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Better Together: Announcing the Gong and DealHub Partnership

Together, DealHub and Gong provide sales teams with holistic intelligence on buyer intent and deal sentiment.

DealHub’s partnership with Gong, the Reality Platform, combines DealHub’s buyer journey insights with Gong’s customer conversation and activity data to deliver a more complete picture of buyer engagement and sentiment throughout the sales process.

With this integration, DealHub’s insights add a new dimension of deal visibility and predictability within the Gong deal timeline. The consolidated view of buyer interactions provides sales teams with a deep understanding of customer sentiment and intent that is needed to drive next best actions and improve forecast accuracy.


Revenue forecasting made easy

Revenue forecasting is about using existing data to make educated projections about future sales. It requires both quantitative and qualitative information to create models which will predict how much revenue an organization is likely to generate.

Revenue is a high-resolution metric, but it is at the heart of any business operation. Accurately predicting revenue expectations is necessary for short term goals like setting business budgets, and long term goals like scaling business growth. 

Revenue forecasting and predictability rely on quality data from reliable sources. That’s why we’re excited to share DealHub’s full integration with Gong

Digital DealRoom data is presented through DealStream, which captures previously unavailable buyer intent signals as soon as a DealRoom proposal is shared. DealStream reveals other stakeholders in the buying committee, their level of engagement, and what content they’re engaging with.

The DealHub-Gong integration delivers new valuable insight to Gong users. Sales professionals can now access data available only in DealHub CPQ, like users’ engagement within the digital DealRoom and opportunity execution progress. 

Powering deal execution 

Sellers can now get more information on buyers’ engagement and deal sentiment, by integrating the engagement statuses within the DealRoom to the Gong’s deal timeline – resulting in a powerful deal data magnifying glass. 

The integration also enables sellers to access the DealRoom directly from the deal status page in Gong, centralizing all data and providing a full deal perspective on a single platform. 

DealHub’s partnership with Gong is set to boost win-rates for sales organizations by providing them with greater control and clarity over deals, while at the same time significantly increasing their revenue predictability.

Interested in learning more about the DealHub and Gong integration, please visit our integration center.



CPQ without limitations - Building rapport that closes deals.

CPQ without the usual limitations – Building rapport that closes deals

CPQ Without Limits -Not Just Easier, Scalable.

CPQ Without Limits – Not Just Easier, Scalable

What you can do with DealHub API

What you can do with DealHub API