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Unboxing DealBox, the New Centralized, Secure Location for All Deal-Related Files 

We’re excited to announce a new feature. Fresh out of development is DealBox, a dedicated location for deal-related materials. Using DealBox, you can now save and share supporting content and files beyond legal or contractual, like presentations, videos, mockups, and more. 

DealHub customers know and love digital DealRooms, which have transformed the buyer experience, bringing sellers and customers together in real-time and providing a hub for important documents, from product and pricing to agreements and approvals. 

And now, there’s more! With the newly released DealBox, DealRoom users now have the ability, and the place, to securely store deal-related information, content, and other supporting materials, DealBox supports all file types like PDF, JPeg, PPTX, MP4 etc., except exe files, which aren’t supported within DealRoom. 

Built to save and share, DealBox enables full control of creating, editing, and presenting materials. Only relevant content will be viewable to users, depending on the level of permissions granted.

The DealBox widget provides the following functions:

  • Build DealBox templates: Define rule-based templates and set default files per DealRoom.
  • Protected files: Admins can set a file or folder to be “protected”, meaning that the file cannot be removed from the DealBox in live mode.
  • Enable uploads and downloads: Authenticated users (permission based) can create new files and folders.
  • Add comments to files: Using the button on the upper toolbar, permitted users can comment on single or multiple files.
  • Action notifications: DealRoom members can be notified of any actions within DealBox.
  • DealStream activities : DealBox will log all box-related actions such as file addition, deletion, or download, comments to files, and newly created or deleted directories.

DealHub’s DealRooms already provide real-time interactive content sharing and deal-management for all stakeholders involved. They’re also a single source of truth for any deal documents, like agreements, legal documents, etc. 

DealBox now facilitates storing and sharing other supporting documents, files, and materials associated with the deal, and enables various parties involved to view, comment on, and share materials. DealBox was designed to be dynamic and evolve as the market progresses.  

Using DealRoom, you’ve said goodbye to tracing emails, repeating discussions, and having to frequently update stakeholders. You’re accustomed to sharing and tracing legal and contractual documents on DealRoom, moving deals forward faster and easier. 

DealBox now opens a new venue for all supporting materials and content that is of interest to DealRoom members. Thanks to DealBox, DealRooms are now bigger and better, and provide a holistic digital customer experience, meeting both buyers and sellers’ needs.



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