.

See DealHub Contract Redlining in action – Watch the Webinar! 



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