Business Process

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When one thinks about an organization’s business goals and objectives, it is important to think about the resources that are necessary in order to execute these transactions effectively. These could be financial resources (staffing expenses, utilities bills), intangible resources (expertise, reputation), tangible resources (tools, space). In order for these responsibilities to executed smoothly and efficiently it becomes imperative for an organization to define how all the required resources need come together at the right time, place and manner to meet those goals set by either senior management or external influences.

A process diagram may be created to convey an understanding of how an organization accomplishes its tasks. This flowchart can also show you where some organizational breakdowns might occur and offer solutions. In addition, there are many tools available to make creating these diagrams even easier than before, such as Visio and SmartDraw that can greatly simplify this task.

To summarize; business processes allow organizations to reach their goals faster while improving productivity due to increased knowledge, lower human error rates, increased communication efficiency and the removal of bottlenecks.