sales kickoff 2021 empower sales reps to achieve maximum revenue impact

DealHub Maximizes the SKO 2021 Revenue Opportunity

Sales kickoffs (SKO) are exciting as teams look forward to the promise of a new year. That will be even more true in 2021. But while the initial excitement feels good, it’s not enough to maximize its impact. Sales leaders should position SKO as a jumping-off point for higher revenue achievement throughout the year. The reality is much different.

Research from BrainShark shows that 62% of sales reps believe leadership fails to follow up on SKO training with continual reinforcement. In other words, many organizations fail to achieve sales kickoff’s full potential revenue impact.

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is how you achieve that maximum revenue impact!

How Do You Keep SKO Momentum Going?

SKO momentum slows because sales reps don’t get the tools they need to do their job quickly and efficiently. Leadership that acknowledges their sales reps’ needs will impress them at the kickoff meeting and set the table for a year of high revenue achievement.

Reduce time-to-proposal

Sales reps value speed. Responding to prospects quickly is one of the most important aspects of winning a deal. Research shows that 50% of deals are won by the first company to respond to a prospect.

Part of the excitement of SKO is the sense that sales reps will be able to use their training to quickly deliver proposals with the right messaging, product, and pricing strategies out to prospects. If it regularly takes them weeks, days, or even hours to get proposals to their prospects, they can become demotivated.

Decrease the administrative burden

Sales reps generate revenue when they spend their time selling. They can’t do that when they are doing admin tasks like creating accurate price quotes, requesting manual approvals, and contract version control.

SKO is about generating a sense of momentum in the new year. Nothing kills that faster than forcing reps to spend hours each day being a glorified administrator. In fact, this is so destructive that reducing the administrative burden can increase sales rep effectiveness by as much as 300%.

Ramp up new hires quickly

New team members are eager to make an impact. But if it takes them months or even a year to understand what they need to know to be effective, it detracts from the promise of a big year crushing quota.

The ability to get team members up to speed quickly and get them selling is critical to maintaining the excitement generated during SKO throughout the year. If new hires don’t feel like they have continuing support of sales leadership to improve rapidly, much of the revenue potential of their enthusiasm is wasted.

“It’s very easy to set up and the team provides a great onboarding experience.”

Luis Roedan, Enterprise

SKO 2021: Use DealHub CPQ + DealRoom to Impress your Sales Reps by Acknowledging their Needs

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom allows sales leaders to impress their reps by acknowledging their needs and empowering them to sell quickly and efficiently. It’s the way advanced sales teams maintain SKO momentum and achieve higher revenue throughout the year.

Guided Selling Playbooks

DealHub CPQ’s guided selling sales playbooks automatically generate 100% accurate price quotes, no matter how complex the product and pricing combinations.

Our playbooks work by asking sales reps a series of questions about their deals and generating quotes with the right products and pricing. By taking manual configuration out of the process, reps can stay focused on selling from day one even if they don’t have advanced product and pricing knowledge.

The result is to reduce sales training by 85%. New reps can get up to speed so quickly that we’ve seen new hires turn into top performing reps in months.

Automated Workflow Approvals

DealHub CPQ automates workflow approvals during the quote generation process. Sales leadership can set pricing flexibility and discounting margin rules, and then give automatic approval for quotes that adhere to them.

That in turn empowers sales reps with a degree of autonomy when generating quotes, while still maintaining guardrails around their behavior. Manual processes are eliminated except when absolutely necessary. The result is a decreased administrative burden that reduces reps’ time to proposal by 80%, while also delivering scalable and predictable results.

Streamlined Contract Lifecycle Management

Our DealRoom meets sales reps’ needs at every stage of the contract lifecycle management process.

DealRoom supports contract redlining, automates change approval requests, performs versioning control, and has integrated e-signature capabilities. Sales reps can keep their attention focused on selling, because DealRoom eliminates many of the manual administrative tasks that slow down negotiations and delay the approval of a finalized agreement.

Overall, DealHub CPQ + DealRoom is a powerful revenue generator that maintains the momentum and enthusiasm of SKO all throughout the year. It acknowledges the needs of sales reps by ramping them up quickly, reducing the time to proposal, and decreasing their administrative burden.

It’s the next-generation sales technology today’s advanced sales teams use to achieve maximum revenue impact.