CPQ for Freshworks

What is CPQ For Freshworks?

CPQ For Freshworks CRM (Freshsales) is a software solution that helps Freshworks users automate the process of configuring, pricing, and quoting products and services. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote. CPQ software generates quotes for prospective customers and manages product catalogs and pricing strategies. CPQ can help businesses generate accurate quotes regardless of complex pricing models or product configurations. In addition, CPQ can help ensure that all quotes comply with company policies and procedures.


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Why Integrate CPQ with Freshworks CRM

CPQ For Freshworks can help save time and money by automating the quote creation process. In addition, CPQ can help reduce errors and improve quote accuracy.

Businesses of all sizes can use CPQ to scale revenue operations, but it can be particularly helpful for companies that sell complex product configurations or services. For companies that sell products or services with many customization options, CPQ can help make the quoting process more efficient.

Some of the benefits of integrating CPQ with Freshworks CRM include:

  1. Increased accuracy: When CPQ and CRM are integrated, data is automatically synced between the two systems. This ensures that the latest pricing and product information is always being used, which can help to prevent errors.
  2. Improved efficiency: Sales reps can quickly pull quotes without switching back and forth between different applications. And because all of the relevant information is stored in one central place, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.
  3. Streamlined discount approval processes: CPQ can help streamline the process of approving discounts so that sales reps can get the go-ahead on pricing quickly and efficiently.
  4. Greater visibility: With an integrated system, managers can get a holistic view of the sales pipeline and see where deals are in the quoting process. This can help to identify any potential bottlenecks so that they can be addressed.
  5. Ability to track quoting metrics: Using a CPQ solution enables sales teams to track sales metrics like average quote value, discount performance trends, and quote cycle time.
  6. Better customer service – When sales teams can accelerate their response time and quickly respond to potential customers’ requests for quotes, it provides a better customer experience and increases the chances of closing deals.

Integrating CPQ with Freshworks CRM is a smart move for any company that wants to improve its sales process.

CPQ Solves Key Sales Challenges for Freshworks Users

Many organizations are searching for ways to optimize their sales processes and enable their sales teams to accelerate deals. Sales teams using CPQ integrated with Freshworks can overcome sales challenges such as:

  • creating quotes based on inaccurate pricing data
  • manually creating quotes based on complex product configurations
  • inability to easily customize quotes based on customer data
  • lack of visibility into sales activities and deal stages
  • manually chasing quote approvals
  • using siloed solutions for different parts of the sales process

Integrating CPQ with Freshworks enables sales operations teams to increase efficiency and accuracy in the quoting process, shorten sales cycles and improve win rates. In addition, CPQ provides valuable insights into pricing trends and customer buying behavior. This allows sales teams to adjust their strategies and close more deals.

CPQ software is designed to help sales teams manage the quote-to-cash process, from creating accurate quotes and proposals to generating contracts and invoices. CPQ can help 

Freshworks users streamline their sales processes, improve quoting accuracy, and close deals faster. CPQ can also help Freshworks users manage pricing, discounting, and approvals. In addition, CPQ can automate the creation of quotes, proposals, and contracts. Finally, CPQ can also provide real-time visibility into the status of quotes and contracts.

How to Accelerate Deals with a CPQ Solution

A CPQ solution can help sales reps configure the right products and services for their customers quickly and easily so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling. In addition, a CPQ solution can help sales reps create accurate quotes faster, which can help accelerate the sales cycle. Here’s how:

CPQ solutions streamline the entire quoting process, from initial configuration to the final quote. CPQ solutions also provide pricing guidance to sales teams to ensure they’re offering the best possible price for a product or service. This ensures that deals are more likely to be approved by price-conscious buyers.

Finally, CPQ solutions make it easy to keep track of all the details associated with a deal. This information can be used to negotiate better terms with suppliers or to improve the accuracy of sales forecasts.

By using a CPQ solution, sales teams can close deals faster and win more business.

People Also Ask

Is Freshworks the same as Freshsales?

No, they are not the same. Freshworks is a customer engagement software suite that includes CRM, help desk, and live chat products, while Freshsales is its CRM product specifically. While both platforms share some features and functionality, they are distinct tools designed for different purposes.

What is CPQ in Freshsales?

CPQ in Freshsales offers users an easy way for sales teams to configure, price, and quote products. Freshsales CPQ implementation provides users with a built-in product catalog and pricing engine, and a quoting tool that allows users to generate quotes for customers in minutes. 

Integrating a quoting solution with a CRM application may offer advanced features like guided sales, as is the case with DealHub CPQ For Freshworks CRM contract management, approval workflows, engagement insights, and ESignature.

Why integrate a no-code CPQ solution with Freshworks?

Freshworks integrates with a wide range of third-party applications, making it easy to add a CPQ solution to your existing sales workflow. 

The best option, however, is to select an agile no-code CPQ. A no-code CPQ solution is perfect for small to mid-size businesses because it is easy to implement and maintain and doesn’t require developers or engineers to onboard and customize the software.