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How to Enable Your Sales Team With a Frictionless Sales Process

Sales enablement is crucial if your sales team is to achieve a high level of performance. Sales leaders are responsible for providing their sales organization with the information and tools that will help them make sales, generate revenue, and build close customer relationships. This includes ensuring new reps are onboarded and fully ramped up in a timely and efficient manner. 

Sales enablement with DealHub

By definition, enablement is what provides the means for any team to realize their goals – and it begins with onboarding. Businesses that provide sales reps with proper onboarding report that 85% of their sales reps become top performers within 11 months. When they don’t, only 68% of their sales reps become top performers within 11 months.

By delivering an effective onboarding process, you can enable your reps to hit the ground running and achieve faster time to revenue. And it is by empowering them with the right tools and technology that you can create a smooth and efficient sales process that enables sales reps to thrive.

3 ways DealHub helps you deliver one fluid sales motion 

DealHub is a unified platform that connects every stage of the sales lifecycle and enables sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently. A better-equipped sales team can deliver a frictionless sales process using a guided selling playbook, which enables reps to focus on selling. With DealHub, you can create personalized and fully customizable DealRooms to streamline communication and offer your customers a superior buyer experience. Automate approval workflows to speed up time to revenue, and more. 

DealHub's platform delivers one fluid sales motion for sales enablement

1. Guided selling speeds up the B2B sales process

Built into DealHub’s CPQ, a guided selling playbook enables sales reps, whether new or experienced, to sell in line with your business’ sales strategy and facilitate the best product, pricing and discounting decisions. Guided selling reduces the amount of time it takes new sales reps to ramp up and become top performers. 

Guided selling also curtails errors, as it leads sales reps through a guided and intuitive question-based flow that eliminates the opportunity to make mistakes and miss important details.

Furthermore, guided selling allows sales reps to send proposals in minutes, not hours or days. According to our 2021 Benchmark Report for Revenue Leaders, 84% of small businesses and 43% of enterprise organizations with a CPQ are able to send accurate price quotes within 30 minutes. On average, both SMB and enterprise businesses using CPQ are able to create and send accurate price quotes within eight minutes.

Sales enablement customer quote

2. A DealRoom streamlines buyer/seller communications

Collaborate with buyers in one digital location with a DealRoom. The DealRoom has built-in functionalities and tools to help sales reps close deals faster and provides one source of truth for pricing and deal details. Contract management and legal redlining can be edited and refined by customers within the DealRoom, further streamlining the sales process. And integrated eSign guarantees that all the necessary signatures are collected as quickly as possible and with the least amount of friction. 

With a DealRoom, sales teams can avoid unnecessary meetings and email chains. It also guarantees that all sellers and stakeholders have access to all the same information and tools related to the deal. 

Create a fully customizable and branded DealRoom for each of your unique customers to provide them with an interactive and dynamic content-sharing experience to close deals faster and more effectively. 

Based on our analysis of 193,000 deals conducted via the DealHub platform, resulted in a sales win rate increase of up to three times more when using a DealRoom. 

3. Automated approval workflows accelerate time to revenue

The final stage of a deal is often what slows it down. With approval workflows, different aspects and stages of the deal must be approved by the appropriate department (e.g. legal or finance) before being sent back to the sales rep. Automated approval workflows accelerate the process, reduce lag time, and decrease time to revenue. They also cut down unnecessary back-and-forth communication and allow for parallel approval workflows to achieve simultaneous approvals from different parties. 

For example, a sales rep may need approval from two different people. If someone does not approve, once revised, it will be sent again to both people. Approval workflows can be set up based on your own dependencies and variables. 

How Sendoso delivers one fluid sales motion with DealHub 

Before DealHub, Sendoso had difficulty scaling deals and sending accurate quotes quickly.

After adopting DealHub, Sendoso is able to create sales proposals in less than ten minutes and provide their customers with a better buying experience. Additionally, contract and subscription management automates tasks that were often filled with errors or took a long time to complete. They also grew their average deal size by 15%.

Enable your sales team with one fluid sales motion

To provide your sales organization with the best experience and create a frictionless sales process, it’s vital to equip them with the right information, tools and technology.

DealHub supports B2B sales teams to achieve faster revenue growth and close bigger deals in one fluid revenue motion.

DealHub can create one fluid sales motion for your sales team.
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Sales enablement with DealHub

How to Enable Your Sales Team With a Frictionless Sales Process