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How CPQ Can Power Your SKO and Propel Your 2023 Strategy

Getting ready for Sales Kickoff 2023? Consider a giveaway that keeps on giving. 

Equip your team with a tool that would make more than just a brief impression, and actually pave the road to your team’s lasting success.

A sales kickoff is the leading sales event, in which organizations announce their business strategy, and motivate their sales teams to work together to reach collaborative goals. Often, good SKO makes all the difference between surviving and thriving in the coming year. 

According to Gartner, though, 70% of sales pros don’t retain information from training for more than a week, and 87% will forget within a month. This means that if there’s no real takeaway aside from the giveaway, you just spent a small fortune on branded socks, with low expectation of any ROI.

We’re on the cusp of 2023, and yet, according to Copper/Outfunnel data, 1 in 3 B2B companies rely on manual sales processes. While CPQ solutions are commonly used, and, in fact, considered a new B2B must-have, they are often used separately from other sales tools, in a sales tech stack that’s already too cumbersome. So quotes still take hours (if not days) to generate, proposals are embarrassingly error-riddled, and deals require weeks and months to close. 

This year, align your strategy and goals with an agile CPQ that can get you there.  Like the idea of streamlined quote and approval workflows? How about automating the creation of always-current and accurate contract proposals, with all of the necessary legalese already included? Let an agile CPQ eliminate the manual administrative work that sales teams hate and get intelligent automation sales leaders love.


An agile CPQ can empower your team to send quotes out in 30 seconds, and increase sales productivity by 20% , as was the case with SourceScrub. It can also increase deal size by 15% and decrease proposal errors by 95% as it did for Sendoso

Agile CPQ is a solution combining three main strengths. Some CPQ solutions enable quote and pricing accuracy but require days to generate a quote. Others provide the ability to send quotes out very quickly, but they may not be as accurate or updated as they should. Some offer customization and a unique customer experience, but no solid automation. Only agile CPQ combines all three qualities: accuracy, speed, and experience in a single solution.  

We know what you’re thinking: that all sounds great, but there’s no time. Right? Wrong. Thanks to its low-code approach, a new-generation agile CPQ can be implemented in mere weeks.

Asure Software provides Human Capital Management software and services. The company sells more than 500 products to 80K customers around the world, and its large product catalog was a real challenge for its Sales team.

For one, account executives would spend nearly a year just familiarizing themselves with the catalog. During that first year, they would sell less than optimal product bundles, which did a disservice to clients and hurt Asure’s bottom line. By implementing agile CPQ and dynamic sales playbook, Asure reduced sales professionals training by 85% (!) and increased sales team productivity by 20%. 

Asure accomplished these impressive results in just six weeks. Soon after, the entire Sales team adopted the CPQ and now continues to use it for every sale, ensuring price quotes and product bundles are 100% accurate and fully standardized across the organization, maximizing the revenue generated from each deal.

Undoubtedly, you aim for results similar to those discussed above. Surely, you have a detailed strategy to lead your team to higher and better performance in 2023. You’ve done most of the work. All you need now is a tool that would do the rest of it for you. No fairydust, no magic wand, just a great CPQ to make your strategy a reality, and empower your team to work their magic. 

It’s not too late. Contact us to learn more about what agile CPQ can do for you.

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