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DealHub Introduces DealRoom for HubSpot CRM to Get Buyers and Sellers on the Same Page

The launch brings DealHub’s collaborative workspace to HubSpot CRM users

Austin/Boston, September 7th –, the leading Quote-to-Revenue Hub, today officially announced the launch of its Digital DealRoom for HubSpot CRM at the annual HubSpot INBOUND 2023 conference. DealRoom is a collaborative workspace where buyers and sellers seamlessly engage, streamline communications, and accelerate the deal process and buyer journey, all within the HubSpot ecosystem.

DealRoom enables sellers to orchestrate a comprehensive and strategic narrative that delivers buyers the most relevant, contextual content, at each stage of the buying journey. DealRoom enriches sales engagements, guides buyers to the next-best action, and enables the optimal self-serve ‘check-out’ experience.

“DealRoom has redefined and modernized the B2B buyer experience with a single source of truth, containing all the information needed to reach multi-stakeholder consensus,” stated Eyal Elbahary, CEO of DealHub. “Together with its ability to uncover previously unattainable Deal Insights and Buyer Intent, DealRoom has proven to take buyer-seller engagements and win-rates to an entirely new level.”

Fresh off the announcement of inclusion in Hubspot’s 20 Essential Apps for Sales, the launch of DealRoom for HubSpot is another indication of DealHub’s commitment to empowering HubSpot users with a frictionless quote-to-revenue process

Here’s how DealHub unifies the sales experience:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Dynamic and interactive multimedia content, with the ability for buyers and sellers to chat, ensuring a real-time interactive experience.
  • Collaborative Alignment: Mutual Action Plans facilitate the alignment of goals and real-time communication, ensuring a transparent and dynamic sales process.
  • Centralized Content Repository: Integrated DealBox provides a single source of truth for all deal-related content and materials, streamlining operations and increasing clarity.
  • Predictive Buyer Intent: DealStream delivers real-time buyer insights on deal progress and buyer sentiment, keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.
  • Unified Self-Checkout: Selectable quote options, Payment Gateways, online forms, and integrated eSignature, optimizing the complete deal closing process.
  • Next Best Buyer Actions: Proactive Buyer recommendations on optimal next steps facilitate faster decision-making and more insightful buying decisions. 

DealHub will be demonstrating the advanced capabilities of DealRoom in its booth at the INBOUND 2023 conference in Boston, Sept 6 to 8, 2023.

Interested in hearing more? Schedule a demo with our team of experts.

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DealHub Introduces DealRoom for HubSpot CRM to Get Buyers and Sellers on the Same Page

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