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How CPQ Helps Dynamics Resellers Increase Revenue

Your customers face many challenges with their sales operations. They want to close more deals, improve the efficiency of their sales funnel, reduce the length of the sales cycle, and improve their use of technology.

CPQ Helps Dynamics Resellers Increase Revenue

As a Microsoft Dynamics reseller, you offer an outstanding CRM that addresses some of these challenges. But, there’s an opportunity to offer an even better solution: Microsoft Dynamics integrated with Configure-Price-Quote software (CPQ). When your customers can configure products, price them accurately, and generate quotes without ever having to leave Dynamics, their sales efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness will skyrocket.

When you can show your customers how Dynamics plus CPQ provides an all-in-one solution, your sales will take off, as well.

Let’s go back to the original set of challenges we listed above. Here’s how automating the price quotation process with CPQ software will help you and your customers.

CPQ Helps Dynamics Resellers Offer a Better Solution

Close More Deals

A CPQ with a sales playbook feature and pre-configured rules for pricing and discounting will help close deals easily. Guided selling enables sales reps to offer the right product or services for the buyer’s needs while triggering upgrades, up-sell, and cross-sell suggestions to increase deal size.

Companies that use CPQ saw a 48% greater revenue growth rate than companies without CPQ. (Aberdeen report 2017) There’s a lot to love about that.

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Improve the Efficiency of the Sales Funnel

Think of the time you’ll save when you manage the entire deal flow from within Microsoft Dynamics. A CPQ allows your reps to view the current stage of the quotes in their pipeline and determine the most recent action taken on each quote. With visibility into the status of their quotes, salespeople can identify bottlenecks and take action to move deals forward. CPQ software enriches the CRM with more complete and accurate customer data based on their engagement with sales proposals.

Reduce the Length of the Sales Cycle

CPQ helps you close deals faster. According to Aberdeen Research, companies that use a CPQ close deals 13x faster than those that don’t use a CPQ. It reduces administrative tasks and streamlines the sales process. Product offerings and pricing are updated on the back end so every sales rep works from the same information, using consistent pricing and discounting. No more wasting time using out-of-date spreadsheets. No more inaccurate quotes pulled from outdated pricing charts.

By using branded templates, reps will save time generating professional proposals. Sending proposals from Dynamics is effortless, and tracking them is even easier. You’ll know who has read the proposal and when to follow up.

Watch this video to learn more about CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales:

Improve the Use of Technology

SDRs use an average of 6 sales tools. Instead of adding another tool and burdening reps with additional administrative tasks, integrate Microsoft Dynamics and CPQ for a seamless experience that extends the value of Dynamics. Sales quotes can be sent from within Dynamics, which creates an enhanced experience for the buyer and a streamlined process for sales reps.

Using Microsoft Dynamics, integrated with a CPQ, empowers sales teams to improve their use of technology. Without ever having to leave Dynamics, sales reps can generate error-free quotes, track proposal workflows and approvals, and sync the data automatically to the CRM. Analytics gives insights into sales rep performance as well as the efficacy of pricing models and discounts for better forecasting, training, and decision-making.

If your customers are in an industry that requires complex pricing and quotes, such as those in the services, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries, CPQ picks up where MS Dynamics falls short. A CPQ helps generate complex pricing options, including subscriptions, leases, add-ons, and bundled pricing and enables a faster and more accurate quote-to-contract process.

DealHub CPQ + Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Gideon Thomas, VP of Marketing and Growth at DealHub attended Microsoft Inspire and met with many Microsoft Dynamics resellers to share the value of DealHub CPQ. He says, “DealHub fulfills Microsoft vision of providing a 360-degree view of the customer and aligns with a relationship-based sales approach. The unique value that brings to Microsoft Dynamics resellers and their customers is the new approach to CPQ, which focuses on ease-of-use and a better buyer experience.”

Gideon Thomas DealHub Microsoft Dynamics Resellers quote

One of the main features of DealHub CPQ is that every Price Quote can be sent out in a personalized Deal Room. The buyer has all the sales collateral they need centralized in one place, which not only enhances the buyer experience but contributes to greater efficiency and higher close rates.
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