SaaStr Annual

From its humble beginnings as a WordPress blog in 2012, SaaStr has grown into a global force, offering a variety of resources such as meet-ups, podcasts, coworking spaces, and even an affiliated venture fund.

Created by Jason Lemkin, SaaStr was inspired by his journey of scaling a SaaS business (EchoSign) to $100 million ARR. His initial goal to share his experiences expanded into a broader ambition: to help SaaS executives and founders achieve success with less stress.

Consequently, SaaStr has gained accolades from Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Business Insider for its impact on the entrepreneurial community.

Over the years, SaaStr has expanded its reach beyond the flagship Annual conference in the San Francisco Bay Area (started in 2015), which attracts over 15,000 attendees every February. SaaStr Europa, held in Paris each June, brings together an additional 3,000 SaaS professionals and venture capitalists.

Alongside these events, SaaStr offers a wealth of resources, such as the SaaStr Pro learning management system for SaaS founders, launched in 2018, and a highly-regarded podcast that began in 2016.

As the SaaS industry continues to evolve, the SaaStr Annual conference remains essential for those seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Through unparalleled content, networking opportunities, and a global community, SaaStr Annual empowers its attendees to learn, grow, and succeed in the ever-changing world of SaaS.

What is SaaStr Annual?

SaaStr Annual, the world’s largest B2B software conference, brings together thousands of executives, founders, and entrepreneurs from the SaaS industry to share insights, network, and foster growth.

Established in 2015, the conference has become a cornerstone of the SaaS community, offering attendees the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and connect with like-minded professionals.

The target audience comprises professionals from various roles within the sales world, such as CEOs, sales leaders, product managers, and investors.

The importance of SaaStr Annual lies in its ability to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among SaaS leaders. It offers a platform for industry experts to present their ideas, discuss emerging trends, and share valuable lessons learned from their experiences. 

With a rich lineup of keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, attendees can expect to gain practical insights and actionable advice to take their businesses to the next level.

By attending SaaStr Annual, participants have the opportunity to expand their networks, explore new partnerships, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow professionals in the SaaS community. The event not only fosters learning and growth but also serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of SaaS.

When and where is SaaStr Annual?

The 9th SaaStr Annual conference is scheduled for September 6th-8th in the San Francisco Bay Area. The three-day event will be hosted at the San Mateo County Events Center.

This versatile and spacious venue boasts a wide range of facilities and amenities to accommodate the festival-style atmosphere of the conference.

During the event, attendees can look forward to hundreds of workshops and thousands of mentoring sessions, all designed to provide valuable insights and guidance for SaaS professionals.

The San Mateo County Events Center, with its modern facilities and flexible spaces, serves as the perfect backdrop for this dynamic and engaging event, where participants can learn, network, and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of SaaS.

For those who can’t make it, the conference will also be available for viewing online. Through the live stream, viewers can stay up-to-date with all of the latest SaaS news and gain exclusive access to keynote speakers and panel discussions.

Who goes to SaaStr Annual?

SaaStr Annual attracts a diverse audience of professionals from the SaaS community and beyond. Attendees typically come from various industries and hold a range of job titles, making the event an ideal networking platform for those in the software and technology sectors. 

Some common demographics include:

  1. SaaS executives and founders: CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, and other high-level executives attend the event to learn about the latest trends, discover new growth strategies, and gain insights from industry leaders. These
  2. Sales and marketing professionals: Sales leaders, marketing managers, and business development experts attend SaaStr Annual to stay up-to-date on best practices, explore new tools and techniques, and refine their skills in the competitive SaaS landscape.
  3. Product managers and developers: Those responsible for building and refining SaaS products benefit from attending the event, as they can learn from successful case studies, explore new technologies, and engage with other professionals to improve their products and processes.
  4. Investors and venture capitalists: SaaStr Annual offers investors an opportunity to identify promising SaaS companies, connect with potential partners, and stay informed about emerging trends in the industry.
  5. Customer success and support professionals: Attendees in these roles can gain insights on best practices for customer retention, satisfaction, and advocacy, helping them improve their customer experience strategies and ensure long-term success.

C-suite executives, sales leaders, and SaaS industry veterans are also the kinds of people who are invited to the conference as keynote speakers, giving attendees the opportunity to benefit from their experience and knowledge.

What’s on the agenda at SaaStr Annual? What can you expect?

SaaStr Annual offers an exciting and diverse agenda, designed to provide attendees with a wealth of learning opportunities and networking experiences.

This year, SaaStr Annual promises an even more exciting experience for attendees. Embracing a “festival-style” format, the event will be held both outdoors and indoors, ensuring a unique and dynamic atmosphere for participants.

On the agenda for this year’s conference:

  • 2,000+ networking sessions: Attendees can connect with peers, mentors, and potential partners in numerous networking events, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of ideas.
  • 1,000+ VCs and investors: SaaStr Annual provides a platform for participants to meet and pitch to venture capitalists and investors, opening doors to new growth opportunities.
  • 300+ speakers: The event will feature an impressive lineup of speakers from the world’s leading SaaS companies, offering invaluable insights and perspectives on the industry’s latest trends and strategies.
  • 150+ deep-dives, workshops, and classes: With a wealth of educational sessions, attendees can explore a range of topics, from hands-on workshops to in-depth discussions, ensuring they acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the SaaS landscape.

With a packed schedule and a vibrant, festival-style atmosphere, this year’s SaaStr Annual promises to be an unforgettable experience for SaaS professionals looking to learn, connect, and grow.

And with a successful track record from last year’s event, attendees can expect a range of engaging sessions and activities, including:

Keynote Speeches

Industry leaders and SaaS experts will share their experiences, insights, and perspectives on the latest trends and strategies in the field.

Past keynote speakers include:

Jason Lemkin also makes an annual appearance to bring his wealth of SaaS industry knowledge and insights to the event.

Keynote speakers deliver unique macro perspectives on the SaaS industry, inspiring attendees and giving them actionable advice they can apply to their own businesses.

Panel Discussions

Interactive panels will bring together experts to discuss various topics and facilitate meaningful conversations, allowing attendees to gain in-depth understanding of specific areas of interest.

Topics that are usually the subject of discussion include:

  • Building a successful SaaS product and scaling it
  • Leveraging data to optimize customer experience
  • Developing a customer retention strategy
  • Managing operations efficiently and effectively
  • Operating and scaling a business in the age of digital transformation

Breakout Sessions

These smaller, focused sessions will cover a wide array of topics, providing attendees the opportunity to delve into the specific areas that are most relevant to their roles and businesses.

The main purpose of breakout sessions is to provide attendees with a platform to discuss, share experiences, and learn from each other.

The topics of these sessions range from understanding customer preferences and developing marketing strategies to improving efficiency and growth hacking.

Networking Events

Attendees can make valuable connections with peers, mentors, and potential partners through various networking activities.

Last year, 12,750 mentorship connections were made, and 1,931 Braindates and mentorship sessions were hosted.

Diverse Speakers

With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, SaaStr Annual features speakers from various backgrounds, ensuring a wide range of shared perspectives and experiences.

In the previous event, there were 289 speakers, 52% of which were women and 66% of which came from underrepresented groups (e.g., African-American, Latinx, Asian).

The diversity of the speakers and attendees makes SaaStr Annual an enriching and empowering experience for everyone involved.

Exhibition Hall

Sponsors and exhibitors showcase their products and services, offering attendees the chance to discover new solutions and tools to help them grow their businesses.

In the last edition, 189 sponsors participated, including Brex, Salesloft, Expensify, Calendly, G2, Google Cloud, ClickUp, and Calendly.

International Representation

SaaStr Annual attracts attendees from over 99 different countries, fostering a global community and facilitating cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

Unforgettable Parties

The event is known for its memorable parties, providing attendees the opportunity to unwind, network, and have fun while enjoying world-class entertainment.

In the previous conference, DJ Duke Dumont held a performance. This year, the new venue will allow for even more exciting entertainment.

Dos & Don’ts at SaaStr Annual

Attending any major convention (or, in this case, a “festival”) can be somewhat overwhelming, so it’s important to know what is appropriate and what should be avoided.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a great time at this year’s SaaStr Annual:

Packing Tips

  • Do pack comfortable clothes and shoes, as the event involves a lot of walking and standing during sessions.
  • Do bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings and air-conditioned indoor spaces, as San Francisco gets cold in the fall months.
  • Do pack business cards to facilitate networking and connection-building.
  • Do carry a water bottle with you to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget essentials such as chargers, power banks, and any necessary adapters for your electronic devices.
  • Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and the ticket that was emailed to you upon registration.

Travel Tips

  • Do book accommodations and flights well in advance to secure the best rates and availability.
  • Do research transportation options from the airport to your hotel and the event venue.
  • Do prepare yourself for crowds at venues, outside the locations, and in traffic. As an event with several thousand attendees, you should expect congestion during times of disbursement.
  • Don’t forget to check the event website for any travel discounts or partnerships with local hotels.
  • Don’t try to rent a car for the event. Uber, walking, and public transit are all better options considering the traffic.

Preparation Tips for a Virtual Experience

  • Do test your internet connection and equipment before the event to ensure a smooth virtual experience.
  • Do familiarize yourself with the virtual platform and its features ahead of time.
  • Do take part in the virtual community—there will be plenty of opportunities to network, even if you aren’t physically present at the venue.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to the event organizers if you have any technical issues or questions.
  • Don’t forget to set reminders for any sessions you are planning to attend.

Session Booking Tips

  • Do review the event schedule in advance and make a list of the sessions you want to attend.
  • Do prioritize sessions and speakers that align with your specific interests and goals.
  • Don’t forget to register for sessions that require pre-booking, as they may fill up quickly.
  • Don’t stack events too close to one another—allow time for networking, transitioning between sessions, and taking breaks.
  • Don’t miss the keynotes. These high-value speeches from the top names in SaaS, entrepreneurship, and enterprise business offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the best of the best firsthand.


  • Do attend the parties to unwind, network, and enjoy the event’s social atmosphere.
  • Don’t overindulge or forget to pace yourself, as the conference is a multi-day event.

Networking Tips at SaaStr Annual

  • Do make use of networking sessions, Braindates, and mentorship opportunities to connect with others.
  • Do prepare a brief elevator pitch about yourself and your company to facilitate conversations.
  • Do follow up with new connections after the event to maintain relationships and explore potential opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach and engage with fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.

Where can I learn more about SaaStr Annual?

You can learn more about SaaStr Annual from various resources, including:

  • The official SaaStr Annual website: The official website for the event includes information about speakers, sessions, travel and accommodation options, and interactive features such as session booking and networking. Click here to visit the official SaaStr Annual website.
  • SaaStr Annual Attendee Portal: For those who have already registered, the attendee portal provides personalized information about the event, as well as helpful resources for preparing for SaaStr Annual. Click here to visit the SaaStr Annual Attendee Portal.
  • SaaStr Blog: The official blog for SaaStr contains interviews with speakers, tips and tricks from past events, and highlights from the annual conference. Click here to visit the SaaStr blog.
  • Social Media: To stay up-to-date on all things SaaStr Annual, follow the company accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Jason Lemkin’s personal accounts: Following Jason Lemkin on Twitter and LinkedIn will not only keep you in the loop about SaaStr, but also give you access to his thoughts on product-led growth and B2B SaaS.

Success Stories at SaaStr Annual

One of the best things about events like SaaStr is their ability to unite business leaders, foster creativity, and inspire success.

Here are a few examples of how attendees used SaaStr to grow their businesses:

  • InsideScale: InsideScale used SaaStr to create proof of concept for their outbound program. The 2018 SaaStr Annual event was a pilot for the program, which helped them generate millions in ARR and receive an invite to the 2019 SaaStr Annual event. It also 7x’ed SaaStr’s ROI and earned the festival 10 net new partnerships—a win-win for both organizations.
  • ClickUp: When ClickUp CEO Zeb Evans spoke at SaaStr Annual 2020 about scaling from $0 to $20MM in ARR, it quickly became (and still remains) one of the most popular talks at the event. ClickUp’s success was driven in part by their attendance and speaking engagement at SaaStr Annual, as they are now valued at $4 billion.
  • Twilio: When Sara Varni spoke about making the shift from self-service to sales-assisted at the 2020 SaaStr Annual, she included Twilio’s success story as an example. In 2022, two years after her delivery of one of SaaStr’s top ten most popular keynotes, Twilio’s revenue was up 35% YoY.

How to Register for SaaStr Annual, 2023

Registration for SaaStr Annual 2023 is now open, with early bird tickets currently on sale. You can visit the ticketing link here to purchase tickets for the tier of your choice.

Ticket pricing is as follows:

All Access Ticket for Startups (less than $20M ARR)

  • For founders, executives, or employees of early-stage, privately held companies
  • 3-day access to the entire event, including all sessions and networking opportunities
  • Festival-style, outdoors
  • Price: US $999

Team Pack for Startups (3+ More)

  • Identical to the Startup Ticket, but with a discount for purchasing 3 or more tickets for your team
  • For teams with less than $20M ARR
  • Price: US $699 per ticket

All Access Ticket for Big Companies & VCs (above $20M ARR)

  • For late-stage startups/companies with more than $20M ARR, publicly-traded companies, or those providing services to startups
  • 3-day access to the entire event, including all sessions and networking opportunities
  • Festival-style, outdoors
  • Price: US $1,199

Team Pack for Big Cos & VCs (3+ More)

  • Identical to the Big Co & VCs Ticket, but with a discount for purchasing 3 or more tickets for your team
  • Price: US $899 per ticket

SaaStr 2023: Startup Annual Pass for Europa + Annual

  • Access to both major SaaStr events in 2023:SaaStr Europa 2023, London, June 6-7
  • SaaStr Annual 2023, SF Bay Area, September 6-8
  • For founders, executives, or employees of early-stage, privately held companies with less than $20M ARR
  • Price: US $1,299

SaaStr 2023: Big Co and VC Annual Pass for Europa + Annual

  • Access to both major SaaStr events in 2023: SaaStr Europa 2023, London, June 6-7, and SaaStr Annual 2023, SF Bay Area, September 6-8
  • For founders, executives, or employees of late-stage, publicly held companies with more than $20M ARR, or investment firms
  • Price: US $1,799

All prices are valid until March 31.

People Also Ask

What COVID-19 safety measures are in place for SaaStr 2023?

SaaStr is committed to providing a safe and secure event for all attendees. They will follow all local, state and federal health guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved. At the moment, there are no outstanding guidelines for SaaStr 2023.

Who should attend SaaStr Annual?

Anyone interested in learning about the latest trends and best practices of B2B software businesses should consider attending SaaStr Annual 2023. Whether you’re a founder, executive, employee or investor in a startup, an established business or an investment firm, SaaStr Annual has something for everyone.

Are there prerequisites for attending SaaStr Annual?

There are no prerequisites for attending the annual conference. But attendees who get the most out of the event are those who already work in the Software-as-a-Service industry and have reason to network and learn from their peers. Otherwise, it can be hard to justify the high costs of attending (which can reach four figures).

What are SaaStr Annual sessions like?

SaaStr Annual sessions are typically a mix of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats. They focus on topics like scaling teams, product marketing, customer success, fundraising, and other B2B-SaaS-related issues. The event also includes networking opportunities with experts from around the world.

Why do people attend SaaStr?

Aside from the opportunity to network, build relationships, and learn from experts, attendees also come to SaaStr for the chance to meet and/or entertain potential partners and investors. It’s one of the few events that brings together such a wide range of people from different industries and backgrounds. The festival-style environment and relaxed atmosphere also make it a fun event to attend.

Is SaaStr worth the high cost of attendance?

For those who are already actively working in the SaaS industry, the cost of attending SaaStr Annual 2023 is well worth it. It’s a chance to connect with influential people and learn from experts, plus there are networking opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, the event has a strong track record of success in helping organizations find funding and close deals.

What should attendees wear to SaaStr?

Business casual is always the dress code at SaaStr Annual. Attendees should feel comfortable wearing clothes that match the relaxed atmosphere, but still look professional enough to make a good impression and represent themselves and their companies.