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How Achieved the Top 50 Award in G2’s Best Products for Sales 2020

G2 are well known for their market disruption in Market Research as an alternative to Gartner and Forrester. It was founded in 2012 by a proven leadership team, including Godard Abel, Tim Handorf, Mark Myers, Mike Wheeler, and Matt Gorniak.

Their differentiation from the market leaders mentioned above is best characterized by their ability to share a real-time view of customer voice, which has been procured by the vendors’ customers themselves. Why is G2’s real-time voice of customers so valuable? It’s valuable because you don’t need to wait for an annual report conducted by analysts to gain access to current data on the vendors affecting and leading a product category. The G2 Momentum Grid best personifies this.

In G2’s Quote Management Software (CPQ) category, you can see that right now has the furthest right position in the G2 Momentum Grid. This gives prospective buyers access to data on not only the legacy CPQ vendors like Salesforce CPQ, Apptus, and Oracle CPQ, but also to the vendor who has impacted this market the most over the last 12 months.

DealHub’s digital footprint continues as an innovator across several sales software categories, including:

DealHub’s credibility as a leading sales technology is supported by the fact that it ranks #1 Highest-Rated, and also #1 Easiest-to-Use software in the CPQ category.

With the announcement of the G2 Best Products for Sales 2020, DealHub is featured in the awards list for the first time and is positioned in the Top 50 Best Sales Software.

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“This isn’t a subjective list based on a few peoples’ opinions,”

Godard Abel, G2 CEO

“With the highest traffic and engagement, largest selection of product and services, and highest quality data, G2 analyzes more than 4 million data points to determine which products and companies make the list.”

This recognition confirms that sales software like DealHub have disrupted the market and that there is a need for new ways of doing familiar things, especially when that new way gives you a competitive advantage that results in increased win rates.

When asked about this achievement, Chief Revenue Officer, Eyal Orgil commented: “DealHub has changed the way sales collaborates with buyers, offering a more insightful, personalized and frictionless quoting and contracting process”. You can read the full quote on Seeking Alpha.

It is interesting to note that DealHub’s sales platform was positioned ahead of leading CRMs, including Salesforce CRM, Hubspot CRM, and Freshsales CRM. This is particularly noteworthy because DealHub is integrated with both Salesforce and Freshsales CRMs, and adds more value to their users.

Yoni Solomon, G2 Director of Product Marketing, perhaps best sums this up in Forbes when he says:

“This creates a perfect storm in software, where we’re buying new companies and developing new capabilities faster than ever before.”

Meaning the innovative sales software companies such as DealHub have disrupted and innovated in a well-established sales software marketplace.

Curious as to how to become a Top-50 Best Product for Sales? G2 spells it out for you in their scoring methodology guidelines. Essentially in this category, you need to be a product-first company that truly innovates and listens to your customers

To round off an already impressive accolade, also placed in the top 100 Highest Satisfaction list, out of 57,844 software companies on G2. DealHub was also recently listed by MarTech Advisor as a Top 10 Sales Productivity software for 2020.


DealHub’s award-winning CPQ and CLM platform enable sales teams to build and maintain an engaging and personalized dialogue with their buyers throughout the sales process. Utilizing AI-based buyer engagement analytics derived from actual customer touches, DealHub uncovers previously unattainable insights about buyer interests, behavior, and intent that most effectively drive deals to success.

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DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

DealHub Ranks in G2’s Top 10 Sales Software for 2024

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