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Valooto Raises $3 Million in Series-A Funding to Transform B2B Customer Engagement

Valooto’s AI-enabled Customer Engagement Cloud accelerates sales execution throughout every phase of the sales cycle. PALO ALTO, California and TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec 21st, 2017 —  Valooto, the leading SaaS company in the fast-growing category of Customer Engagement, today announced a $3 Million Series A round. The round was led by Cornerstone Venture Partners and joined by Shaked Ventures.


With a rapidly growing customer base of thousands of salespeople, Valooto’s Customer Engagement Cloud has proven its ability to enhance sales execution and accelerate revenue growth for some of Silicon Valley’s leading tech firms, while providing a richer, more personalized buying experience for their end customers.

Having managed hyper-growth organizations, co-founders Eyal Elbahary, Alon Lubin and Eyal Orgil understood why most companies were missing their sales targets. Digital sales transformation created a barrier between salespeople and their prospects, replacing personal interactions with web-based self-learning, emails, bots, chats, and a multitude of automated sales engagement tools. Uncovering the digital body language of buyers and understanding their level of interest, throughout the entire sales journey, has become essential for sales to drive deals forward and win more business in the digital era.

Valooto provides a platform to personalize and manage all prospect engagements and interactions, from top of funnel sales development to contract negotiations. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Valooto analyzes thousands of buyer actions and digital engagement touchpoints to present salespeople with a true picture of deal progress, along with insights and sales guidance on how to keep deals on track. Opportunity scoring, derived from actual customer engagement metrics, add further value for sales leaders by increasing the accuracy of sales forecasts.

“Digital transformation has created the single greatest challenge sales has ever experienced by distancing salespeople from their customers,” said Eyal Elbahary, CEO, and Co-founder of Valooto. “The new category of customer engagement solutions Valooto is spearheading will bridge this gap, presenting salespeople with real-time deal progress and AI-driven insights needed to move deals forward.”

“It’s common for salespeople to utilize multiple sales tools to engage with prospects at different stages of the sales process, yet each solution provides only a narrow, siloed view of the customer’s level of interest,” says Haim Kopans, Valooto Chairman.  “Valooto’s ability to present a real-time holistic view of the customer’s behavior along with engagement metrics across the entire sales cycle is a true game changer.”

“Not only are the founders passionate about changing the way sales teams operate and scale, they have proven to be able to execute on this vision,” said Hanan Brand, Partner at Cornerstone Ventures. “The team’s track record with customers and impressive growth, combined with a fast-growing yet siloed market mean that they no doubt have an exciting road ahead. We’re thrilled to welcome Valooto to the Cornerstone family and be a part of their journey.”


About Valooto: Valooto (DealHub) is redefining the way sales and customers interact in today’s digital sales environment. Valooto’s Customer Engagement Cloud provides a single platform to manage all sales-buyer interactions throughout the entire sales process, resulting in a richer customer experience, enhanced deal management and increased forecast accuracy derived from actual customer engagement insights.

About Cornerstone Venture Partners: Cornerstone Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on B2B technology solutions, headquartered in New York with offices in California and Israel.



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