What is DealBox? 

DealBox is a centralized, secure location for all deal-related assets inside DealHub’s DealRoom digital sales room.

Like a virtual data room, DealBox empowers users to save and share supporting deal content and files beyond contractual documents, like presentations, videos, mockups, and more.

DealBox is a capability inside DealRoom that gives users the ability, and the place, to securely store deal-related information, content, and other supporting materials. DealBox offers secure file sharing and enables full control of creating, editing, and presenting materials. Only relevant materials will be viewable to users based on their permission level.

How DealBox and DealRoom Work Together

DealBox and DealRoom have transformed the B2B buyer experience, bringing sellers and prospective customers together in real-time.

A DealRoom is a personalized digital sales room that incorporates all the necessary technology, documents, and data needed to close deals. Functioning like a collaborative microsite, a branded DealRoom creates a deeper connection between buyer and seller.

DealRoom is a central repository for all contract-related files, including agreements, legal documents, etc. With the addition of DealBox, DealRoom now facilitates sharing other supporting documents, files, and materials associated with the deal and enables stakeholders to view, comment, download, and share materials. DealBox supports all file types like PDF, JPeg, PPTX, and MP4.

DealBox Capabilities Inside DealRoom

DealBox is a widget inside DealRoom that supports the following capabilities:

  • Add/delete files/directories
  • Set default files per DealRoom
  • Allow download
  • Add comments to files
  • Notify on actions (added, deleted, downloaded, etc.)
  • Audit the user’s actions

DealBox Permissions

In DealBox, permissions are created for the sellers and buyers. Only authenticated DealRoom users (not guests) can add files based on their permission level. Permissions can be configured to allow users to delete or upload files and comment on files.

When configuring DealBox, files can be set as unerasable in the published DealRoom and protected files can be locked.

Deal Tracking

DealBox makes closing deals easier, smarter, and faster. Buyer activities inside DealRoom and DealBox are tracked using DealStream buyer intent tracking. DealStream data helps sales reps strategically follow up with stakeholders and close deals confidently.

Why Sellers and Buyers Need DealBox

If you use online file hosting services like Google Drive and OneDrive, you may be able to share files and collaborate on them, but these services aren’t designed to protect your most sensitive personal and financial data. Once someone has accessed a shared document, you won’t know if they’ve read it, copied it, or deleted it.

DealBox is a secure online space where sales teams store confidential data relevant to a sales deal. It gives businesses control over the information shared with various stakeholders based on their permission level. Additionally, with the DealStream feature, sales teams receive buyer intent signals to help them close deals faster.

DealBox provides several benefits for buyers during the sales process. It helps reduce operational costs involved in reviewing sales proposal documentation and assets, increases the speed and efficiency of closing deals, and provides enhanced security of confidential deal information.