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DealHub takes the top spot of high-trajectory CPQ vendors based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence is a leader in Salesforce CRM Document Generation on G2, the fastest-growing solution for CPQSales Proposals & Contract Management announced today that it has been named #1 in the G2 Momentum Grid® for CPQ, outperforming legacy solutions such as Salesforce, Apttus, PROS, Experlogix, IBM CPQ, and Oracle CPQ Express.

CPQ Momentum Grid Scoring

The G2 Momentum Grid®  highlights industry leaders who have demonstrated trending growth in the CPQ Market in the last year and also helps buyers discover solutions that are innovators in their field, have considerable influence on the market, and best fit their needs at scale. G2 provides unbiased user reviews and representation of the customer voice. 

“ has received the highest Momentum Grid Score in G2’s Fall 2019 Momentum Grid Report for CPQ,” said Kara Kennedy, Market Director, G2. “This high distinction is due to DealHub‘s reviewer satisfaction, coupled with an indication of year-over-year growth for key indicators such as company size, review growth, and web presence growth.”

“We are honored that G2 has recognized DeaHub as the leader in the CPQ industry,” said Eyal Elbahary, CEO & Founder. “DealHub strives to continually push the boundaries of innovation and drive a more effective, efficient and customer-centric sales approach. This acknowledgment from G2 shows that there is customer demand for a next-generation CPQ solution that is both easy to implement and use. With customer needs continuously changing, it is crucial for companies to adopt a constant momentum of innovation. Those service providers that are slow to evolve will have a difficult time keeping up with new and developing requirements.”

DealHub's G2 Profile

DealHub has also won multiple awards in various G2 Grid and Index reports for CPQ, including Easiest Set-Up in the Enterprise and Mid-Market Categories, Best Support in the Enterprise and Mid-Market Categories, and Best Usability in the Enterprise and Mid-Market Categories. In addition, DealHub has been acknowledged by G2 as leader in the Fall 2019 Contract Management Momentum Report, providing leading-edge capabilities like Contract Redlining to significantly reduce time to sign-off.

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DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

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