Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour

The Salesforce World Tour was first launched in 2014 in New York City, driven by a desire to bring the power of Salesforce’s ecosystem to various regions worldwide. This global initiative was designed to create an opportunity for Salesforce users, partners, customers, and the surrounding community to come together, share ideas, and learn from one another, all while staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the Salesforce platform.

Since its inception, the Salesforce World Tour has evolved into a premier event series, attracting thousands of participants and vendors and showcasing innovative solutions that transform businesses across the globe.

Over the years, the Salesforce World Tour has expanded its reach, connecting with diverse Salesforce, Slack, MuleSoft, Tableau and countless other Salesforce app customers, leaders, and innovators. These events have served as a knowledge-sharing platform, enabling participants to learn from one another’s experiences and explore new ways to drive business success.

2020—when the global pandemic forced a shift towards virtual events—marked a significant milestone in the Salesforce World Tour’s evolution. This transition allowed Salesforce to reimagine the event experience, ultimately leading to the creation of Salesforce+, the streaming service that now delivers the Salesforce World Tour events live to a global audience.

As the Salesforce World Tour continues to grow and evolve, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower Trailblazers across the globe. It helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities in an increasingly connected world by providing a platform for networking, learning, and innovation.

What is Salesforce World Tour?

The Salesforce World Tour is a global event series that brings together the vibrant Salesforce community, including customers, partners, employees, and Trailblazers, to engage in a day of learning, networking, and innovation. It showcases trailblazing customer success stories, offers transformative learning experiences, and fosters inspiring conversations around today’s business challenges.

The Salesforce World Tour’s target audience encompasses professionals from various industries, roles, and levels of expertise—Salesforce users, administrators, developers, consultants, business leaders, and anyone interested in discovering the full potential of the Salesforce platform. It is especially valuable for those looking to leverage the power of Salesforce to drive digital transformation and business growth in the new work-from-anywhere world.

The Salesforce World Tour adopts a dynamic format that caters to diverse learning preferences and objectives. Attendees can expect a combination of thought-provoking keynotes delivered by industry experts, interactive workshops led by Salesforce professionals, and panel discussions featuring trailblazing customers.

These sessions cover a wide range of topics, such as CRM best practices, data-driven decision-making, AI-powered innovation, and customer-centric strategies, providing attendees with the tools and insights needed to excel in their respective fields.

In addition to the educational components, the Salesforce World Tour offers ample networking opportunities, enabling attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and form valuable relationships. It also features product and technology vendors, which provide real-world applications for the Salesforce platform and equip attendees with the resources needed to stay competitive in rapidly changing markets.

When and where is Salesforce World Tour?

Salesforce World Tour 2023 is taking place in six major cities around the world, offering attendees an opportunity to engage with the Salesforce community in their region.

Here is the schedule for each of the events:

  1. World Tour Sydney: March 1, 2023, Sydney’s Darling Harbour.
  2. World Tour Washington, D.C.: April 19, 2023, Walter E. Washington Convention Center
  3. World Tour NYC: May 4, 2023, Javits Center.
  4. World Tour Paris: May 16, 2023, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.
  5. World Tour London: June 29, 2023, location TBD.
  6. World Tour Tokyo: November 28-29, 2023, location TBD

Most events will take place between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM in their respective time zones. Each event will showcase a unique combination of local and global perspectives, celebrating the rich diversity of the Salesforce community.

Participants can expect a day filled with inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities designed to help them navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and drive success in the new work-from-anywhere world.

All events will also be broadcast live on Salesforce+.

See the Events Overview page of the Salesforce website for more information.

Who goes to Salesforce World Tour?

The Salesforce World Tour attracts a diverse audience from various industries, backgrounds, and roles. Some of the most common attendee profiles include:

Salesforce Users and Administrators

Salesforce users and administrators form a significant portion of the event’s attendees. These individuals manage Salesforce solutions within their organizations and are interested in deepening their understanding of the platform’s capabilities. By attending the Salesforce World Tour, they can learn best practices, discover new features, and gain valuable insights to optimize their Salesforce implementations.

Business Leaders and Decision-Makers

Business leaders and decision-makers, including C-level executives, directors, and managers, attend the Salesforce World Tour to explore how the platform can drive growth and digital transformation for their organizations.

They participate in the event to learn about the latest industry trends, customer success stories, and innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

They use this knowledge to make forward-thinking decisions about their organization’s CRM strategy and investments.

Salesforce Developers and Consultants

Salesforce developers and consultants create custom solutions, integrations, and applications using the Salesforce platform. They attend the Salesforce World Tour to stay updated on the latest platform enhancements, connect with other developers, and learn about best practices in development and consulting.

The event allows them to enhance their technical skills and broaden their professional network. They can also use the event as a prospecting opportunity to find new clients.


Salesforce Trailblazers are passionate community members who use the platform to help their organizations succeed.

They attend Salesforce World Tour events to network with other trailblazers, learn new techniques and strategies for using the platform, and get inspired by success stories from other users.

Leaders from companies that use Salesforce can also learn new ways to leverage the platform and incorporate it into their workflow and data management strategies.

Salesforce Partners and ISVs

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and Salesforce partners attend the Salesforce World Tour to showcase their products, build relationships, and collaborate with other members of the Salesforce ecosystem.

They can also gain insights into the platform’s strategic direction and learn about opportunities for growth and innovation within the Salesforce partner ecosystem.

Prospective Salesforce Customers

Organizations considering the adoption of Salesforce or exploring the possibility of migrating to the platform also attend the Salesforce World Tour.

They can engage with existing customers, partners, and Salesforce professionals to learn about the platform’s benefits, capabilities, and success stories.

This information helps them assess whether Salesforce fits their organization and identify the most suitable solutions for their specific needs.

What’s on the Agenda at Salesforce World Tour? What can you expect?

To encompass Salesforce, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau, Salesforce World Tour offers a wide range of sessions and activities, even though the event lasts just one day.

The Salesforce World Tour offers a diverse and dynamic agenda that caters to various interests, learning preferences, and goals.

While the specific schedule may vary from one venue to another, attendees can expect a combination of engaging sessions, interactive activities, and networking opportunities. Here’s an overview of the typical events at the Salesforce World Tour:

Salesforce Main Keynote

The event kicks off with a main keynote address, often delivered by a high-profile Salesforce executive or industry expert. The keynote sets the stage for the day, highlighting the latest trends, innovations, and success stories in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Expert-Led Sessions

With over 250 expert-led sessions, attendees can dive deep into a wide range of topics, such as CRM best practices, data-driven decision-making, AI-powered innovation, and customer-centric strategies. These sessions cater to various roles and expertise levels, ensuring that every participant can find content relevant to their interests.

Product Demos and Exposés

The Salesforce World Tour features more than 40 product demos, offering attendees a hands-on experience with the latest Salesforce solutions and partner offerings.

Participants can explore new tools, integrations, and applications on the Salesforce AppExchange that can help drive business success and digital transformation within their organizations.

Attendees can expect heavy coverage of Salesforce’s new industry-leading products and services including:

  • Einstein AI
  • Salesforce Shield
  • Lightning Flow Builder
  • Appexchange Pro
  • Salesforce Anywhere

Sales Keynote

A dedicated sales keynote session provides insights, strategies, and best practices for sales professionals seeking to maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform. This session covers topics such as pipeline management, forecasting, and customer engagement.

Slack Frontier Experience

As part of the Slack Frontier Experience, attendees can participate in over 20 Slack-focused sessions, engage in product demos, and schedule 1:1 meetings with Slack experts.

The event also features Slack customer showcases and hands-on productivity workshops, providing a comprehensive look at the ways Slack can enhance team collaboration and efficiency.

IT Exploratorium Experience

The IT Exploratorium Experience offers diverse activities tailored to IT professionals and data experts.

This includes an IT and Data Keynote, IT Leader Talks and Roundtables, product demos and activations, hands-on workshops with IT experts, IT customer showcases, and networking experiences with IT leaders.

Networking Events

Attendees can take advantage of various networking opportunities throughout the day, connecting with fellow Salesforce users, partners, customers, and industry experts.

These events foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and relationship building within the Salesforce community.

Salesforce Genie and Customer 360

During Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce launched Salesforce Genie, a real-time personalization platform designed to connect, engage, and deliver highly customized experiences to your customers and prospects.

The Salesforce World Tour will include a comprehensive exploration of Salesforce Genie, its features, and its integration with the Customer 360 suite of Salesforce tools.

Attendees can expect the following at the event:

  • Detailed presentations on the capabilities of Salesforce Genie and its role in the Customer 360 suite.
  • Live demos of Salesforce Genie, showcasing its features and real-world applications.
  • On-site product experts available to answer questions specific to your unique business needs and help you understand how Salesforce Genie can enhance your customer engagement strategy.
  • Interactive discussions and workshops focusing on best practices for using Salesforce Genie and Customer 360 to create personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce also has many dedicated demos and sessions for its Customer 360 suite, exploring the ways this set of integrated tools can help businesses deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Streaming on Salesforce+

In addition to regular programming, Salesforce+ streaming offers exclusive Salesforce Today sessions devoted to various industries, including financial services, retail, nonprofit, and more.

While streaming the event, virtual attendees can still connect and engage with the Salesforce community.

Salesforce+ offers interactive features that allow participants to ask questions, share insights, and network with fellow attendees, ensuring they don’t miss out on the valuable connections and collaboration opportunities that are a hallmark of the Salesforce World Tour.

Dos & Don’ts at Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour is a rewarding experience for attendees, but getting the most out of it requires some ahead-of-time preparation.

Here are some practical tips for making the most of the Salesforce World Tour:

Packing Tips

  • Wear comfortable, business casual attire, considering the dress code and the possibility of varying temperatures at the venue.
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater for extra comfort during sessions.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Pack essentials like your phone charger, power bank, and any necessary adapters.
  • Bring business cards, a notebook, and a pen for taking notes during sessions and networking with others.

Travel Tips

  • Arrive early to avoid long registration lines and secure a good seat for the keynote session.
  • If you’re traveling from out of town, book accommodations close to the event venue to minimize commute times.
  • Research public transportation options, including nearby bus and train stations, to streamline your journey to the event.
  • Locate nearby parking facilities in advance and reserve a spot, if possible, to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Download local transportation apps to help navigate public transit and find the most efficient routes.

Preparation Tips for a Virtual Experience

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection for seamless streaming.
  • Set up a quiet, comfortable space free from distractions to focus on the sessions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Salesforce+ platform ahead of time to navigate virtual sessions easily.
  • Test your audio and video capabilities before the event starts to avoid technical issues.
  • Create a schedule of the sessions you want to attend and set reminders to stay on track throughout the day.

Session Booking Tips

  • Review the agenda ahead of time and identify the sessions most relevant to your interests and goals.
  • Some sessions may have limited capacity, so book your spot in advance if possible.
  • Allow for breaks in your schedule to recharge and network with other attendees.
  • Be prepared to adjust your schedule if there are any last-minute changes or cancellations.
  • Take note of any prerequisites or required materials for specific sessions.


  • Keep an eye on the event website and social media channels for updates on any pre- or post-event parties organized by Salesforce or its partners. Your organization may already be privately invited to some.
  • RSVP for parties to secure your spot, as some events may have limited capacity.
  • Attend parties with a networking mindset, ready to engage with fellow attendees in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Be respectful of party etiquette and dress codes, if applicable.

Networking Tips at Salesforce World Tour

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the event, such as during breaks, lunch, and designated networking sessions.
  • Approach conversations with curiosity and an open mind, aiming to learn from others and share your own experiences.
  • Don’t forget to exchange business cards or connect on social media platforms to maintain relationships built during the event.
  • Prepare a brief introduction about yourself and your organization to facilitate smooth networking interactions.
  • Consider using the Salesforce event app, if available, to discover and connect with like-minded attendees and join event-specific discussion groups.

Where can I learn more about Salesforce World Tour?

To learn more about the Salesforce World Tour and stay updated on event details, explore the following resources:

  1. Official Website: Visit the Salesforce Events website for comprehensive information about the event, including the agenda, registration, venue details, and more.
  2. Social Media Channels: Follow Salesforce on social media platforms like Twitter (@Salesforce, @SalesforceNews, @SalesforceLive) and LinkedIn for regular updates, announcements, and behind-the-scenes content related to the event.
  3. Salesforce Blog: The Salesforce blog offers insights, news, and updates on Salesforce products and events, including the World Tour and residually related topics. Subscribe to the blog to receive notifications on the latest posts.
  4. Salesforce Community: Engage with the Salesforce community by joining the Trailblazer Community and participating in discussion groups, asking questions, and sharing your experiences related to the Salesforce World Tour and other events.
  5. Event App: Download the Salesforce Event app on the App Store or Google Play for easy access to the agenda, personalized schedules, event maps, and networking opportunities with fellow attendees.

Success Stories at Salesforce World Tour

The Salesforce World Tour is full of success stories highlighting the value of the Salesforce platform and its impact on organizations around the world.

Here are a few:

1. Currys’ Blended Strategy

Currys has successfully implemented Salesforce to create a seamless integration of physical and digital customer experiences, known as a ‘phygital’ approach.

This strategy not only streamlines business operations and connects legacy systems but also equips in-store staff with the necessary tools to provide outstanding customer support.

To explore this case study further, view the 11-minute keynote demo here.

2. Evaldas Zaranka’s Inspiring Journey

Salesforce World Tour offers a platform for sharing motivational stories, like the one of Evaldas Zaranka (Salesforce Administrator, Just Eat), who received the prestigious Golden Hoodie.

Zaranka’s tale highlights the power of perseverance, dedication, and relentless effort in achieving success within the Salesforce community.

Discover Evaldas Zaranka’s story and be inspired by his remarkable achievements.

3. Millie Knight’s Lessons on Fostering a Brave Culture

Paralympic skiing champion Millie Knight presented a dialog, “Learn from a Paralympian: Building a Fearless Culture,” emphasizing the significance of confidence and open communication within a team.

Knight’s valuable insights apply across various aspects of life, including professional and personal settings.

Through Knight’s talk, participants gained a deeper understanding of creating a courageous environment within their organizations.

4. Slack: The Evolution of Digital Headquarters

Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack in 2020 for $27.7B led to the ongoing development of the “Digital HQ,” a unified online space for data, operations, conversations, and collaborations.

Deloitte Digital’s case study illustrates how Slack can eliminate silos, encourage adaptability, and create a transparent work environment that empowers teams, irrespective of their location.

To learn more about Slack’s capabilities and its role in enhancing collaboration and automation, watch the Salesforce+ presentation hosted by Stuart Templeton (Head of UKI Sales, Slack, Salesforce).

How to Register for Salesforce World Tour, 2023

To ensure a smooth registration process for the Salesforce World Tour, 2023, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Visit the Official Website. Navigate to the Salesforce Events page and select the event location you wish to attend.
  2. Review Event Details. Explore the event page to find details on the agenda, venue, date, and other important information. Make sure to review any deadlines or requirements specific to the event.
  3. Click to Register for Free. Once you’re ready to register, click the “Register” button on the event page. You’ll be redirected to the registration form.
  4. Complete the Registration Form. Fill out the registration form with your personal and professional information, such as name, email address, company, job title, and any other required details. Be sure to double-check your information for accuracy.
  5. Pricing and Payment. Depending on the event location, there might be a registration fee. If applicable, provide your payment information and choose your preferred payment method. Review any available discounts or promotions, such as early bird pricing, group discounts, or special offers for Salesforce customers or partners.
  6. Agree to Terms and Conditions. Read and agree to the event’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other legal requirements.
  7. Submit Your Registration. Once you’ve completed the form and agreed to the terms, click “Submit” to finalize your registration. You should receive a confirmation email with further details, including your registration number and a link to access the event (if attending virtually).
  8. Stay Informed. Monitor your email and the Salesforce World Tour website for updates, agenda changes, and other event-related information. Download the Events app to enhance your event experience and stay connected with other attendees.

People Also Ask

Will MuleSoft CONNECT happen in 2023?

MuleSoft CONNECT will be a part of the Salesforce World Tour NYC in 2023. The official agenda for MuleSoft-related sessions and activities will be announced closer to the event. Attendees can expect plenty of MuleSoft experiences in the IT Exploratorium and main Campground.

Will Slack Frontiers Happen in 2023?

Slack Frontiers is one of the biggest elements of the Salesforce World Tour. It offers attendees a chance to learn about the latest features of Slack within Salesforce and hear from industry experts on how to use these tools for business success. Attendees can also experience hands-on product demos and find out more about building integrations with Salesforce.

What is included in a Salesforce World Tour ticket?

A Salesforce World Tour ticket covers admission to the event, access to breakout sessions, keynotes, hands-on training workshops, networking opportunities with fellow attendees, and a variety of other events related to Salesforce products and technologies.

What are the Salesforce World Tour COVID-19 health and safety measures?

At the Salesforce World Tour, 2023, event planners and venue personnel are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all attendees. They will follow all local health and safety guidelines in accordance with WHO recommendations. As of now, there are no mandatory mask requirements or proof-of-vaccination policies.

Do Salesforce World Tour events have a code of conduct?

Salesforce World Tour (and all other Salesforce events) have a code of conduct that all attendees, speakers, and personnel must abide by. You can view the full code of conduct here.

Are Salesforce World Tour experiences open to international travelers?

Yes, Salesforce World Tour experiences are open to international travelers. However, we recommend that all attendees familiarize themselves with the local travel restrictions and advisories before attending any Salesforce World Tour event. Make sure to bring your passport and visa (if applicable) when traveling outside of your home country.

What is Salesforce+?

Salesforce+ is a novel streaming platform that offers prime access to select World Tour NYC episodes, along with unlimited viewing of Salesforce’s original content. Enjoy insightful presentations from industry leaders, customer success narratives, and trailblazing innovations from any location. The membership is complimentary, user-friendly, and open to all.