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Time-Saving Tips to Increase Sales Efficiency

You can tell your reps that time is money until you’re blue in the face, but that advice won’t do them a bit of good without a base of reference for time-saving tips, tricks, and tools. It’s likely that your team already knows that improved sales efficiency is the fastest way to sell more, but do they have a clue – let alone a plan – how to do so?

time saving tips increase sales efficiency

Here are some tips you can relay to your salespeople starting today to help them achieve maximum sales efficiency in the field:

Use Customizable Sales Proposal Templates

One of your team members finds himself prospecting for several clients at once. Should he send the same proposal to each client and hope for the best? Heck no. That’s called spamming, and it’s not acceptable in sales or anywhere else.

A far better idea is to use a software platform that will customize each proposal to fit the prospect’s exact needs. Configure Price Quote software (CPQ), for example, can make each proposal seem unique, and each one can be served up and sent off nearly instantaneously. This saves time and impresses the customer, solving two major issues in one fell swoop. Most importantly, customizable templates reduce the chances of proposal errors, making them the go-to choice for top sellers everywhere.

Organize Sales Collateral

DealHub proposal

The stats are in, and they show that salespeople spend way too much time finding the right sales collateral to close the deal. Elements like proposals, contracts, and price sheets should be at the salesperson’s fingertips at all times.

With CPQ, all sales collateral is organized and fully customizable, which is a great way to increase sales efficiency. This also shortens the sales cycle, enabling each rep to see – and close – more clients than ever before.

Qualify Leads Properly

Your salespeople can waste immense amounts of time schmoozing dead-end leads. If you are trying to teach your team how to enhance sales efficiency, that is the wrong way to do it. The better move is to qualify each lead so that your team members know which prospects to spend time with and which ones to file away for a later approach (or toss altogether).

CPQ software can enhance sales efficiency by scoring leads according to their levels of interest as well as a host of other factors. This method teaches how to optimize sales efficiency by using science, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Streamline and Automate Tasks

Your salesforce can optimize sales efficiency by allowing software to handle those tasks your reps shouldn’t be bothered with. Scheduling client communications, handling orders, and renewing orders can all be controlled with the CPQ. This makes the salesperson’s job easier and, of course, it helps the rep achieve top efficiency.

Analytics and Guided Selling Bring the Team Together

Your reps can waste valuable time attempting to figure out how to proceed with each customer they approach. You have two choices in this matter. You can throw your sales team to the wolves, hoping that whatever techniques it throws at the wall stick; or you can guide your team to making the right decisions using your experience and previous data as your success compass.

With CPQ solutions, analytics comes with the territory, and guided selling becomes easier than ever. So if you want to teach sales efficiency hacks to the best of your team (and even the up-and-comers), Configure Price Quote software is a great way to go about it.

You should always be concerned with how your reps are spending their time. By using a platform like CPQ to help optimize sales efficiency, you can ensure that your reps are using their time wisely, that they’re not spending all day on Facebook, and that each sale is being handled in the best manner possible.

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