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Today In RevOps History: DealHub Debuts “50 Seconds of Flow”

Revenue Operations leaders are striving to deliver a process that results in frictionless selling – a sales process that creates intuitive and convenient experiences for both buyers and sellers. A seamless sales motion makes it easy to collaborate throughout all the sales stages, resulting in faster consensus around deal-closing.

one fluid sales motion for RevOps community

DealHub has arrived at this realization after spending over 12 months interviewing some of the most influential and innovative RevOps leaders and listening to their priorities. The common themes of enabling sales teams, collaborating, and connecting and transforming processes are best expressed as a horizontally connected revenue workflow.  

Today, we’re launching a video that expresses our passion for providing sales and revenue leaders with “one fluid sales motion”. We decided to take a creative approach in explaining the evolution of common RevOps challenges by featuring Kapital, a UK-based rapper, to explain their solutions, and how the DealHub platform can empower teams to deliver one fluid sales motion. 

An exclusive look into our creative process 

We chose a music video as our medium of choice for articulating the challenges faced by RevOps leaders and how DealHub can help overcome them. We took our tagline, “One Fluid Sales Motion”, and chose to relay our message by having professional rapper Kapital communicate our vision with a rap song titled “50 Seconds of Flow”.

Kapital is a Manchester-based rapper and cofounding member of Icon-X Entertainment. He has performed with artists such as Snoop Dogg and DMX, and has received the “Mixtape of the Week” award from BBC 1Xtra.

With this talented rapper locked in, we decided to set this music video to the backdrop of a cityscape. We wanted the setting to showcase the type of workplaces where our customers use this software on a daily basis. To champion the RevOps community and their strategic influence in sales operations, we wrote lyrics to express the unique challenges RevOps leaders often face. 


Let me show you what we do – take a glimpse of the future 
Business always works better when the systems are smoother
Might as well wear a cape ‘cause the difference is super 
Sit back, we’ll take the wheel, like a trip in an Uber

So strap up, choose your lane, but we don’t do the same 
With Revenue Amplification the rules have changed
Whether money or saving time is the main priority
We deliver with ease, you don’t believe, well follow me

Listen, we don’t do all them messy deals 
The sales motion is as fluid as Messi’s skills
The platform is new and unique
Have a go, use for a week, I bet you choose to repeat

Efficiency is key the mission is to see
Sales opportunities grow – no more fishing in the sea
We’ll take you from a YOU and turn you to a WE
Unlocking revenue without turning a key

Let’s rev up a gear
You wanna reach your business peak, the level is here
With the remote ability, growth, stability
With one fluid motion the mission is clear

One fluid motion – easy

RevOps leaders struggle to deliver a frictionless sales process

RevOps leaders are crucial to the success of modern selling because they are responsible for selecting and managing sales technologies for their sales teams. Although Revenue Operations is a relatively new role that’s still evolving, RevOps leaders must be the strategic voice within their company.

But here’s the roadblock they’re facing on a daily basis: a disconnected sales workflow that makes it difficult for sales teams to do their jobs efficiently, and with as little administrative oversight as possible.

In our interviews with more than 50 sales and RevOps leaders on our RevAmp Podcast, and through data gleaned from our 2021 Benchmark Report for Revenue Leaders, it has become clear that creating one fluid sales motion – a smooth, accurate, and efficient sales processes – is paramount to unlocking revenue.

How DealHub enables companies to deliver one fluid sales motion

“One fluid sales motion” is our unique approach to removing friction throughout the sales process. With DealHub, our unified platform streamlines sales processes so teams can easily connect price quotes, contracts and subscription management into a single automated workflow.

DealHub delivers one fluid sales motion

Organizations use DealHub to empower sales teams with the following built-in capabilities:

  • CPQ: With DealHub CPQ, sales teams can quickly and accurately create quotes for even the most complex deals, without additional coding required. An integrated sales playbook enables salespeople to sell strategically, while automated approval workflows accelerate approvals to move deals forward in a timely manner. 
  • Contract Management: Sales teams can easily create standardized contracts and documents to ensure accuracy and compliance, and facilitate a frictionless deal-negotiation process. Reps can quickly generate documents, and contract redlining allows for quick changes to contracts. In addition, secure contract storage provides easy retrieval and review of existing and previous contracts. And because DealHub syncs with your CRM, all deal details are automatically synced between systems.
  • Subscription Management: DealHub automates renewal opportunities, uncovers upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and makes it easier for multiple departments – from sales to account management to customer success – to manage subscriptions and expand revenue
  • DealRoom: DealHub provides a single digital workplace for all key stakeholders and sales reps to collaborate and move deals forwards. Sellers may customize the DealRoom for each customer, including pricing, product summaries, and sales collateral. Additionally, automated approval workflows and integrated eSign makes it quick and easy for stakeholders to sign off on contracts.

Enable your sales reps and deliver one fluid sales motion

We were blown away by Kapital’s artistic vision in bringing to life our concept of “one fluid sales motion”. Just as his passion is music, we’re passionate about helping our customers create a frictionless sales process.

With that being said, it is critical to provide your sales organization with the necessary information, tools, and technology in order to offer the best buyer and seller experience and establish a frictionless sales process. 

With DealHub, B2B sales teams can provide a modern selling experience and an innovative buying experience, and achieve quicker revenue growth, through the deployment of one fluid sales motion.

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One Fluid Revenue Motion


one fluid sales motion for RevOps community

Today In RevOps History: DealHub Debuts “50 Seconds of Flow”

Sales enablement with DealHub

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