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SourceScrub Uses Buyer Engagement Data & Close Deals Faster

The Challenge

SourceScrub found themselves in the fortunate position of having too many leads for their Account Executives (AEs) to properly handle. Most companies would solve this challenge by hiring more AEs to keep up with the demand, but SourceScrub’s leadership opted to attempt to streamline their internal sales process for their existing workforce. They identified quote and sales proposal creation as the part of the sales process that could be improved the most. 

Even with SourceScrub’s relatively simple pricing, AEs had been investing more than eight minutes to create a single sales proposal. And it took nearly as much time to revise it if any changes were needed. This process involved a variety of disconnected tools such as Salesforce for creating a quote, S-Docs for generating contract documents, and DocuSign for collecting e-signatures. Afterwards, the signed documents would have to be uploaded to their Salesforce CRM.

Given their high volume of leads, this manual and tedious process took a mental toll on AEs, consuming much of their time and distracting them from the primary goal of closing deals.

Since SourceScrub AEs were selling online, this introduced another challenge: once proposals were sent out, they had no visibility into buyer-side behavior. And without knowing what their buyers were doing and who the other stakeholders were, AEs found it difficult to forecast pipeline, prioritize sales opportunities, and know when to follow-up with leads – lengthening the sales cycle and affecting their ability to close. 

The Solution

In order to save valuable time and streamline the creation of quotes and sales proposals, SourceScrub needed a CPQ software, document generation, and contract management tool that would be simple to use, replace their current stack, and be enthusiastically adopted by every AE.

SourceScrub chose DealHub because it eliminates the need for their document-generation and e-Signature tools that didn’t speak to each other, and were also costly. In addition, they understood that DealHub CPQ is easy to configure and would help them scale their sales operations as the company continued to roll out new products, pricing changes, and product bundles.

SourceScrub also chose DealHub in order to leverage its DealStream data, which captures buyer engagement data after AEs send a sales proposal – such as real-time notifications about if and when a proposal was opened or forwarded, and who opened it. This enables AEs to sell more strategically and accelerate close deals faster.

The Results

SourceScrub AEs are now able to send quotes and quote revisions in just 30 seconds 94% faster than before they were using DealHub. This is because they no longer need to go through the laborious process of uploading and downloading documents from several disconnected products. They now enjoy one fluid sales motion.

In addition to simplifying and accelerating the sales process, this provides a better experience for buyers who expect fast response times. In turn, this increases AEs’ likelihood of closing a deal with them, and the speed at which they do so.

DealHub has lived up to its reputation as the easiest-to-use CPQ in the marketplace, having achieved 100% sales team adoption at SourceScrub.

Account Executives are also able to close more deals quickly thanks to their new DealStream data. Being able to identify relevant stakeholders after they send a sales proposal, or DealRoom,  provides additional intelligence and ammunition to close a deal. They can time their follow-ups perfectly for engaged buyers, and follow up more strategically with stalled opportunities. And of course, when deals close faster, AEs have more time to focus on new leads and generate more revenue.

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By the Numbers

94 %
reduction in time to send quote
90 %
reduction in time to revise quotes
100 %
of sales team adoption

DealHub makes for one fluid sales motion. It saves time and money, and increases the productivity and efficiency of our sales team.

Michael Nguyen, Senior Manager of Sales Operation, SourceScrub