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Top Digital Transformation Platforms 2021

Top digital transformation platforms give companies the increased productivity they need to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplaces. When you are able to get every part of your organization to work in sync via technology, data, and cloud storage you completely overhaul how your teams accomplish their daily tasks.

Top Digital Transformation Platforms 2021

By leading digital transformation campaigns, visionary leaders can eliminate the problems caused by manual or inefficient processes, serve customers with increased speed and accuracy, and take advantage of their full revenue opportunity.

Onboarding next-generation sales technology is the best way to jumpstart your digital transformation. But to achieve maximum revenue impact, all of your systems must evolve to do better and meet the new need.

Below, we give you a handful of the best platforms for you to review as you plan your digital transformation.

E2Open keeps everything in one place on the cloud, including inventory, logistics, and production. Your company’s digital transformation is complete with E2Open’s data-driven solutions, application, and world-class enterprise network. Simplify and upgrade your supply chain with infrastructure that is scalable and creates an end-to-end orchestration. With channel shaping, global trade management, and simplified transportation and logistics, you can unify operations and improve user experience. E2Open provides:

  • Unified analytics
  • Connected AI-driven applications
  • Synchronized decision-grade data
  • Connections to internal and external data sources
  • E2Open offers Harmony, a tool for a unified user experience

E2Open Website

Its DealRoom deal acceleration platform offers sales proposal generation with integrated e-signature, contract management redlining and workflow approvals, and engagement tracking that informs sales reps when prospects engage with proposals.

DealHub requires zero coding to onboard, and can be fully integrated in just three weeks.

To learn more about it’s SalesForce integration, click here.

(Photo Credit: E2Open)

Mule Soft is an integrated API platform that integrates data from multiple sources for a variety of projects with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. Business customers see dramatically improved efficiency with automated workflows and SaaS Integration. Gartner has named MuleSoft as a leader in API and business PaaS. This solution provides a four-step map for creating and implementing an API system. MuleSoft upgrades your strategy for the ecosystem, mobile, and Saas. MuleSoft is easy to implement and can connect your business with just a few clicks or a code.

  • AnyPoint Platform provides integration and API Platform solutions.
  • Saas Integration
  • Magic Quadrant Leader
  • Four Stage Blueprint
  • Free Trial

MuleSoft Website

(Photo credit: MuleSoft)

Appian’s digital transformation platform uses the newest business platforms for more efficient operations and customer applications. The secret to competing in the modern marketplace is to unify application and eliminate inefficient out of date methods. The result is an improvement in operations, a reduction of risk, and enhanced customer experience. Appian unifies operations for a seamless customer experience and takes the guesswork and delays out of complex regulatory compliance. Appian leads the way with a Business Product Management engine that automates workflows. The system adapts to new regulations, so there is no time wasted dealing with compliance.

  • Business Product Management System
  • Global Governance, Risk and Regulatory Compliance
  • Easy to build and deploy business applications
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Speed up Incident Response

Appian Website

(Photo Credit: Appian)

Mendix is the right solution to reduce time to market, fully integrate applications, and to make collaboration easier. When IT is at the helm of the application development process, there is less room for error and a complete transition to full digital transformation. Incorporating new technologies without interfering with current operations is achievable. Mendix allows quick integration, provides total control, and eases the deployment of apps to the cloud. All disparate elements are pulled together into Mendix’s Developer Portal and API. Teams collaborate in creating data systems and complex processes. Deploy apps with a single click to Mendix cloud architecture that runs on Cloud Foundry.

  • Common Data Model & Repository
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Full application lifecycle support
  • Governance control
  • Free Trial

Mendix Website

(Photo credit: Mendix)

The Hackett Group’s Oracle Digital Transformation Platform (DTP) leverages more than 100 applications for a complete digital transformation.  DTP is a SaaS solution that combines The Hackett Group’s cutting edge data with best practices to help businesses pinpoint gaps in performance and find ways to alleviate delays and improve efficiency. The Hackett Group’s DTP creates a roadmap to expand value, coordinate applications, allow collaboration, and create a seamless user experience. The Hackett Group is a leader in intellectual property-based strategic consulting and provides enterprise cloud solutions. Its DTP offers unique features:

  • Assessment of performance data according to Hackett benchmark metrics
  • Best Practices Prioritization
  • Accelerated implementation
  • Cloud technology deployment
  • Configuration Guidance

The Hackett Group Website

(Photo credit:The Hackett Group)

  • WSO2 has a collection of tools that facilitate digital transformation. API Manager is an open-source hybrid API platform for cloud and on-premises architecture. The API Manager improves visibility to internal and external consumers and provides control over APIs’ entire lifecycle. Create and implement a variety of digital assets and generate valuable business insights. WSO2 API Manager allows the implementation of best practices, including end-to-end security and analytics. Deployment is simple through a variety of hardware and software infrastructures. The API Manager provides access to the complete codebase and community support.
    • Open standards and best practices
    • Works on-premise, hybrid, and cloud architecture
    • Supports both VM and Cloud platforms
    • Elastic scalability with no SPOF
    • Easy to set up on a wide range of hardware and software

    WSO2 Website

(Photo credit: WSO2)

  • LifeRay works with your current system to integrate new ones and create a unified digital platform for all operations. Every customer will have a unique experience, thanks to LifeRay’s customization features that make every customer journey different. Create a flexible platform that is scalable and will adjust to future needs. LifeRay provides individual employees with tools that will help them work more efficiently. Customers will interact with your company in a way that will provide the most value and foster customer loyalty. This solution creates platforms for customers and partners to improve communication and build a working relationship. Integrate all systems into a unified platform.
    • Connect systems in a single view
    • Create personalized customer experiences
    • Intranets connect employees for collaboration
    • Personalized websites reach a range of customer segments
    • Integration platforms bring existing and new systems in one place

    LifeRay Website

(Photo credit: LifeRay)

The BPM-D is a cloud-based tool that facilitates prioritization and alignment of strategies with processes that improve efficiency. The application is a simpler alternative to managing systems across various platforms and enhances transparency. The tool creates an effective digital transformation plan aligned with business strategy. The BPM-D works on the cloud through multiple platforms and requires no installation. The tool can be used right away without a complicated set-up. It allows a thorough analysis of business strategy and integration of best practices and industry standards. Its straightforward interface allows easy prioritization and milestone achievement.

  • Aligned business and IT teams
  • Efficient strategy execution
  • Standardized portfolio management
  • Can be accessed by multiple platforms on any browser
  • Advanced collaboration features

BPM-D Website

(Photo credit: BPM-D)

Improving customer experience expands your business and fosters brand loyalty. KPI offers a holistic approach to making campaigns successful by refining multichannel strategies. KPI collects customer metrics and provides actionable insights to improve business and marketing strategy. This solution leverages social media and the omnichannel to create a seamless customer experience and expand brand awareness. Digital capabilities create, maximize, and implement successful strategies. Focused inventory brings the right product to the right customer every time.

  • Campaign automation
  • Real-time personalization
  • Cloud-based content management system
  • Seamless eCommerce solution across multiple platforms
  • AI-powered recommendations to improve customer engagement

KPI Digital Website

(Photo credit: KPI Digital)


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