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Top Contract Proposal Software 2021

The top contract proposal software empowers revenue and sales leaders to take control of their sales contracts. Companies able to integrate their proposals into their revenue pipeline can maintain the momentum that brought buyers to the table — and then continue it into closing the deal.

top contract proposal software 2021

Creating a seamless end-to-end pipeline that can accomplish this requires reviewing your sales tech stack, as well as your internal processes. When you can integrate your contract proposal software with a next-generation revenue enablement solution, you can take advantage of their full impact.

The Top Contract Proposal Software

Below, we look at some of the best contract proposal software for you to review as you implement new strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.


DealHub is an end-to-end revenue amplification solution that combines contract proposal software with advanced CPQ, guided selling playbooks, contract lifecycle management (CLM), real-time stakeholder notifications, advanced analytics, and more.

DealHub’s contract management combines with the rest of its quote-to-close solution to integrate with your CRM data, ensure accuracy and compliance in your terms, and automate simultaneous stakeholder notifications during the redline process.

DealHub also provides real-time notifications of buyer interactions, so you can act quickly when your buyer is most interested. Our interactive virtual DealRoom also lets you deliver customized content during negotiations, and create a long-term data set you can use to continuously improve your sales strategy. And when you are ready to close the deal, our DocuSign integration makes it easy to sign on the virtual dotted line.

Our end-to-end solution empowers sales and revenue leaders to achieve maximum impact from their sales proposals and the opportunities in their revenue pipeline.


PandaDoc offers an all-in-one automated proposal, contract, and quote service for teams of any size. Businesses can use this all-in-one tool to create a more efficient process from the proposal to the closing stage of a sale.

Its free plan allows unlimited uploads of documents and e-signatures. PandaDoc also permits you to accept payment through credit card, PayPal or ACH once a document is signed. Best of all, you can control the entire document process from PandaDoc’s mobile app.

Upgrading to an Essentials plan gives you access to additional features like 450+ document templates and a drag-and-drop editor, making it easier to use media files like videos in your documents. The Essentials package also includes pricing tables for creating quotes quickly and document insights which help you monitor how well the forms you create fare with prospects.

More importantly, PandaDoc integrates with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Canva, Zoho, Zendesk, Google Drive, Stripe, and many more.

If you opt for its paid Essentials plan, you will pay $19 per user monthly, and this also comes with an initial 14-day trial.

PandaDoc e-signature
Image Source: PandaDoc

Creating sales documentation with Proposify is easy with its content library that provides you with pre-approved templates for proposals, contracts, and quotes. Then, its design editor brings these templates to life as it allows you to easily embed rich media files and make other creative changes according to your business’s unique style.

After a document is sent to a prospect, the tool can also keep an audit trail so that you know when it was sent, viewed, received a comment, or signed. Proposify also enables you to keep track of any sections that a potential customer did not consider. In this way, you can make changes to this section so that other prospects do view it.

Plans start at $19 per user monthly, and it also provides integrations with tools like Asana, Basecamp, Zapier, FreshBooks,, and more.

Image Source: Proposify

RFPIO’s sales automation software allows you to speed up and improve the accuracy of proposals created through knowledge sharing and collaboration. This AI-enabled tool provides users with a library of responses from other users for making the best proposals.

Teams can also take advantage of its auto-suggest functionality to ensure that they have included all necessary sections in their proposal. In this way, your business can ensure that your proposal has all the information required to get a prospective client on board.

Besides, its user-friendly project dashboard makes it easy to view any deadlines and progress made and reviewer summaries for proposals, all in one place. You can also import and export draft documents from your device into a template of your choice using RFPIO.

The tool also offers integrations with Salesforce, Jira, OneDrive, Slack, Pipedrive, and more. If you are interested in its pricing plans, you can find out about them by contacting its sales team through its website.

Image Source: RFPIO

Loopio’s all-in-one sales platform gives businesses more time to tailor responses for each prospective customer. Rather than wasting time asking other team members for proposal information, Loopio allows companies to store all of their content in a custom-built searchable answer library with tags and categories.

Features like content detection, freshness scores, and automated review cycles also mean that your proposal content is never out of date. Loopio’s automated tool also allows you to start new proposals without copying and pasting from previous documents within the system.

Rather than answering the same questions again, this tool will suggest and find the correct answers for you. Its collaborative workspace means that you can see how and where data is being used by your team and have access to detailed change logs so you can track proposal updates. You can also leave comments for team members when you require their assistance with proposals.

Furthermore, Loopio allows integrations with other software like SharePoint, Chrome, GoogleDrive, Slack, and Salesforce, among others. To discover how much it costs, you will need to request this information through its website.

Image Source: Loopio

Qwilr allows you to send out beautiful, interactive, mobile-responsive documents to clients quickly. Businesses can develop a personalized experience for a prospective customer with templates depending on the type of team or company.

Its drag-and-drop simple editor enables you to create professional documents with ease, without any design skills. This tool also comes with an interactive quote feature meaning that prospects can easily choose, e-sign, and pay for the option they need, without back-and-forth exchanges.

You can use its page analytics feature to gather insights into how prospects are interacting with your document so that you can follow up at the right time.

Integrations with your favorite tools like Xero, Hubspot, Stripe, FreshBooks, and more are also possible. Pricing starts at $75 monthly for three users. You can try this option for free for 14 days before you buy.

Image Source: Qwilr

As DocSend can integrate with tools you use every day like Zapier, Dropbox, Gmail, and Outlook, you can easily store, track and share important documents with ease. Rather than sending attachments to prospects, DocSend takes security to a new level by allowing you to send documents within links.

You can protect these links with passcodes that are only given to the recipient. Businesses can also track links meaning that if it was sent to another party, you could turn off access to the documents. You can also watermark PDF documents to prevent sharing with unknown parties.

Moreover, using its Spaces feature allows you to share multiple documents securely with one link. DocSend also offers a one-click NDA feature so prospective clients can spend less time on this aspect of the process and more on discussing critical details of your proposal.

All of its pricing plans come with a 14-day trial offer, and you can save money on each payment option if you opt to pay yearly. Individuals who want to share documents securely can start with a plan at $10 a month per user, while businesses can begin with a $45 monthly fee per user.

Image Source: DocSend

GetAccept’s tool enables you to close more deals and build trust with your prospects through increased engagement and personalization. After using its pre-approved templates to create a proposal, you can increase engagement by adding a live chat option, pictures, reviews, and introduction videos to tailor it to prospects.

This tool can also help you simplify your internal and external contract workflow through customized signing fields as well as contract reminders and reports. You could also opt for real-time insights detailing when prospects are ready to talk and allow potential clients to sign contracts at any time with e-signatures.

Best of all, GetAccept can be used in collaboration with tools like Azure, Slack, Zapier, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Facebook For Business, and more. Pricing starts at $25 per month with a maximum of 4 users. You can also opt for a 14-day trial before signing up for this paid plan.

Image Source: GetAccept

RFP360 can help businesses who issue requests for proposal (RFP) documentation make the best purchasing decisions. It can also assist companies who need to reply to requests to achieve more growth.

It does this through its holistic cloud-based software that allows you to create a RFP, a Request For Information (RFI), a Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ), and a security questionnaire based on its templates within its knowledge library.

This tool also allows you to set tasks and deadlines for all team members and generates insights for each proposal so you can monitor its progress. Lastly, it helps you collate all scores and responses to your request in one place.

Alternatively, RFP360 enables you to reply to requests as it offers a centralized knowledge library that contains its best proposal content in one place. You can also use its AI feature to automate tasks.

Moreover, its workflow and reporting features can be used to communicate across teams and track various metrics like time spent on tasks. You can also integrate tools like Firefox, Excel, Chrome, and Salesforce into your sales process with RFP360.

Its pricing plans are not available on its website as you have to use the contact form on its website to find out more.

Image Source: RFP360

The Conga Document Generation service makes your sales process more agile and strategic. Its Conga Composer feature can help you create various personalized documents such as proposals and quotes. Once sent to a future client, these documents can be tracked and signed with an e-signature.

Businesses can also share large files with one link through its collaboration feature. It can also automate the delivery of specific files to make the sales process more manageable. Conga can also be integrated with tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, amongst others. For example, in collaboration with Salesforce, you could merge data stored in Salesforce into a Composer template.

And that’s not all. Conga also has a suite of other tools like Conga Digital Commerce, which can continue automating sales processes across multiple channels. In this way, the purchasing process is always easy for a customer. For further pricing information, you will need to contact Conga for a demo of the product.

Image Source: Conga Document Generation

Achieve More Revenue with Proposal Management Software + End-to-end Revenue Solution

Proposal management software allows you to create, manipulate, and catalogue all your sales proposals. However, to achieve maximum revenue impact, you must integrate it into an end-to-end revenue achievement solution.

Teams that aren’t able to capitalize on their sales proposals with CRM integrations, personalized content delivery, and advanced data analytics will not be able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

DealHub empowers sales and revenue teams to maximize the value of the deals in their revenue pipeline. To learn more about how our advanced technology can help you achieve more revenue than ever before, click here.



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